Katy Perry – Cozy Little Christmas


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100 thoughts on “Katy Perry – Cozy Little Christmas”

  1. Chris Zzz says:

    Que meda em 😂😂

  2. anee mojumder says:

    she is back

  3. Manish Thitte says:

    My Queen

  4. David Liu says:

    Merry Christmas :3

  5. HughLivedVEVO says:

    LP – Forever For Now (Official Audio)

  6. Asanthasa Pedoresa says:

    What kind of Christmas do you want?

    Me: A Cozy Little Christmas Here With You.☺️

    PS: finding someone na pwedeng mag-christmas dito samin. Haha

  7. Francisco Eduardo Ortega Martinez says:


  8. Victor na Vida says:

    Diogo Paródias vamos trabalhar e fazer algo que tem vídeo novo aqui !!! Kkkkkk

  9. globo man says:

    Love you Katty 😋😋😋😘

  10. Sel Gomez says:

    Sound like TWICE’S song

  11. ¡ Ángel ! says:

    Katy Perry Queen Of Chritmas

  12. earthly firefly5 says:

    God reveals himself only directly to human heart & every broker – a person, group, book or legend, icon, relics, Church, Christ – does the worst evil – makes people regard as God that what is not God. Tolstoy Christian Teaching

  13. anthony m says:

    Nice booty

  14. Axe _hx says:

    This song she released back in 2017 for amazon

  15. Sina Müller says:

    😍☃️☃️🌨Ich freu mich schon auf Weihnachten 🎄 (i am From Germany)🤣

  16. Laura Vogl says:

    Where are the Germans???

  17. raizel noblese says:


  18. F N says:

    This song will be put in a Disney movie

  19. Harvest says:

    omg i love this song so much. her voice suits this song so much

  20. Excessive fat meat says:


  21. Francesco Lanzoni says:

    what is better, black hair or hair with decorations.
    black like.
    decoration comment

  22. Rayan degenerous` says:

    Kids keep waiting for gifts on christmas cuz fu*** santa is having fun with katy,lolz😂😂😂

  23. Prestige says:

    🇵🇱Polska jesteście?🇵🇱

  24. Gwen San says:

    Queen Kat is here again!!! Been waiting for your grace!

  25. sillyme says:

    we love you katyyy!

  26. Happy Happy says:

    Please dont make this a flop, please, please!!

  27. Liana Soares says:

    Damn, it’s been awhile since Katy has black hair. 2:10 her hair reminds me of Dr. Seuss & Lucille Ball.

  28. Maya Gocheva says:

    Who is here before this is famous?❄️❄️

  29. Dari M. says:

    Everything that she does it’s magic ✨✨✨✨

  30. Walteno Santos says:

    algum brasileiro por aqui kkkk/?

  31. anurima roy says:

    She's so beautiful ❤️😍

  32. HOW TO DRAW HTD says:

    The old Katy Perry is back 1:43 😉

  33. Hali Steinetz says:

    I’m honestly really impressed, after witness and prism she’s really redeemed herself might be my favorite era of hers if she keeps this up she’s gonna bring a lot of exfans back.

  34. Eleanor Smith says:

    Now that's what a call a Christmas song!!! Finally a new good one!

  35. Da Ye says:

    也很好h lv

  36. juan Rodriguez says:


  37. Anne Ree says:

    1:44 old Katy is back .. 😍

  38. Alexander says:


  39. Amiyah Miller says:

    This song was soo stupid & I love Katy but this but this one for me it’s a no

  40. Arnav Vaidyanathan says:

    Wowok that was interesting.

  41. Anne Ree says:

    1:21 fave part .. 😂

  42. Εύα Τσακιλιώτη says:

    New Christmas hit is out🔝 🎅

  43. juan Rodriguez says:

    Love This Song!!!!!!!

  44. nana says:

    Katy just saved christmas

  45. Zeynep Sude Yılmaz says:

    Ortama bak

  46. Alice xx says:

    I want to be Katy Perry's make-up artist ahaha <3

  47. José Estevam Maciel says:

    Eu amei

  48. Sven Svenson says:

    views are fake

  49. Dan Gómez says:

    who's here before the collapse of capitalism?

