Johanne (3/6) – Embracing Macedonian culture with composer Ros Gilman

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Hello music fans, Ros Gilman here. Today I’m in Skopje, Macedonia, where I’ll be working with the Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra to record a soundtrack. Just standing on Macedonia Square, and right behind me is the Alexander the Great Fountain, I believe. It’s all fairly new, and there is a lot of building works going on in here, but it’s very nice, it’s very pretty. To the other side, is the famous Stone Bridge. Let’s see if I can show it to you. There it is, I’m gonna go explore this. And right next to it, it’s the Archaeological Museum which is supposed to be great so I’m gonna look inside. So I’ve crossed this Stone Bridge, and now what you can see behind me, I think, is one part of the Fortress “Kale”. I’m on a square, with lots of museum, I think the holocaust memorial. and I believe the white one right behind me is the one of the Macedonian Struggle. Now we’re in the middle of the Old Bazaar, which is probably one of the most famous places in Skopje, which has remains from the Ottoman Empire. I’m gonna try and find some traditional food here to eat. Right, I’ve been told by locals to go to this place called Destan, which seems to be a famous Kebab place here on the Old Bazaar. And I’ve just ordered all the traditional food that I could find on the menu. Don’t think I’ll be able to eat all of that, but here we’ve got some Kebap, and this dish is called Tavche Gravche which is baked beans. And this is Ayvar, which is minced pepper, and this salat here is called Shopska, with the cheese on top. Now I’ve got some peeta finally, and yeah I’m really hungry, it looks great so I’m gonna dig it. So today is the day, in about one hour, we will start recording with the in Macedonian Radio Symphony Orchestra. If you enjoy watching my little videos, then please do subscribe to my youtube channel, or follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if you want to see more. Thanks for watching, bye!

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