LG Dolby Atmos Soundbar: Ultimate Home Theater Sound


What’s up guys, this is Mike, the DetroitBORG and today, we’re checking out one of the easiest ways of enjoying the immersive 3D sound of Dolby Atmos in your home. The same next-generation audio format used in modern cinemas, and this is something I’ve always wanted to build into my home theater. So to test this out, Dolby sent me LG’s SJ9 Soundbar with Dolby Atmos. Although, this can be used with most TVs, this is a perfect companion for my LG TV, which does not have Dolby Atmos built-in. And if you want to check out the other available soundbars, I’ll leave a link in the description below. The SJ9 certainly doesn’t look like any other soundbar I’ve ever seen, with two up-facing speakers. Less visible are the five speakers surrounding the perimeter in a typical five channel layout with a center channel speaker and four surround speakers which are aimed and tuned to create immersive audio without the need for satellite speakers. This also comes with a powerful 200 watt subwoofer for a total system output of 500 watts. That’s enough to fill a large family room or home theater. And because the subwoofer is wireless you can place this anywhere in the room. Also, included in the box is an optical audio cable, wall brackets and a standalone remote. The connections are pretty simple in this case, we have an HDMI port with an Audio Return Channel along with a 4K HDMI pass-through. We also have an Ethernet Port but if you want to go wireless we have dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. So on the front is an LED display that lights up when changing inputs or adjusting the volume. Otherwise it blends in seamlessly with a mesh grill on the front for a very clean and premium looking design. There’s also a set of physical buttons on the back for power volume and input selection along with Wi-Fi setup and more. And with support for high resolution audio formats and 24-bit upscaling, audio stream through the soundbar sounds incredible. Now the up-facing speakers is actually characteristic of Dolby Atmos sound systems, which are designed to create immersive sound from above, and fills in many of the gaps from earlier surround sound formats. In this case the speakers are tuned to bounce the sound from a ceiling, which is what gives Dolby Atmos that unique immersive experience. One of the things that makes Dolby Atmos such an incredible experience is that It can provide precise placement and movement of individual sounds in a 3D space. even overhead. And because there is much more flexibility in the placement of sound with Dolby Atmos, individual sounds can much more precision, so it more accurately replicates a real-world experience than traditional surround sound channel formats. So generally speaking, audio has a more physical presence in the room with depth and substance instead of just blending into the perimeter of the speakers. The only problem with reviewing an audio system is that it’s difficult to demonstrate the audio quality over a YouTube video, but the thing that blows me away about the sound bar is that it manages to create a completely convincing surround sound experience without the speakers being positioned around the room. Although many soundbars and built-in TV speakers have claimed the virtual surround sound, this is the only system of experience it actually delivers on the promise and the result is completely convincing. So when the plane flies over your head, it sounds exactly like the speakers are right above you. And it goes without saying that the soundbar is a massive improvement over the TVs onboard audio, Even if you didn’t think the TV had poor audio to begin with. So let’s go ahead, and do a quick comparison just to show the difference in the power and clarity, even if my stereo microphone can’t really do justice. So the Dolby Atmos format is becoming more widely available with newer movies and TV shows on streaming services such as Netflix and Vudu, and there’s also available on Ultra HD Blu-ray. You can also look for content with a Dolby Atmos icon next to the title in the video’s description. Alright guys, hope you enjoyed this look at Dolby Atmos and again, if you want to find the right soundbar for you at the right price, check for a link in the description below. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you again in my next video.

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100 thoughts on “LG Dolby Atmos Soundbar: Ultimate Home Theater Sound”

  1. QIN Rig Everything says:

    Samsung HW-K950 is stil the best compare to SJ9. Sj9 cannot make a rear surround on it

  2. #godwill rise says:

    I am in!!

  3. arnoldgd84 says:

    Are you using the optical cables or hdmi to ARC? Do you need to use a special kind of HDMi or any kind?

  4. Fredrick Werstein says:

    Mike what's a good wireless speaker you'd recommend, thanks.

