Justin Bieber – Yummy (Live On Saturday Night Live / 2020)


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100 thoughts on “Justin Bieber – Yummy (Live On Saturday Night Live / 2020)”

  1. Sergio Bascunan says:


  2. Saloni Pawar says:

    Justin just for once come in ur swaggy look with that hairstyle which u had in ur what do u mean song…just go once 😣🙏

  3. Syfa Silvia says:


  4. 이정연 says:

    아 비버 수염기르니까 농부같앙ㅜㅜㅜㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    갠적으로 없는게 좋은디..

  5. Gyvas Žodis says:

    Yummie is also about wide spread pedhopilia circles in industry. Watch justinvideo untill end. Also he post babies on his instagram same time song is launched with hastagh " #yummie dig deeper, theres so much more layers #pizzagate


    Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies “Yummy” on Instagram? The Answer is Sickening.

    To promote his new single “Yummy”, Justin Bieber posted strange pics of random babies with the hashtag “Yummy.” Also, there are lots of references to pizzas. Also, the “Yummy” music video has a hidden message. What is going on with Justin Bieber?

    This VIDEO EXPLAINS A LOT. Just be aware it might be upseting to watch especially in the end

    ALSO WATCH Yummy and Pizzagate EXPLAINED – The deep meaning behind Justin Bieber's "Yummy"?“ check  on  „Youtube

    Is important to speak about it as it cant change if we keep Quiet!! #exposepedhopilia #stopabuse

  6. NeNa GeeZ says:

    I love Justin Bieber so much but his face. He looks like he's getting real skinny like he's sick. I hope he's okay.

  7. Rizwan Tak says:

    Cool song

  8. Rizwan Tak says:

    Your voice are best

  9. Ace says:

    He doesn't seem like he's fit or mentally ready to go back on tour. Js. He seems worse off now then he did when he started the Purpose tour. Just saying. He's fighting Lyme Disease, depression, anxiety

  10. Ace says:

    I mean don't get me wrong, he still can perform. The only time he seems normal and confident is when he is singing/performing. But it's what happens after he gets off stage

  11. Daniela Yhk says:

    Adorei os dançarinos MT foda

  12. Flor Santos says:

    What makes you happy also makes me happy, I don't know, I think that fan love is it

  13. Flor Santos says:


  14. taeyeon's middle finger says:

    i still love his voice and his purpose album is still one of my faves😊 eventho my friends seems to criticize me for liking him

  15. اسامه الحوت says:

    This word stuck in my head 😂😂

  16. Aashima Baniya says:

    Even though his looks has changed but his beautiful voice will never fade away or change.

  17. Pandoralove says:

    He is talented. Dislike the porn stache tho

  18. Reham says:

    I fell like he is sick here, you can fell that its like he is sing from his noise 😂 i love u JB

  19. Katherine Martindale says:


  20. Reham says:

    Actually i love his fashion .

  21. LDBSK0 says:

    It might not be for many people but I find this refreshing. Except, man I wish he could be more fashionable. But I totally get why he is not.

  22. Ezequiel Hernandez says:


  23. Ezequiel Hernandez says:

    Lo amoooooo

  24. 김종남 says:


  25. Joppa Denores says:

    Hahaha I love to see my bro dancing. Love it love it

  26. Ale Camps says:

    glad to see you back biebs

  27. GroovyRoo says:

    He looks like that sad uncle, we all have. If he cuts his hair and shave the mustache I perhaps could take this a bit more seriously. Lol

  28. Hằng Hằng says:

    tao k thich

  29. Tinidad Campos says:


  30. Ara Castillo says:

    You are amazing!! 😍😍💕💕💕

  31. manu says:

    Love it, SO PROUD🔥♥️

  32. シティターン says:


  33. JING Ou says:

    I always get impressive ur live.
    Amazing show

  34. dzzy21 says:

    I wish he had Parris Goebel's girls dancing with him

  35. Prakash Parmar says:

    Really Disappointed From Your Voice..

  36. Íulyê Gouveia says:

    Coçadinha básica no saco.

  37. Risam says:


  38. Jonathan Jacques says:


  39. ZOO says:

    hoxy 수염 줴발 다 깎아주면 안되겠니

  40. Shihanna says:

    The Mustage🧐

  41. Marijayne Perez says:

    I miss his old appearance now it just looks like he doesn’t care about himself 🥺

  42. Yahya Amar says:

    Love Justin Bieber ❤️🇩🇿

  43. el ci says:

    this is just bad

  44. Kid Vel says:

    Porque se agarro los huevos.?

