KORG B2 Piano – Brutally Honest Review


how’s it going Jeremiah
this is the KORG B2 digital piano and update from the KORG B1 and in this video
I will be reviewing the features and functions as well as showing you the
voices that are found in this digital piano in addition I will tell you what
has been improved over the KORG B1 I will be telling you what I like about
this new digital piano as well as some of the things that I feel that KORG
could have included at this price range so let’s get started if you new here welcome my name is
Jeremy See and in my channel I make unbiased independent and on sponsored
reveals tips and tutorials on digital pianos arranger keyboards and if you
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bear icon so the brand new KORG B2 comes in three variants we have the entry
model which is the KORG B2N and that is actually a lighter version because they
have removed most of the waiting on the keys it is a lot likely sprung in
addition the amplification on the speakers is 9 watts on the KORG B2N
instead of 15 watts of amplification that is found on the KORG B2-SP and with these two fewer features you can also expect the KORG B2N to
be cheaper and priced more attractively it is actually going for $399 US dollars
and the KORG B2 goes for $499 US dollars for $100 more at 599 US dollars you get
the KORG B2-SP and the extras that they KORG B2-SP has are the additional
furniture style wooden stand as well as 3 panels just like on a regular piano what I really like about this piano is
that it is so easy to use and is so unpretentious that anyone who is just
starting to want to learn the piano will find this very comfortable to get into
so largely the keybed on this piano has been unchanged which is not a bad thing
because on the core being one the keybed was pretty good it was pretty heavy and
we get the scale hammer action which is heavier on the lower registers to
lighter touch on the higher registers however I felt that cork could have gone
for a textured surface on the keys which is what the other brands are going for
and that will allow less slippage when playing fast passages do also check out the description box
below for links to more information and pricing on this keyboard as well as a
list of my recommended piano and keyboards for players of different
levels and you can also tweak the touch sensitivity of this piano with three
different levels of touch responds and now on the KORG B2 you get 12 voices for
voices more than the outgoing KORG B1 and these voices really sound very good
sometimes it isn’t just about how many sounds you put in the digital piano
itself but you really want very high quality samples and those are really all
you need you and to play these voices you get a
hundred and twenty notes of polyphony but don’t be mistaken because only the
electric stage piano comes with 120 notes of polyphony because cock does
multi sampling and that is the sample more than one sample per note that is
gonna affect the policy so if you’re talking about the rest of the voices it
is sixteen notes of polyphony and for three of the best voices which is the
Italian grand piano the jazz piano and the ballad piano KORG has actually given
three samples per note and because of this polyphony is reduced to fourteen notes
when you are using this piano the KORG B1 didn’t have USB MIDI or USB
audio and now you have a USB audio and USB mini Jack on this piano which allows
you to connect to your iOS devices and your computer to use it in a door
environment in addition you get three months free subscription to the school
learning app as well as KORG’s award-winning gadget as well as the KORG
Module iOS apps the KORG B2 also adds a brand new 3.5
millimeter auxilary in jack which previously the KORG B1 doesn’t have so
that allows you to plug in your favorite mobile devices and play along with your
backing tracks and the standard things that is found on
the digital piano like being able to add reverb chorus to the voices being able
to transpose as well as a metronome is found on this digital piano as well
KORG Singapore told me that the build quality and construction of this b2
piano is very similar to the KORG B1 but from my own personal experience it
just feels a little bit better built I suppose they have improved their quality
controls after there was some feedback that the KORG B1 had some areas to be
improved in terms of build quality so here are some things I wished it KORG
had improved on over the KORG B1 and the first thing is the proprietary sustain
pedal Jack so you can only use the sustain pedal that comes with this
called piano you’re not able to use the usual generic quarter-inch sustain pedal
that you can buy from third party so I also wish that this piano is battery
operated and that it had a better quality speakers the speakers are not
bad it is not upgraded to 15 watts it is pretty powerful but it just
doesn’t do enough justice to the voices inside there because if you were to play
this piano with headphones the sounds just sounds really really good the
samples are just so iconic of KORG and it does sound good but when it comes out
through the speakers you just lose quite a bit of the luster and clarity I would have also loved to see a little
LED counter or LED screen where I can see which voice I am currently selected
as well as temple that is right now active and as of now there’s no way to
tell and out of the 12 voices that KORG has provided on this digital
piano I would have wished that there was an acoustic guitar of some sort right
now there is no guitar sounds on this digital piano instead of a metronome
I wish the KORG had included a couple rhythms that people can practice with
instead of a very boring metronome ticking sound and very last thing that I
wish could have been found on this piano is that he could have separate output
jacks and doesn’t have to share an output with the 3.5 millimeter headphone
jacks I hope you found my independent unbiased a none sponsored review of this
digital piano to be helpful and I’ll see you in the next video

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43 thoughts on “KORG B2 Piano – Brutally Honest Review”

  1. Gapco Records says:

    Nice pianos👍

  2. Saxon Liw says:

    Still sounds very Korg-y. There is a certain resonance with Korg piano patches that somehow does not sound well with classical pieces. They do very well with Jazz though. But it's a very signature Korg piano sound that sounds as if there is an electric piano overlaid on an acoustic. For digital pianos, I still rank Roland in the lead, followed by Yamaha and then Casio with their latest collaboration with Bechstein.

