[King of masked singer] 복면가왕 – ‘unicorn’ Identity 20180513


“This contestant..” “.. is the main character of the movie, “Deadpool”! ” “The best villainous hero of Hollywood!” “It’s Ryan Reynolds!” [ WAIT… WHO?!?! ] [ WHAT DID I JUST LOOK AT? ] [ HOW DID DEADPOOL MANAGE TO GET HERE?? ] [ NO WAY ] [ THIS IS INSANE ] “GET ME A PHOTO, GET ME A PHOTO,” “GET ME A PHOTO, A PHOTO..!!” [ Out of Control ] [ A difficult scene to believe even in front of their eyes… ] [ The excitement is not going down..! ] “Ha, ha, ha, ha!!”
[ The excitement is not going down..! ] “The unicorn, who gave us a special” [ omg gotta take this one ]
“The unicorn, who gave us a special” “grand opening for today’s stage,” [ Everyone’s too busy taking photos ]
“grand opening for today’s stage,” “grand opening for today’s stage,” “It’s the Hollywood star, Ryan Reynolds!” [ The special guest has been uncovered ]
“It’s the Hollywood star, Ryan Reynolds!” “It’s the Hollywood star, Ryan Reynolds!” [ Ryan Reynolds ] [ The main hero of Hollywood ] [ The main character of the film, Ryan Reynolds himself ] [ His acting passion never misses a transformation! ] [ Devoted couples with the actress, Blake Lively ] “Welcome to Seoul!!”
[ Entered Korea to promote his recent film ] [ Entered Korea to promote his recent film ] [ He really shook up Korea! ] “Amazing!!”
[ He really shook up Korea! ] [ The eternal villain who’s full of energy ] [ This is good Soju ]
[ The eternal villain who’s full of energy ] “Thank you everyone!
We should be having a drink tonight
Hooray Korea!” [ Ryan Reynolds, who we look forward to day-by-day ] “Why not greet the viewers here?” “Hello everybody.” “I, uh..” [ (amazed) Wow… nice to meet you! ] “.. I’m so sorry about that song.” (Earlier you thought I was) “Donald Trump??” “You thought he was President Trump?” “Sorry..! Sorry..” “It was a minority opinion..” [ Okay ] “He seemed to be very surprised about that.” “When you were singing, were you not nervous?” “Yes, absolutely,” “I’m wearing an adult diaper.” [ Really digging this Hollywood humor.. ] [ *cutesy cutesy* ] “He came to Korea under
a schedule of one night and two days,” “His main purpose of being in Korea
will be starting today at 6 PM.” [ That’s amazing..! ] “Despite all the love calls he got,” “He’s appeared at this episode of
“King of Masked Singer” secretly,” “He hasn’t spoke to anyone about this,
and came into appearance.” “I didn’t even tell my wife.” “Aaah,” “Blake Lively..!” “Ohh, he didn’t tell his wife about it!”
“Blake Lively..!” “Ohh, he didn’t tell his wife about it!”
“Aaah..” “Ohh, he didn’t tell his wife about it!”
[ Secret from his wife to assure complete secrecy ] “So you’ve kept the promise with us,”
[ Secret from his wife to assure complete secrecy ] “Also, Gim Gu-ra used his sharp sense
to spot your style of fashionwear-” “You said it early, you knew right away,” “You saw the.. these damn sneakers,” “That’s what gave me away..” “.. what did he say?” “Didn’t you major in English??”
“He took a look at his shoes, and it showed easily.” “He took a look at his shoes, and it showed easily.” “Yes, yes,” “What great detectors we have here.” “I personally really like your movie,
“The Smoking Aces”, ” “So I saw it multiple times,” “And seeing you in actual person,
you look great and like a happy man.” “Oh, thank you guys for having me,” “This was such a thrill,
this was an unbelievable honor for me.” “You guys pushed me to my own limits,
and I thank you for that.” “That’s just the best. Thank you.” [ Well Done! ] [ English Subtitles ]

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100 thoughts on “[King of masked singer] 복면가왕 – ‘unicorn’ Identity 20180513”

  1. Rikke says:

    the deadpool marketing team… help

  2. Edward Mendez says:

    That motherfucker on movie.