  5. rigomortisfxstudios says:

    heres the bad news lets go !
    first we are talking about discs you cant get sound and picture from streaming it cant do it
    the sound is crushed on Netflix , sounds like a tube , 2nd every format never makes it blue ray is not making it that are not making older movies its died out , staying with normal DVDs is the way to go looking at the library over the years vs blue ray it failed big time !!!!! DVDs will all ways be better , but streaming and owning it is 2 thing in one they don't want you to own movies any more look at it this way your paying for streaming you don't own it at all paying to use it . number 3 look this up on Netflix they don't have it or that or they pull it not good at all , lets look at bandwidth a lot of it from steaming its eating up your data over time , how many others are online line at home at the same time online will lag bad , number 4 streaming does not even have half of what you want to see , great for mom and pops , number 5 lets look at formats thx only 12 movies came out for thx systems over the years and then we have the 8 bit and the 16 bit didn't make it then we have the 3d movies it was fail from the start bad idea over all , then we have the 4k films that will not last right now they have only 16 films ………and over the years you will be lucky to even see 50 films hit 4k , streaming is just a mp4 not a real disc at all more like a mp4 youtube video with crushed forced sound jammed into a mp4 , they are best being on disc more data on the discs , back to formats the dual DVDs didn't last , sound bars are for small rooms if your a person who loves base and loud sound stay with big systems thats the way to go !! a sound bar cant beat any big system ever not worth the money in the long run , with that said and done , your better off buying onkyo home theater system or a bose system and get a EPSON Projector and make your own screen up too 120 or 160 size

  6. Apple Bag says:

    wow that sounds great

  7. Bobby says:

    This Soundbar is about $900

  8. Papaco says:

    I bought one similar, LG 320w RMS, USB, Bluetooth, HDMI for 1060 reais (US$ 338) it was a great deal!

  9. Akash Sharma says:

    Sony is awesome..

  10. Akash Sharma says:

    Sony is awesome..

  11. Adam Hipsz says:

    den är bra och har bra jud och bra bass

  12. John Gabriele says:

    What would you recommend in an average mid to late 90' s houses and mobile homes…. With weird ceilings….. For let's say on average spending budget between $300-600 2 systems for the best all corner experience… I to love my music and video sound performance…

  13. Akash Sharma says:

    this system is cute and all but really is no match for my Sony HT-ST5000 a 800w sound bar 7.1.2ch system 7 speakers on the front of the bar which is amplified individually plus the 2 atmos speakers on the top and the wireless subwoofer is way more powerful than this lg one it has 2 drivers a bottom firing and a front firing driver the atmos effect can be adjusted set the hight of ur ceiling plays hi-res audio and every single audio format out there and as a recent update it also supports DTS-X I may have missed out on more stuff like Bluetooth and dlna but I'm talking about sound here lg can't really match Sony when it comes to audio

  14. Weng Gaming says:

    Nice I can't wait to buy this Dolby soundbar

  15. javier castaneda says:

    Price has gone up

  16. therealknapster says:

    Terrible tried it yesterday and abso useless when tried tv speakers as well as soundbar . Cheaper one was better but still rubbish . Surround sound system much better which lg do 😉

  17. kenneth says:

    Guys please go for Yamaha YAS-207 with DTS Virtual X with just $300. It comes with a wireless subwoofer as well and very good review about the product.

  18. Frank Acosta Jr says:

    Do you need the lg c7 to get the most out of the dolby atmos speakers or will the lg b7 work? I know the b7 doesnt have dolby atmos built in.

  19. Troy Goodall says:

    Are all dolby atmos soundbar s that expensive?

  20. ALDamnboL says:

    Hi mike, i am thorn, i do have mu6303 65 inch samsung. I want this lg sj9 and k950 samsung. What is the difference? Lg will do even if i have samsung tv?

  21. ALDamnboL says:

    Hi mike, i am thorn, i do have mu6303 65 inch samsung. I want this lg sj9 and k950 samsung. What is the difference? Lg will do even if i have samsung tv?