  3. Sam Niverba says:

    Amazingly played and reviewed by Jeremy See , love the piano , love its rich sounds. Great Video Jeremy 🙂

  4. Kaustav Debnath says:

    Jeremy can u play more difficult piano Pieces?? Because these are too easy

  5. Saxon Liw says:

    Wow.. The EPs are fantastic. I think that is the real strength of Korg. Organs probably sound better with Roland also. Is half-pedaling supported with their proprietary pedal?

  6. Dann NnNn says:

    This action vs casio pxs action

  7. J rkt says:

    Wtf is this????
    The B1 sounds waaaay better and much more like a real piano🤨🤨

  8. so what says:

    Korg b2 or Roland fp30?
    I don’t know what to choose.

  9. Ningcheng Shu says:

    The Korg's piano sounds are mellow and pleasant, but with a subtle, distinctive electronic flavor. Korg's efforts to sell their electronic piano products are a bit different from Casio. Casio's way of selling, is like you can have realistic mechanical piano sounds at the price of an electronic keyboard. The newest Casio sound chip even tries to mimic the artifact noise of mechanic hammers on strings. For Korg, it’s different. However much you pay, you get the distinctive, pleasant sound of electronic instrument, which is very respectful. Nowadays we are living in an electronic world anyway. Not everyone thinks the electronic instrument is inferior to its mechanical, acoustic counterpart, for the pure sake of music.

  10. Axel Schruhl says:

    Some of these piano sounds are not even stereo samples. I realize that the strong point of this instrument is the keyboard for quite a low price, but at least to me the sound is just as important. I don’t need a new piano at this time, but if I did it definitely wouldn’t be this one.
    Oh, by the way, merry Xmas everyone…

  11. Paulo de souza says:

    Jeremy! I’m about to buy a keyboard to my 9 yrs old son and I’m between Yamaha DHX 660 88 keys and the KORG EK-50 61 keys. He will start learning . Ty and your great in what you’re doing.

  12. Bryan Leech says:

    Jeremy, I know this isn't a comparative review, but the B2 screams out for comparison with the Casio Privia PX-S1000 on a value for money aspect. From what I'm hearing this Korg is sonically inferior to that Casio. I notice you barely touch the black notes (where the very short key length becomes an issue for weighted keys with a compact format). As for the speakers; it's virtually impossible to get "good" sound from tiny speakers, irrespective of amplifier power ─ the smaller the speaker and its "enclosure" the very much greater is the difficulty of achieving any useful bottom end. Speakers designed to try and solve this require a lot of power as a trade-off (they are less efficient in turning amplifier watts into sound) This may be part of the reason for the higher cost of the Casio model (which looks as if it may be fractionally larger(?). One feature of the Korg EK-50 (not a piano) is the way they've managed to design what appears to be ported "enclosures" for the speakers, with corresponding reasonably good sound quality.

  13. Jeremy See says:

    Here are my RECOMMENDED pianos & keyboards
    ✔ International
    ✔ UK/EU

  14. Alvin Davis says:

    Sir,by comparing digital piano and keyboard, which should I learn? Which is more advanced?
    Sir,if I learn to read digital piano,Can I read keyboard perfectly?

  15. Aleksandar Boncev says:

    So far, the best review for korg b2. It will be good if you can review the flagship, g air series. There is not a decent review for that e piano.

  16. Romny Everett says:

    How does this fare against the pxs1000?

  17. jhonrich gonzales says:

    Can you make a review of roland fp-10 pleaseee… Thanks 🙂

  18. RAMAKRISHNA M says:

    Hi Jeremy Brither how are you.your playing very nice

  19. kreations says:

    Do you know if the B2N feels more like a semi-weighted / touch sensitive synth? I’m wondering about the B2N for playing fast organ passages a and slides.

  20. Wild Rabbit Origami says:

    Hi Jeremy See, im looking for digital piano with best onboard speaker (99% people playing piano using onboard speaker not headphone). Yamaha p121 & korg b1/b2 which 1 will u choose?

  21. kraxer says:

    review casio ctk 3500

  22. Isaac Thompson says:

    Great video! Thanks..

  23. BoisAndGorls says:

    Thanks for the honest review. Love it. I am planning to buy it today.