  3. RJ King says:

    Even Ryan can be embarrassed? 😂

  4. BolDi Beast says:

    :lyan leylold:

  5. Casper Nilsson says:

    We need Tom Holland on this show ASAP!

  6. Anusree Chakraborty says:

    My mannnnnn

  7. Kendra Frederick says:

    Haha leave it to Reynolds to nearly have anyone from anywhere nearly shit their pants from seeing him appear out of nowhere

  8. icutyouheadof says:

    i don`t even know why i am feeling so much contact shame… 😀

  9. Isabel Montalvo says:

    Where can I watch the full episode??🤔🤭

  10. Liz Adrienne Garcia says:

    Deadpool being rated PG for 2 minutes and 56 minutes

  11. Siebenbürgen says:

    The Masked Singer Winner from Germany: Drac Ulala

  12. Denise Borja says:

    When Korean people react to American celebrities.
    Me: When I react to BTS. 😂

  13. LogoGiare Thietke says:

    "lion lei-ion" im mita :)))

  14. ChefMK says:

    I saw the thumbnail and just started laughing …now let me watch this clip

  15. Amanda McDonald says:

    My sister: “is that Ben Affleck”

  16. Abbie Barnes says:

    Ryan' walking around the stage like idk wtf there saying but they seem to love me

  17. Thang Universe says:

    We forget him also a Green lantern

  18. K Gamer says:

    You know your name is awesome when it literally sounds like Lion when said by an Asian person

  19. raghad alyami says:


  20. That Bangtan Sonyeondan Shit says:

    When he drank soju in front of the girl and she turned away…is that a culture thing? Just wondering

  21. Neele Fuchs says:

    What no way nice

  22. osteika Army Blink joseph says:

    1:47 his laugh made me laugh. He's like I'm going to pretend I understood what he said.

  23. KING RUHUL says:

    U can make a rubbish joke and still people will laugh 1:42

  24. aki akiii says:

    Omg!!! Did. Not know this happened

  25. Jazbelbel says:

    wait wait wait!! Nooo!! How it's possible??

  26. Aaryadev Praveen says:


  27. EXO-L Aeri says:

    I wish He could met with Chanyeol with Deadpool costume

  28. Truth Always Prevail says:

    The man and women became groupies 😂😂😂

  29. GingerNinja says:

    The subtitles are pure gold

  30. Mansib Zaman says:

    RM(Namjoon) your Hollywood's crushes husband is here…

  31. Asma Osman says:

    Their reaction is when I see a kpop idols

  32. MicroKingz says:

    Lol hes in hobbs and shaw lool

  33. Enzy Dear says:

    "Yeah of course I'm wearing an adult diaper" 😂😂 love him😍

  34. Eze E says:

    Its funny when they were all like ahhh oh shit its ryan reynolds

  35. Rodolfo Meneses says:

    Ryan Reynolds is a legend 🔥🔥👌🏻

  36. Gab Cjc says:

    what is that song at 1:10

  37. ponyo says:

    I love how koreans get excited really easily lmao

  38. afro jack says:

    which episode?

  39. Therphyscora says:

    Deepcool is not cool again!

  40. Gemini Jemini says:

    >Be Ryan Reynolds or basically any western actor in this show in Korea.

    Host: So what's it like in Korea??

    Ryan: It's gr…


  41. Mia Cortes says:

    Y pensar que México está adaptando este programa, qué horror. Ni siquiera le saben dar su propio toque. Éste sí vale la pena.

  42. Teene Kim says:

    When I saw him… All I could think about is Chanyeol… 😂😂

  43. Just Jordan says:

    Lmao ryan renolds

  44. Zeke Gee says:

    HOONY's reaction is everything 😍

  45. Kyrie Jelly says:

    LOL even in the real world I still see him that as Deadpool.

  46. Nusaiba Afra says:

    What episode was this?

  47. Plasma Trader says:

    Ryan is the man. damn it, this guy is too funny. The real deal.

  48. This is Ajang says:

    Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool

  49. American Born says:

    Best villian in Hollywood? Not sure about that

  50. TheW0o0w says:

    I don’t understand why most koreans don’t speak English.