  50. Victor says:

    Parece comercial da Coca-Cola

  51. Dangerous D says:

    When she going to write something more like x Roar or Rise again x?????

  52. LEAMAZON Vieira de almeida says:

    É tu satanás???? Essa guria está uma endemoniado pura, esta inferno e ainda está tentando levar milhares de jovens com ela, uma soldada do ra satã.

  53. Mohamed Adel says:

    Dat ass though!

  54. Francesco Lanzoni says:

    thanks Katy, you gave me a great gift by coloring your hair again in black🎅⛄🎁🎁🎄

  55. SleepyAllTheWae says:

    Nope, that can't take place of All I Want For Christmas

  56. jamila jojo says:

    I love you katy

  57. Clay MU says:

    She should had uploaded the video last year

  58. juan Rodriguez says:


  59. juan Rodriguez says:

  60. juan Rodriguez says:

  61. Mayank Gharat says:

    I saw you at the #OPMF in Mumbai when you where great and now you are more than great

  62. Talkative Toadette says:

    90% of comment section: Who is here before 3M views??
    10% of comment section: actually talks about the song

  63. juan Rodriguez says:

  64. Adrian Macrel says:

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2020 to you all

  65. juan Rodriguez says:


  66. ayl perry says:

    Aşık oluyorum❤️❤️

  67. Phuc Positive says:

    This is the proof that this song will reach 3M viewers in 14 days.


  68. Anna Mira says:

    Katy wearing black hair!! I'm gonna cry:-D

  69. Roewititus Illusion says:

    very good

  70. Areeba Abid says:

    Before 3 million

  71. Emperor palpatine says:

    Dew it

  72. Ayush Agarwal says:


  73. André Novak says:


  74. Gdjdjg Hdudud says:


  75. Legenda Pop BR says:

    Algum BR? 🇧🇷🎄
    Confiram esse hino natalino legendado no meu canal.

  76. fiorela isabel says:


  77. Matheus Baptista says:


  78. Kyrmen M Anthony says:

    Wasn't this song released in 2018?
    Anyways, I love it so much!!!

  79. Brenno Moçambique says:

    Maravilhosa 😍🏃‍♂️👏

  80. Enni St says:

    who waited a year for this?

  81. Tramaine Terrance says:

    Hello, Humans.
    "It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both."
    -Niccolo Machiavelli


  82. Melissa Lecis says:

    I freakin love Katy with black hair.

  83. yeferson quiñones carvajal says:

    Te amo

  84. Zumba With Noe Sanz says:

    I ♥️ u perry

  85. ענבר בינו says:

    I think katy is the perfect person to all the Christmas things… shes just got the vibe for it… I dont think any one else can ever do it better😍😍😍

  86. Thiago Fernandes says:

    Eu amo essa mulher

  87. sebatian says:

    did she just RIP OFF Mariah's "all I want for Christmas is you"?

  88. Luan Erick says:


  89. Grande says:

    I like how creative she is …

  90. Ruben F says:

    Sounds like a song from katy 5 years ago. Its greatt💕

  91. Dushanbe Cinema says:


  92. iyra records says:

    The beats are like "jingle bell rock" at the opening

    just sing " jingle bell jingle bell jingle rock ………"

  93. Dennayjah An Brionna says:

    Katy back😂🔥

  94. Chloe Rabbitbeach says:

    I love it♥️♥️😁😍💞

  95. Kattyy707 says:

    No snow🤣🤣 +8C

  96. ClovisSassyGirl88101 says:


  97. 새벽별 says:

    어이어이 믿고있었다구

  98. Jason Landis says:

    ALLlll I WaNT FOr CRhistMaS Is YoUuuuUUuuuuuUuUuuU

    Wrongsong… Ok bye

  99. RAJAN Freakin says:

    Oh it's Perry
    Again she got my heart 💓

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