Kangaroo Performs “Diamonds” By Rihanna | Season 3 Ep. 3 | THE MASKED SINGER


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84 thoughts on “Kangaroo Performs “Diamonds” By Rihanna | Season 3 Ep. 3 | THE MASKED SINGER”

  1. Jo Loney says:

    Ok so this voice seriously sounds like La'Porsha Renae

  2. Geo Torres says:

    This ones tough but i feel like i know that voice 😩😩

  3. karry lynn says:

    She really good and the only person I can think of right now is Jordy Sparks

  4. karry lynn says:

    I mean Jordyn Sparks

  5. karry lynn says:

    I am thinking someone.everyone would know. Like Jordin Sparks and SZA. I don't know nor do I follow this Jordyn Woods. I have no idea what she does except for she became known for being Kylie Jenner's side kick. Had no idea she sing. If this is her, then it would put her in a good spot light other than being someone who's known for scandal.

  6. Jason Perumal says:

    Nikkie Dr Jager (AKA Nikkie Tutorial)?

  7. Red_ Fox says:

    White tigers is the skeleton of this season, he’s just in it longer

  8. Red_ Fox says:

    Jeez that girl that sing!
    My final prediction:
    Who else yet

  9. Phob 76 says:

    Maybe Bella Thorne?

  10. Coy Keith says:

    Maybe Nichole kidman

  11. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired says:

    Is it Natasha Bedingfield?

  12. Yoel G Mbaruku says:

    Lindsay clue kinda make sense, She had alot of scandal, a younger brother i think Michael

  13. Audrie September says:

    The pink monster was Chaka khan

  14. Daniel Lopez says:

    It’s jordin sparks

  15. Arthur Morgan says:

    Brook hogan

  16. Audrie September says:

    Melondy Amaro that’s who the kangaroo is she is from Miami Florida she She song Rihanna diamond

  17. Mary Frame says:

    For some reason thinking Iggy Azalea

  18. Plus Size Princess says:


  19. Lee Crimson says:

    This is our winner

  20. Jenelle Bacchus says:


  21. Freddy Gigliotti says:

    HATE the new format! Episode one should be the first group (a) than episode 2 the next group and then the third week group c.

  22. Kimi Kimersun says:

    I still am going with my original guess ,from the first show of this season .
    Natalie Imbruglia . 😊

  23. Marcela Garcia says:

    Jordan Woods!!

  24. WindRaven Speaks says:

    Layla Ali or Ronda Rousey

  25. brooke lawson says:

    The tiger should have been gone first round…he sucks plus it's the "Masked Singer " not rap or dance…shaka gets illuminated before tiger??? Wtf… I still think the turtle is Jesse McCartney for sure, but I also thought The Kangaroo was India Arie, but I can't find where she has any children, but she also takes care of her mother from what I've read. And others kids

    . Don't quote me on that. I could be wrong about her taking care of her mother and/or other children… Jordyn Woods has no children. And I can't find anything of her singing. So I'm sticking with India Arie changing her voice. So it isn't so obvious since she has such a unique voice.

  26. Chauncey Billups says:

    Why tf does everybody think she’s so good?

  27. Nya says:

    Jordyn woods her dad died,She has a younger brother,her little sister she is best friends with, and she was on the red table talk like Leah.

  28. inklingboy 5000 says:

    She champ Let go kangaroo

  29. inklingboy 5000 says:

    I didn’t like her I tell THIS BABY

  30. Taylor Dietrich says:

    i feel like im on acid

  31. Rasheeda Maharaj says:

    It's jordin woods her brother is 1 yr younger, jordin sparks brother is about 4 yrs younger

  32. S Mclennan says:

    Julia Michaels

  33. S Mclennan says:

    Julia micheals

  34. S Mclennan says:

    Julia Michaels

  35. Pops Esko says:

    Ri Ri!

  36. Jen J says:

    Idk who it is, but she's black.

  37. Jerquan Botley says:

    Teyana Taylor I guarantee it!

  38. Ada reddic says:

    She is a good singer love her

  39. hilo1272 says:

    It’s Sia!