  51. 핸나 says:

    I can’t find any shots with him and the audience together… which would make sense if he had a short amount of time in Korea on top of his other schedules, if they just had the MCs come in at an off time for him and did audience clips from another time. Either way it’s super cool that he did this!

  52. rainboworeosMSP says:

    0:45 i thought they blurred his already covered ass 😂😂

  53. Mrs. Claire says:

    He & Keanu are too good for this world.

  54. tormentitah h says:


  55. Adarsh Ajai says:

    Did no one notice the pride for flag on his coat thingy?🌈

  56. Unanium says:

    Ronald Reynolds vs Kim Namjoon!

  57. Jiminha Mori says:

    0:22😂 yeah it's me🙉🙉🙉🙉

  58. jimmorrison jim says:

    reporter to rm: mm blake lively is married..
    rm: i know…😎😎

  59. IamEarl says:

    He’s on a whole new level 😂

  60. Shadowwolf Yeet says:


  61. M Gamer says:

    Yo: china debería estar evolucionando bastante mientras nosotros estamos en la edad de piedra

  62. Nicollette says:

    they dont understand the english me dont understand the korean lol

  63. C Yoon says:

    What is with Korea and trump😐

  64. ariana petrova says:

    Lolllll in masked singer

  65. Blake Louthan says:

    If there’s one thing i know about Ryan Reynolds it’s that he really shook up korea

  66. Kamthorn Chaiyo says:


    Me: Huh.

  67. TheAndasolo says:

    “…Lyan Leynolds”! 🤣🤣🤣

  68. Plainoo says:

    This is so wholesome what the fuck

  69. Mike Studmuffin says:

    North Koreans love the Green Lantern, too.

  70. Htsw says:

    of course he would be a unicorn lol

  71. Child's Play says:

    Ugh america stop copying people.

  72. Kpop Dubu says:

    I wish namjoon was there😂

  73. Desiree Val says:

    Wow…didn’t know it did that

  74. Elysium Rod says:

    Is this Korea? I love Korea

  75. reee eee says:

    Ryan:"hello everyone"
    Everyone: screeching as hell break lose

  76. C R says:

    <3 our Canadian homeboy!

  77. Nickolay Chesher says:

    Japan, The land of "what the fuck did I just see?!… "

  78. Faith Garcia says:

    I’m actually shocked

  79. Shawn Kow says:

    Kneel before the god of marketing

  80. TurtleObsessed says:

    “Donald Trump?!” THE WAY I WHEEZED😂😂😂

  81. Shanice Kingston says:

    The captions on this video are fricking hilarious

  82. Doubo Doubo W says:

    White people go to Asian countries, treated as celebrity. Aasians come to America, treated as clowns.

  83. Oscar 1605 says:

    Asians are soo cringy

  84. TypicalUnicorn_Girl says:


  85. just tell me why says:

    he should've worn his deadpool costume under his costume to make people think he was just someone dressed as deadpool, and then take of his mask afterwards 😂😂

  86. Son Ryz Gaming says:

    Ryan Reynolds is just another sjw Hollywood sell out typical trash he got triggered with Trumps name its sad

  87. LLific Y says:

    I thought he's gonna sing…

  88. officiallykpopped says:

    Hey look its deadpool pretending to be ryan reynolds in a korean variety show. Sounds like something deadpool would do.

  89. sumah Ssebirumbi says:

    Am wearing an adult diaper.

    That laugh is everything

  90. fierce deity says:

    Holly he can sing too?!!

  91. F. Rick Herr says:

    Ohhhhhh itsu Deadolu Pole! Deadolu Pooolu!

  92. Deforma Cinnabar says:

    Korean tv is basically a copycat of Japanese tv

  93. maria jose Carmona says:

    He looks so tall 😍

  94. Outogetyou Gotyou says:

    They must have paid him a shit load to do this weird ass shit

  95. Lol meme says:

    and don't forget he's also the actor for green lantern😂😂

  96. MiNa ChAn says:

    I wish I knew what was going on!!!

  97. Krayzie Stryker says:

    I am straight but if Ryan Reynolds ever confess to me I would say yes darling 😮

  98. paul babuik says:

    Ok so korea gets actual stars yet the American version gets a bunch of has beens

  99. Primeira Notificação says:

    Deadpool em giro aleatório kkkk

    Hey brazucas!! Kkk

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