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Umu: Hello, thank you so much for agreeing to be featured on my channel, please introduce yourself. U: And like, talk about how long you’ve been writing songs, and what instruments you play. My name is Andres Oberg. I’m a Swedish songwriter, producer, and guitar player. A: I started out as a musician, playing a lot of jazz and blues and fusion; and then over time I became more of a songwriter and producer. A: And I found the K-Pop market and also the J-Pop market; I’ve been doing a lot of songs for Japan and Korea during the last couple of years. A: I find it very inspiring to work with all these artists and try out all these different genres. Umu: Fantastic. And so now we’ll start off with the questions that I’m sure a lot of people are wondering. U: First, do you think it’s more important to make a number-one hit, or write a song that you are personally most proud of? A: When I started within the jazz world, It was all about just creating, you know, interesting music that I really love myself, A: And I wanted selected group of people to really like it, of course. A: I didn’t want it to be too commercial, or have any of that kind of pop music impact. A: But then over time, I kind of realized I wanted to create music for the masses, but do something with quality too, you know? A: Like you can bring in cool chords to something musically that also has the quality of pop, with catchy hooks and simple melodies as well too. A: So I would say these days I want to, you know, make big hits but also do stuff that has musical value and quality. Umu: Fantastic. U: And then when writing a song for a company and an A&R (Artists and Repertoire) comes in and says, “Oh change this up, we don’t want this.” U: Do you ever feel that they ruin a song? A: Yeah, that has happened. But it’s all about personal taste. A: And most of the time I think they know what they’re doing, and there are some cases where songs actually turned out amazing from their feedback. A: There was one A&R at SM who actually came in when we wrote Red Velvet’s song called Sunny Afternoon. A: And she wasn’t happy with the chorus, and we kind of liked the chorus. A: But she said “No, I want something different”, then she had some ideas, and then we started writing a different chorus. A: And in retrospect – I mean that chorus was – the second chorus we created – was so much better than the first one so. A: It’s always good when the A&R’s know what they want. A: Especially in Asia, they’re musically trained, some have perfect pitch, they know about music, and they know what they want too, which is great. Umu: Awesome. U: And what is your favorite K-Pop song that you didn’t take part in writing? A: Well, there are a few – you know, there are a lot of great songs, A: But there are a few, you know, when I heard them I thought, “Okay ow, this is – I wish I was part of this”. A: One is actually Spellbound with TVXQ. Very cool song. A: And another one, a little bit maybe more unexpected one, it’s a song my my friends Caesar & Loui wrote. A: A song with TTS called Stay. A: It has a very cool the key change for the chorus, very unexpected. A: I was like, “Wow I wish I would have thought of that.” Umu: And what’s your favorite genre to compose it? A: I like a lot of the funky, jazzy R&B. A: Stuff where you can go a little bit crazy on on the chords. U: Yes, that’s my favorite, too. U: And what K-Pop artists have you been able to work with in person? A: I’ve been writing with BoA. A: The SM camps with Amber from f(x) and Siwon from Super Junior. A: Eric Nam. A: Henry, former member of Super Junior. A: It’s always great to write with these artists and especially the ones that are active writers, and they have a lot of ideas and they have a vision for what they wanna do. Umu: Awesome. And then what is your favorite section of a song to write, like is it the chorus?
A: Yeahhhh. A: When you get the chorus right it’s always a great feeling, but personally I like pre-choruses. A: Because that’s where you can go even more slick on the chords, and and do some really –
(U: Weird)
A: Unexpected stuff actually. A: So I love the pre-choruses too. Umu: Fantastic. U: I can tell. Umu: What was the most difficult K-Pop song to write? U: Like whether it was difficult to communicate with the other composers, or you just couldn’t come up with any ideas. A: We did a song on on the Lee Dongwoo album. A: The original title was Broken Wall. A: And I think Once There Was A Love is the title.
(U: Yeah.) A: It took a long time to write. We were trying different chords, going back and forth. It was a ballad, so. A: And one of the writers, a Korean writer who didn’t speak much English, we tried to communicate. A: It took a long time, but it’s a song I’m very very proud of, the outcome of that song. A: It’s not a typical K-Pop song, more like a jazz ballad., but it’s a song I’m very proud of. Umu: Do you see improvisation ever playing a bigger role in pop music? A: Hopefully, you know? A: A great thing is when you find that balance between improvised elements, and then more like structured, thought-out ideas. A: For instance in the verse, it can be more like R&B urban, it can be more of an improvised flow. A: And then the hook could be a little bit more structured for people to be able to grasp it and sing along with it. Umu: Right. And when writing a song do you ever think of a group’s international audience, instead of just writing for like maybe Korean ears? A: Well, yes, since the lyrics for the demos are made in English. A: We always try to have like catchphrases and lyrical content that could also work in the West. Umu:: When writing a melody for a specific group, do you assign vocal parts based on their “jobs” AKA main vocal or lead vocal? U: Or do you study their voices and give high notes to someone and fast notes to others?
A: Yeah, it depends on I mean – A: Some groups I worked a lot with, like for instance Shinee, so I know the different sounds, you know, of the different voices. A: Some groups I might not know exactly all the members and how they sound, but I try to listen and see if something stands out. A: You know, if there’s one singer that has a really like, high-pitched voice or something, that you can like use and take advantage of when you when you write melodies. Umu: Right, and are there any artists that you would like to work with in the future that you haven’t worked with yet? A: Yeah, of course. There are quite a few, especially solo artists. A: More that – I’ve worked with a lot of the idol groups, but it would be interesting to work with some of the solo artists in Korea. A: There are a lot of great ones, like IU and Heize. A: They’re doing their own stuff composing and working with a group of people, I think their friends and co-writers. A: But it would be fun to try doing something for those artists as well, and not just to those – the bigger idol groups. Umu: And do you ever draw from your classical music theory knowledge when writing pop music, or do you more draw from your jazz theory knwoledge? A: More from the jazz theory knowledge, and I try to not overthink too much, you know? A: And go follow my ears and what I’m hearing. A: But it’s great to have the theory and know it as a tool. A: So I can actually, you know, know why something doesn’t really work, and vocal arrangement for instance. A: And I also, since I know the theory, I have a lot of colors available, a lot of sounds that I can use for the different extensions from each chord. Umu: What are your favorite songs that you’ve composed? A: There are many, it’s so hard for me to choose. A: But like One of These Nights with Red Velvet, I really like that song. I’m proud of it. A: Did this song for SHINee called Romance that I really like myself too. A: Like it has kind of a Stevie Wonder- Ferrell kind of vibe. A: Did another one for them in Japan called Wishful Thinking, that’s another song I’m very proud of. A: There are so many it’s hard to choose, but those were just a few. Umu: What artists or group do you like writing most for? A: I would say SHINee because I’ve done so many songs for them. A: I’ve done 13 songs for the band both in Korea and Japan, you know, combined. A: And then I’ve done two for Taemin, and then one for Onew together with Lee Jin Ah. A: So 16 in total, so I think I have a history with that group and I met them a few times. A: I like how they sound, I like their use of the vocal arrangements and their voices, and how they bring my ideas to life. Umu: Fantastic.

