London’s Dig It Sound System


We are the Dig It Sound System and we are just getting our kit ready to go down to The Embankment to join in a Trade Union Congress march now, The Dig It Sound System was designed and built for days like this a trike and a trailer with a 1000 watts of pumping sound little generator at the back, give it some oomf and that, that’s the control panel, that’s the booth I’ve always had a burning love of great music was very much taken with the free party scene very much inspired by people like the Reclaim the Streets! crew the Positive Sound System in Brighton, absolute heroes of mine we’ve been to Aldermaston, to the nuclear missile base with it actually with Jeremy Corbyn when he was a mere back bencher Jeremy came in the, we went and picked him up at 7am on the Holloway Road we’ve had Ed Milliband MC on it we’ve had Diane Abbott we’ve had Natalie Bennett we’ve had a few of the higher echelons of the progressive movement come over to us and go yeah I’m onto Dig It give me that microphone some of the memorable ones we’ve done we went down Old Compton Street with the sound system caused absolute chaos, massive road block and there was literally 4000, 5000 people going weaaaaaay every tune we dropped, you know and you know what Old Compton Street’s like it’s like a complete smorgasbord of London culture, it was wicked we don’t just do demos, we actually just go and do free community events so we run street parties, which just bring people out into the street let them have a boogie, let them talk to their neighbours let them enjoy music, let them hear something new let them hear something old, let them hear something they love so there you go, so the Dig It Sound System yes, live and direct, broadcasting from the streets of London town very, very much looking forward to this one

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