  45. stan pentagon says:

    He still sounds stable while dancing, some singers cant even singing only while standing🤦🏽‍♀️

  46. michelle breaux says:

    very sad please put him to the pasture with his greenwall this can't go on come on now yum yum

  47. Felipe Cadena T says:

    Desde cuando Sech está de guitarrista para JB? 😂😂😂

  48. Vero Army Dimple Girl says:

    Te amo.

  49. Vero Army Dimple Girl says:

    Estas más hermoso que nunca, tiene una voz preciosa.

  50. essum18 says:

    He straight up looks like a hobo.

  51. James Mcclain says:

    I hear ty dolla $ign🤷🏿‍♂️

  52. Drew is my Bae says:

    That mustache bleached hair looks like an 80’s porn Star.

  53. Pro BB 888 says:

    Justin you're so damn good 🙂

  54. Qanb Mour says:

    friends,,me indo

  55. Davi Kizan says:

    Gente, o que houve com a voz dele? Semitonou muito, fora que cantou tudo mais grave

  56. INDIA VLOGs says:

    God bless you bro dont worry man … he owes you om namaha shivaya ✡💯💓💓💓🏹🛡🌻🌻🌻🌼🌼🌼 You doing good bro ❤❤❤❤🇮🇳

  57. Zhen zhang says:

    Let's take a moment to appreciate his voice and performance tho everything he faced lately 💔 he's a 100% artist

  58. Pet Alfred says:

    Man of honor for not using autotune between dance sequences 🙂

  59. Exo Exo says:

    Shave ur mustache

  60. Paulo Gustavo do Vale Lima says:

    kinda cute

  61. Ger Unkwon says:

    The set reminds me of the COLORS channel

  62. TheGirett says:

    Excelente bro

  63. Jenn Reynoso says:

    Te doy 30 dólares si te afeitas

  64. Zoro Lional says:

    The background music doesn’t match

  65. Monta Musinska says:

    ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS PERFORMANCE. I am so glad you sing, I am so glad that I have your music and that this generation has a musician+human like you. And I am proud for your recovery and sorting your health and all.. so grateful. All the best to you Justin 💖💖💖

  66. Tomas Bustos says:

    Paraceses yagyy

  67. Erica Hood says:

    Você é o melhor entenda

  68. VYBZ says:

    Hi trinity 👋

  69. Juan Lopez says:

    Hotline bling 2.0

  70. Gerardo says:

    Ok but why those pants lookin like a hobo

  71. 1D My_History says:

    I bet my sis and friends will make fun of me for watching this but idc

  72. Will Machado says:

    Obrigado Justin ☺️❤️

  73. mele8kai says:


  74. fo' shizzle says:


  75. You Ian says:

    ???:my s*x life

  76. Random Croissant says:

    Umm wtf I don't hate this…

  77. Zuley Puga says:

    Sounds soo boring this song

  78. 安瑪麗 says:



  79. Yuridia Vanessa Jumbo Calderón says:


  80. Fanclubejonasrodrigues says:


  81. Mary Hunter says:

    Todo bien pero qué pedo con ese bigotillo de Don Ramón XD

  82. juancito leon says:

    Pizza gate

  83. Vingka Apriliani says:

    Yeayyyy my bieber 😍

  84. Thea Cobb says:

    Everyone is talking about how amazing his dancing is; he was the prodigy of Usher, and is a natural dancer, singer, and musician. He is a multifaceted performer. Much respect for his artistry, and having genuine fun with the song, and performance. You can tell how carefree and chill the song is meant to be. Just a cheeky song to just kick back to. Digs

  85. 조지어터 says:

    한국 사람없나요?? 댓글이 죄다 영어네요 ㅠㅠ 한국인 푸처핸즈업!!!!

  86. Crisley GaMe says:

    Missed him so much

  87. blazo king says:

    Balding doesn't spare even one of the most famous celebrities does it?

  88. Cherr Juanich says:

    To those uncultured swine who kept on mentioning BTS on other artist's performance stop it.

  89. TheDawn 18 says:

    Mister ramon of the chavo of the eigth

  90. Agung Wicaksono Putra says:

    galer dulu

  91. Meme2meow says:


  92. Josh Le Maitre says:

    Director: so what do you want on the green screen Justin?
    Justin: yes

  93. Ammar Jazree says:

    I guess… that 2K like is from people that hate green colour…

  94. RoyalClips says:

    Playback when he realized his voice sucks 😂😂😂😂

  95. Ingrid Felicíssimo says:


  96. George Wong says:

    I like Justin better without his mustache like when he was little and he sounds so bad I think he is better with autotune like Lauv

  97. Chis Beybé says:

    I prefer this version

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