  22. Mayhem W. says:

    Just purchased this morning open box at best buy. I'm enjoying it so far.

  23. Daniel Gimbert says:

    Thanks for the video!!
    I got the same setup as you. Where can I get the videos you use in this review? And how do you play them?

  24. Dave Blundell says:

    whats this shit Make sure to use Microsoft Edge™ or Safari 10 for macOS™ Sierra or later to hear this in Dolby Audio™.

  25. Gurdip Garcha says:

    Hi i want to know i have Samsung q7 QLED TV. But TV will not sport Dolby Atmos. Is it still Worth it to buying LG SJ9 sound bar.

  26. Fandy Dharmawan says:

    Where do u get the video demo at 1:59

  27. Minelix Tv says:

    Bu da bizden Gelsin.. LG LAS450H Soundbar

  28. T Taylor says:

    Because LG created the SJ9 with only one HDMI input (for reasons I’ll never understand, especially since their parallel TVs that year did not support atmos), has anyone tried using an HDMI Splitter with this sound-bar? Also, has there been any firmware update to accommodate dts:x (& NOT the ‘virtual’ dts:x)? Lastly, has Digital Trends been able to learn any more about the specs for LG’s SK10Y? Thx.

  29. javier castaneda says:

    What is the cinema mode for?

  30. Soufian Ratib says:

    Sponsored by Dolby….I wouldnt trust a paid review.

  31. Raj Mamidi says:

    is it available in India?

  32. Nick H says:

    Sounds the same!

  33. Arhan Dewan says:

    Hi DetroitBORG, can I pair LG Dolby Atoms soundbar with Phillips Smart TV. Hope to get your reply which would be helpful. Thanks.

  34. RagingGamer says:

    It’s a decent system. I just got the Sony ST-5000 with Dolby Atmos and it crushes this thing. Bought it along with my Sony X900E 4K and and they dropped the price from $1400 to around $1000. For the most immersive sound but you’re limited on space and true surround speakers aren’t logical, spend a few more bucks for the Sony.

  35. Seifer Tan says:

    Hi mike, so after your testing.. based on the way the sound is transmit with the SJ9 design.. do you recommend that SJ9 be mounted on the wall or leave it on the tv console table?

  36. Beadelf 81 says:

    Hi, Sorry for being a bit of a NOOB here, I purchased An LG B7 Tv , oppo 230 player and this soundbar. I want to use the dolby atmos..I know this is not possible through the optical in. whats the correct connection set up with HDMI 2 cables to make sure I get Atmos? is it to connect oppo to soundbar via (TV arc)? sorry im slightly confused and new to this.

  37. phụ kiện máy ảnh says:

    SoundBar JBL Bar 3.1 Genuine:

  38. Jadc says:

    Can someone answer my questions please : Will this sound bar work with my Samsung 7 Series UE55KS7500U ? If so how would I ? Thank you for answering in advance

  39. SmileOnCrack says:

    How does this work with a samsung tv?

  40. L0L247 says:

    Does standard Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS have great surround sound as well?

  41. obigrumpywan kenobi says:

    this cost way to much don,t bother

  42. B. L. says:

    Hey,i just wanted to know how does it work if I connect to a blu ray player that is haven't a Dolby atmos codec. Thanks

  43. heyjeet75 says:

    Among F&D T400X and T60X which is better in bass and clarity?

  44. Edsonvides Santos says:

    A soundbar can't replace an home theater.

  45. Xi Le says:

    LG Atmos SJ9 Soundbar: I do hear the sounds from above such as flying planes, rains, winds; but I don't hear the sound from behind such as "a monster roaring from behind" by listening to the movies.