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    BOA Mannish Chocolate, Lookbook

    Boyfriend Never End, Welcome to My

    CBX Girl Problems, Tornado Spirals, Thursday, Playdate

    Cross Gene Amazing/Bad Lady (Jpn)

    EXO Stronger & Coming Over (Jpn release), Winter Heat, Drop That

    F(x) Glitter

    FT Island Shadows, Crazy Love

    GFRIEND Love in the Air

    Girls Generation Only One

    Gugudan Could this be Love, Snowball

    Hyolyn One Step

    Lee Dong Woo What A Wonderful Cane, Sweet Island, Smiling Face, Once There Was A Love, Lonely Night, Cheers To Nothing, Wanna Be Your Guitar, Step It Up

    Lee Jin Ah & Onew Starry Night

    LOONA Cheorry/Jinsoul Puzzle

    Momoland Welcome to Momoland

    Monsta X Dramarama, GFYL

    NCT 127 Once Again

    NCT 127 somethingontheirnextalbum

    Oh!GG Fermata

    Oh My Girl Windy Day, Coloring Book, Say No More, Love o Clock, Butterfly, Magic, Perfect Day, Agit, In My Dreams

    Red Velvet One of These Nights, Sunny Afternoon, Would U

    SF9 Hide and Seek, Midnight Road

    SHINee Breaking News (Jpn release), Downtown Baby (Jpn release), Romance, U Need Me, Chocolate, Beautiful Life, Sing Your Song, Gentleman, Retro

    SPICA Secret Time

    Sunny & Henry U & I

    Super Junior Lo Siento

    Super Junior D&E Illusion

    Taemin Flame of Love, Door, Backstage, In Love with the Music

    Taeyeon Christmas Without You

    TWICE One in a Million

    Up10tion Run, Sign Me Up

    VIXX Starlight, BODY, Stop it Girl, Butterfly Effect, Scentist

    WJMK Strong

    Xiumin & Mark Young & Free

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