KORG C1 Air: A new standard for the Digital Piano


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17 thoughts on “KORG C1 Air: A new standard for the Digital Piano”

  1. splartman says:

    looks lovely

  2. all kinds of things says:

    anybody know if this can be used as midi keyboard for a DAW?

  3. D Paul says:

    I played this at the dealers' yesterday. Though I am a very pro acoustic person- This instrument blew me away- Its the key response and sound/resonance that got my attention. Its a decent upgrade over the Old LP 380 with some extra tech features too. But for me it was the touch response, and to think that Korg is not traditionally a piano maker 🙂 🙂 Jolly Good video here.

  4. Romain BROQUET says:

    I've one question :

    What is the name of the song at 1:10 ?
    German's sound are so good 😮 !

  5. Mr. Toilete Paper says:

    I love that korg always put Chopin's pieces in videos.

  6. Josh Coon says:

    I liked the video and I am thinking to buy it. But one and for me the most interesting thing is missing: the speakers! Where is the position of the speakers and how powerful are they?

  7. Melody of Music says:

    C1 vs D1 ?????

  8. Viral naik says:

    I visited a music store today and played C1 air. Key action is very good but I didn't like the sound. Sound was too artificial and unrealistic. Feel of piano sound wasn't felt!

  9. Tim Praskins says:

    to learn more about the C1 Air go to the following link for a written detailed review of the C1 Air:

  10. Tim Praskins says:

    for a detailed written review of the C1 Air go to the following link:

  11. Biagio Della Corte says:

    What is the name of the piece starting at 2:31?

  12. Luis Guimaraes says:

    Hello, the C1 Air produce any kind of noise hiss on speakers or on the audio output?

  13. Luis Guimaraes says:

    I purchased one Korg LP-380 and with reverb switch on produces a lot of "hiss"noise with the effect on , if i switch off the reverb it plays quiet without "hiss" (in the speakers , headphones and line out), is it the same with the C1 Air?

  14. dirk keersmaekers says:

    Strange a commercial demo sound so full,different than a demo from a customer,strange…..

  15. Martin Nesuno says:

    I want this! Can you plug it in to DAW?

  16. mks mrk says:

    Roland rp-102 or korg c1? What do u think? Specially about keyboard

  17. Jeong Soo Kim says:

    sorry weird and horrile chopin…

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