  46. Francisco Nascimento says:

    I do not recommend. Poor after sales and shows no commitment to customers. I do not recommend buying an OLED55 that is not 04 months old and has already spoiled twice and in the last LG wants me to sign an AGREEMENT that I do not agree. 1) The TROCA process consists of offering the exchange of the defective product for a new or similar product. 2) AGREEMENT: Exchange for a model that is the same as or similar to my previous model, analyzed in the service through the Service Order No. ______________, which will be delivered at the address described above by an LG partner, not necessarily the reseller of the defective product. 3) I am aware that compliance with the agreement will be made after the defective product is collected at the above location, where it becomes the property of LG. If the device is not found to be defective, the agreement can not be complied with.
    Also aware that the invoice of the product will not include the company LG in the field of issuer, but it is an agreement made and fulfilled by said company through delivery by LG partner. 4) By means of this instrument of agreement, the parties will automatically give to each other the most complete, general, irrevocable and irrevocable discharge related to the above described product or fine of any nature, for any further postulate of LG under any title and time.

  47. nthor e. says:

    I have an LG smart tv (LG 42LB6500) but it doesnt have a Dolby Atmos feature. Will this Sound bar work on my LG Smart tv? Pls reply.
    Because I want to buy this Dolby Atmos Sound bar.
    PS. I cant find your full review for the Samsung Galaxy S9 S9+.

  48. vs k says:

    Don't show me cool stuff……..i ain't got money 😂

  49. E.T.L says:

    Hi can this work with Samsung tv

  50. Jo King says:

    nice socks

  51. moonlight says:

    Should we buy this even if we have (older) AVR, having in mind that both AVR and the soundbar have their own amplification?

  52. Xi Le says:

    How can we hear the sounds of the mobile phones, pets (dogs & cats), dolphins, earthquakes, so on, come from the ground up in the movies? I think we should make the ground speakers for those sounds. 🔊 🔊 🔊

  53. Vijay Arumugam says:

    yeppudi purchase pannurathu

  54. Hsani Lewis says:


  55. Aegon Targaryen says:

    Aww , too bad my dads marantz receiver doesnt support it , still dts still rocks !

  56. Ajai Vamsi says:

    Sont atmos sound bar is best

  57. indigoal3n says:

    I cannot believe people are still so fking dumb to fall for this nonsense – it isn't surround if it doesn't surround you!!!! You can put 105 speakers in a bar, but they are all jumbled up close together and in one small space, even half descent stereo speakers with appropriate separation can destroy this fake surround sound system in spaciousness. SOOOO CHILDISH!!!! This is truly for 70 and bellow IQ, or perhaps children upto 9 yrs old.

  58. Sreeraj Vg says:

    Great video

  59. Marcos Gohan says:

    Oh… my… gosh! 🔊🎶😍

  60. k odu says:


  61. Mike Boncheck says:

    Not worth can get better for about the same money in a 5.1 or 7.1 system

  62. Mark Konior says:

    Soundbar? Ultimate home theater sound? LMAO

  63. Raymond Leggs says:

    soundbars are for people who are scared to see or set up stereos.

  64. akhil walavalkar says:

    Whats the name of the videos that you were playing? Both the Animated one and the Nature one

  65. Logan_Scott_ says:

    Can't decide whether I should get this for it's reasonable pricing or pay almost double to get the Sony HT-ST5000 Atmos Bar.
    Does this bar crackle at high volumes? Are the voices crystal clear? Can it handle everything thrown at it without distorting?

  66. kevin g says:

    what model? sk10y or sj9

  67. GamerZoneArmy says:

    That bass is op I NEED

  68. Lord Teletubby Dipsy :* says:

    Is this better than the Sony ZF9?

  69. DrewVillain says:

    Best affordable sound setup for LG OLED B7?

  70. Thijs van Abs says:

    How is it for material that doesn't have Atmos? So movies and games that are in Dolby Digital for example? Does that still sound good? This is extremely important since so many games are in DD.

  71. Commander Erik says:

    Doesn't have the option to add on rear speaks, useless. I bought this with the intention of adding 2 more speakers to it, but LG discontinued LG MusicFlow products, so i now i have fancy soundbar without the ability to add rear speakers to it.

  72. truzar100 says:

    what is the tv you have?

  73. Jacob Sample says:

    What's the difference between the SJ9 and SK9Y?