  40. Chuck Dumoore says:


  41. Am Pe says:

    I think the kangaroo is Paris Jackson

  42. laptop laptop says:

    Jordan woods sound better than that so..

  43. Uche Sings says:

    If thats Jordyn Woods im ready for an Album the second shes off that show

  44. HHP Nation says:

    Her and turtle that’s it. Might be the first girl to win.

  45. 100Grand4eva says:

    It's journee smoullette.

  46. MAN CAVE REVIEW 78 says:

    What about bindi Irwin she has a younger brother and they had a tragic loss in the family.

  47. ladieessence says:

    00:33 sounds just like jordyn woods. That low raspy voice.

  48. librarydragon1969 says:

    Rebel Wilson?

  49. Sassy Chrissy says:

    I actually thought maybe Lindsay Lohan, she actually guest-hosted in Australia I believe, but tonight Roo sounded kinda like Sia. So Confused!

  50. packers fan says:

    Why does she keep getting the full videos the best one is turtle why is jordyn woods doing so good

  51. Mike Miller says:


  52. Christina Hoang says:

    She is great at singing 🎤

  53. Nyc Nyc says:


  54. Chevalier Benally says:

    It sounds like Katy Perry to me

  55. Billi onaire says:

    Her voice isn't even that good, sounds nasal, sounds like she's trying too hard

  56. Lauren Dunkelberger says:

    This is the weirdest but best show ive ever seen

  57. Dymond Kay says:

    She sounds like the black singer from Glee. I forgot her name.

  58. JMG says:

    She sounds black idk why

  59. beautifullyflawed char says:

    India Arie sound like her to me.

  60. Objective Truth says:


  61. Kathy Holmes says:

    Layla ali

  62. Linda Mouton says:

    That voice sounds familiar

  63. Andrew Lilly says:

    Alicia Keys

  64. A B says:

    You can tell it's Jordyn Woods, the shyness is evident.

  65. Kraiguar Smith says:

    She's probably a fighter. That's why the boxing gloves and hoodie robe. I'm guessing of course.

  66. XxCatzzxX Despacito says:

    Def taylor swift😂😂

  67. Ana says:

    KANGAROO IS MY FAV❤️ itruly hope it is who ithink it is!!!! this will be her biggest bounce back!!!!! but why tf white tiger still here🙄🥴

  68. Lauren says:

    I find it funny that people think this is Olivia Newton-John.. Sounds absolutely nothing like her 🙈

  69. Julie Hertz says:

    I have a feeling that Kangaroo could be Sia ☺..

  70. Christine Bey AllRightsReserved says:

    Is this SZA….???

  71. J&T Stephenson says:

    Can't be the only person who cried watching this… oh my god man so good

  72. Nancy Dame says:

    My guess the Kangaroo is Paris Jackson

  73. CassieJazz96 says:

    I'm still going with Jordyn Woods for my guess.

  74. Ria Lequay says:

    I’ve just listened to Jordyn Woods sing and I think the people guessing her could be right.

  75. Jeffrey Alvarez says:

    I guess she is Diamond from X Factor US.. I forgot what season.. but her voice is recognizable

  76. Justin Angelo Alvarez says:

    How does Ken flip-flop between this and the UK one? haha…

  77. Ryan Henry says:

    Jordan Sparks has a very distinctive vibrato.

  78. Herbert Rossman says:

    I dont have a clue who Kangaroo could be only thing i can tell you is shes young and she might be black my guess would have to be Leona Lewis

  79. lkb3407 says:

    I’m thinking it could be Camille Winbush from the Bernie Mac Show. She has a beautiful voice

  80. Agie Wambui says:

    Jordan can sing dang

  81. Brit Brit says:

    It's Normani

  82. Astin Martin says:

    My original thought was, Iggy Azalea. But now I'm thinking SZA🤷🏾‍♀️…I haven't heard any clues, I'm just going off their voices.

  83. Xirix Seven says:

    That would he amazing if it was JORDYN woods

  84. OneTreeHillFan_23 says:

    all of you saying lindsey need to go back and listen to her music, this is not her

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