Hardened by atrocities Diminishing my sanity Inflicting wounds on thousands In a war nothing to do with me Eagerness to save this nation from fear and hostility Has led me to a war of maggots, Everything was taken from ME All the gift for violence could not save my kin Caught in cross-fire, they were innocent Casualties of war between immoral shits Snatched away from me, my very reason to live In this moment Where you stand at Crossroads between Hell and death Choose to end your misery And join them 6 feet underneath Or you could just go back home and Burn it all that holds you back From the ashes rises The breathing embodiment of DEATH There are no consequences No settlements, No paid judgments No prison life sentences No second chances to this There are no consequences No settlements, No paid judgments No prison life sentences There’s only one true punishment There will be no mercy Unchecked hypocrisy My new brand of justice Don’t you even try to run. I take this upon myself Feed mother earth with carcasses Cleanse the society purge the sin My human self has died within I the bringer of massacre One man war that never ends Mass murdering the filth that dwells In the shroud of human skin Bags of meat with bones to hold No regard for life my blood so cold Whole graveyards I’ve filled with meat Coffins that await the miscreant Victims of the crime, Suffer endlessly While the delinquent, Breathing walking free CRIMINALS They deserve to die, Or they’ll multiply I must end their kind, I must satisfy FEEDING EMPTY COFFINS Victims of the crime KEEP SUFFERING While the delinquent KEEP BREATHING POISON Gut them, bleed them dry Hang and crucify I will carry on my sentence TO FEED EMPTY COFFINS They will bring this world dishonor They will breathe and spread the poison They do not deserve to live They’re better off as fertilizers The Koffin FEEDER.

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  1. Кетцалькоатль Некрономеконович says:

    Круто,мужики! m/

  2. HotPutridVomit says:

    Cool Punjabi click here to play this game you won't last five minutes!

  3. Realmadrid Indonesia Official says:

    #from indonesia

  4. Deathotic May Divine says:

    That's Fucking Brutal yeahhhhh😈

  5. insane79 says:

  6. WhiteWine Studios says:

    Amazinggg 😍😍

  7. Abhishek Sable says:

    Heavy af!!!!

  8. siddharth choudhary says:

    🤘🤘😈 this is great

  9. En Werk says:


  10. Somnumexterrerisolebataeternam says:


  11. Osiris Ridgeway says:


  12. KillKount India says:

    Cheers and enjoy this song! We also released one more song from our coming full length record. Check it out here!

  13. Metalhead666 says:

    Killer song guys! But the mix is very bad. Get yourself another Producer. You guys slay!

  14. emo boy dark says:


  15. Danny says:

    Nice 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. Mitchell C. says:

    This shreds!!! Love the drummer's sound.

  17. Rushabh Sahare says:

    This is tightness! m/ Killkount you guys just nailed it!! Vocals, guitars and drum, full power!
    Keep it up guys!m/

  18. pure sickness says:

    india reminds me syphilectomy 😁👍

  19. jack manny says:

    This shit is sick guys, much love from the UK

  20. Moon Devoured says:

    sick ass vocals 😮😍

  21. tarlung says:

    wowie that was actually fucking good

  22. Dante Torobolino says:

    Suena chingón pinches indues brutales

  23. MCmurderer says:

    Damn that slam hit hard tho

  24. Helix Nebula says:

    Wonder if this was featured on T-Series.

  25. Shubham Jha says:

    Tight as a virgin.

  26. Mike Mike Mike Mike says:

    This vid is definitely NOT brought to you by the letter 'C'

  27. Deathotic May Divine says:


  28. Deathotic May Divine says:

    Modi ji must watch this…. And say aacha hain 😀😀😀😀

  29. Putrid Abomination says:

    Thank you come again – Apu

  30. Tanvi Hendre says:


  31. Sarthak Bhandari says:

    Shaandaar Death Metal!! \m//.

  32. Abhishek Ch says:

    Nice work 👌

  33. Red Contradiction says:

    Shit shredding

    Edit: I meant Sick not shit holy fuck

  34. Shashi Bhushan bass says:

    Shandaar bhai log

  35. BuZzz Uuu says:

    very nice!

  36. Arjun flute Sharma says:

    Maamle ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  37. mr spat yt says:

    Propaganda i love it death core amazing video, good band

  38. balsara 675 says:


  39. Zachary Sheets says:

    This goes HARD. Gained a fan from the USA!

  40. Orchi Bhattacharya says:

    Guys amazing work! Loved it

  41. Deshmani Kewat says:

    blast it on the main stage 👅

  42. Death Grinder says:

    Extreme India for Extreme People 😍

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