  74. Blotted says:

    do these really fool you into hearing stuff from all around you? Honestly, because I love my 7.1 with a receiver and all the soundbars ive heard are not that good in terms of surround sound

  75. Kushal Sonavane says:

    TV model?

  76. The Sun King says:

    I just do not believe 5.1 can ever be competently delivered on a linear sound bar!

  77. baz baza says:

    What a pile of crap it will never be any where close to a dedicated Dolby digital amp on 5.1 are 7.1, you have to have speakers behind you. do you think your local cinema uses this crap. it is a con using wide stereo signal giving an illusion of surround sound. But does not come anywhere near the real thing.

  78. -Kaden _ Darrow- says:

    I'm on a note 8……1440p ?!?!?!!?!?

  79. Clark Kent says:

    500 watt is not exactly powerful. for a small room,, its good enought. thanks for the videos.

  80. Jerry Knox says:

    I don't know if these are old reviews. But I have a Lg SK9 model and purchased the rear speakers kit. I get all the back ground, rear, upper, and surround sound from this system. Its like you are in the movie. Love my system and glad I didn't listen to all the negative reviews about this soundbar.

  81. animalic says:

    A peeve of mine is when sound levels are not matched when comparing audio. Generally, the louder audio is, the better it sounds, at least in that the high and low frequencies are more pronounced. Of course, the soundbar is going to sound better than the stock TV speakers. However, I wish the sound levels were normalized in this video to give a more accurate comparison. (I measured the SPL and there was at least a 10dB difference between the different speakers).

    That being said. I like the review. Good explanation of all the details.

  82. l e n a. says:

    Me: Hm, perfect timing because I'm in the market for a new soundbar.
    checks price
    Also me: $500?! and that's on "clearance?" You know on a second thought, my current soundbar doesn't sound too bad. Why would I think LG products are cheap?

  83. John Verteux says:

    I can get 5his sound bar for $425 should I go for it

  84. Joshua Lieder says:

    I dont have close to or over 1k once you add rear speakers…pass.

  85. Zakk Nafein says:

    Nakamichi 9.2.4 > all the rest

  86. Alexsandar Iskandar says:

    You really can hear the difference in the surround sound between the standard tv sound

  87. Rosana santos says:

    can be conect to Samsung q7f tv? Someone please…

  88. Mah Fah says:

    Thank You for great review and audio demonstration

  89. The Golf Life says:

    Is the LG SKC9 newer?

  90. steven harrison says:

    can not for the life of me get this thing to pass though hdmi to tv or tv to it… signal worked for like 3 days….having to just tv to optical for sound what waste of money.

  91. X Hearsman says:


  92. Whirling Music says:

    I have an LG soundbar. The SK9 Dolby Atmos. It sounds like any other soundbar TBH. I put the movie A Quiet Place in my bluray player and it sounds like any other movie. I don't regret the soundbar at all. But Dolby Atmos is a gimmick.

  93. MEDINA 22 says:

    So I guess this is not good for high ceiling?…. because the top speakers would have a long way to travel to hit top of the ceiling?

  94. Narayana Shroff says:

    Question- Do you need to have a Dolby Atmos sound system if you have a Dolby Atmos TV?

  95. nick newman says:

    Is it recommended to run the 4k player to the hdmi input on the soundbar or is it better to run 4k player to other hdmi input on tv?

  96. Venom Symbiote says:

    I have 75inch 4k hdr Samsung. I just bought this sound bar to make it work with my xbox x so I can use the Dolby. The only way the dolby works on the xbox x is if I take the 4k hdr off and use 1080p if I set it back to 4k hdr the the Dolby settings on the xbox x wont go on is it because the sound bar is Dolby does any 1 know if it's a bug issue on the x , thanks..

  97. Marcio Dos s oliveira says:

    Vc teve realmente a sensação de som aéreo?

  98. Colin says:

    How big is the driver from the sub?

  99. fuseini joseph says:

    Does the bar has a usb slot

  100. RED DRAGON says:

    Nice video. 👍 Can it somehow connect soundbar to the TV, so that the sound can be heard on TV and soundbar at the same time? 😏😏

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