  24. vccranker says:

    Hi Jeremy, I have had two 61 key unweighted Casio boards, along with an old 61 key unweighted Yamaha. The 88 key weighted boards are tempting, but seem to have much more potential for problems (more moving parts) and some comments or reviews suggest this is true. So I’m thinking maybe an unweighted 88 key board might be less likely to have issues with keys (dead keys, noisy keys, etc). The Korg B2N seems like a good candidate, however so far I haven’t seen any demos or reviews of it (the B2N being the B2 but without hammer action). Is the B2N the unicorn it would appear to be? Thank you! 🙂

  25. vccranker says:

    I just rewatched part of this video. If the keybed is largely unchanged, I’m a bit concerned because of some of the comments I have seen about the Korg B1 on Amazon, for example. This us why I thought maybe the Korg B2N might bring peace of mind, but no one is demoing it, no one is reviewing it, and no one is commenting either.

  26. smoideen says:

    thank you very much for the review seriously considering getting this for my 12 year old daughter.

  27. RCCASGAR says:

    Hi Jeremy, I like your reviews and comparisons, but in this one I've perceived a lack of consistency in a couple of points:

    A) This Korg B2 is an entry level piano, and in your video about the best pianos for begginers, one of your key points was that the piano has metronome. How is it that you now say that having it disappoints you a little bit and that you would have preferred to have it replaced by some rhythms?

    B) You mention you are also disappointed about the B2 not having an small LCD screen… I've never heard you complain about this for B2 competitors (Yamaha P45, Roland FP-10, …)

    Are those two comments really fair?
    I want to buy an electric piano to learn and I have decided to go for the Roland FP-10 (second option for me is Yamaha P45) based on your reviews and the ones from others, so it is not that I am a disappointed Korg B1/B2 fan. It is just that I was not expecting those two comments for the reasons previously explained.


  28. Juls says:

    Thanks a lot for your review! I am considering between Roland FP-10 and Korg B2, do you have any recommendation between them? I used to play piano when I was younger (for about 8 years) and just trying to practice again at home. If you have any other recommendation within that price range, it will be much appreciated! 🙂

  29. 田中庄一 says:


  30. Gub says:

    Is the difference between the B2N and B2 significant?
    Is the B2N good for a beginner?
    Is the speaker quality that much worse or?
    And is there another piano I could get that sounds good and is around the same price?

  31. Scouzeboy says:

    From Australia thanks. A very informative video. Good work keep them coming.

  32. Revanth says:

    What's this song at 4:05

  33. Tech 4 Future says:

    Can't help fallin in love with you

  34. eric peinard says:

    Omg power 2*15 watt and test with tablett application Korg ?

  35. haz dahee says:

    What is the best piano for beginners??

  36. Hayvan Beatz says:

    I began the piano in Marche, and my parents buy the b2sp for xmas so i'm happy xD

  37. DG says:

    Can you adjust the tremolo on the electric piano?

  38. herdjati pravito says:

    Been using this for about 4 months and here's my honest verdict on Korg B2

    Looks and sounds reasonably good for its price, except for that first German Concert Piano and Classic Piano which sounds quite plastic, not so different from cheap entry level keyboards. Even Yamaha P-45's default piano is still better than B2's German Concert Piano. The Italian Concert Piano and Ballad Piano, in the other hand, offers a far better sound comparable to higher end pianos; it sounds more realistic and resonant than the German, especially when played through external speakers and amps – you'll notice the big difference. All three electric pianos are surprisingly authentic for an entry-level piano, just like those you'll find on some of Korg's professional keyboards

    The weight and size of the B2 is still acceptable for portability. Its 12kg weight won't be a pain to carry around for gigs, and the slim size is perfect for small spaces including your bedroom

    The biggest flaw of the Korg B2 is the lack of standard sustain pedal jack, just like its predecessor. You're forced to use the supplied pedal that plugs into the proprietary connector. The triple pedal of B2SP is incredibly heavy and some people finds it uncomfortable to press, including me.

  39. fartpoobox ohyeah says:

    Korg's on D1 stage piano is around the same price and BLOWS this B2 thing out of the water… in every single way. This is like a toy in comparison. The D1 is built like a tank, has the same keyboard (made in Japan) as Korg's flagship models, and as far as the piano samples/sound, you wont get a better more authentic sounding digital piano in the price range. In fact it sounds as good as any digital piano I've heard regardless of price..

  40. Amy Sii Hee Ming says:

    Hi Jeremy, I would like to purchase a digital piano. Which one should I choose? Roland FP-10, Korg B2, Korg B2N or Korg D1? I would like to have an affordable and worth digital piano. Thank you. 🙂

  41. ViZOR1357 says:

    If I can get it for 359 usd would you recommend it over other pianos?

  42. Joe Ritchie says:

    Jeremy, would you recommend the B2N for playing accompaniment piano. I am a singer who is learning to accompany himself on piano.

  43. FGB4877 FGB4877 says:

    Mr. See, how does this KORG B2 against the competition in this price bracket?. Thanks in advance!.

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