Jennifer Beals Shows Off Her Odd Musical Talent


Well, my show wasn’t on when
you did Flashdance or I would have had you on. We could have danced together. Yes, we could have
danced together. That’s exactly how I dance,
like you danced in Flashdance. I usually have someone
pouring water on me and I have my knees really high. But this is the first time
you’ve ever been on the show. I know! Thank you for having me. Now, have you watched that? Do you ever go back
and watch that? No. The last time I watched it was
for an event with the American Cinematheque. And I was shocked by
how sexual it was. I was blushing. Really? Yeah. You didn’t remember
it being sexual? Not really. It’s so funny. It’s a weird thing. Yeah. Well, it was sexual. Yeah, really sexual. That’s why it did so well. The lobster alone. Yeah. But you look great. You look fantastic. Thank you. Do you dance really still? No, I really love
open water swimming. And there was a summer
where I was fanatically having to swim across every
lake that I could find. My husband and I were
on a cross-Canada trip and I was compulsive about
swimming across lakes. I feel really sorry
for him right now. Just even saying that, that
sounds so awful for him. But it was really great for me. Why, do you make
him swim with you? No, no, no, no. Usually, if it was a
really long distance swim, like over two miles,
he would be in a kayak and trail a kayak for me. Sure. Somebody has to be next to you. Somebody told me that this
is something you play. Is that an instrument? I don’t know what that is,
but they sat that there. Well, it’s my walk of
musical shame, basically. I come from a
family of musicians, and I can’t play an instrument. So somebody gave me– this is a nose flute. Do you want to try it? No, no. Yes, you do. I have one in my pocket. No, I really don’t. Do you want me to
play it for you? Sure. So this is my favorite song. [NOSE FLUTE PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Wow. I know. Wow. It’s really sad. It’s really sad. That’s the extent of my
musical career pretty much. Yeah. You could stop it. You don’t have to do that. (LAUGHING) I know. After this foray,
I think I might. It’s OK. Not everybody has
to play anything. You don’t need to go,
but I can do this. No. Exactly. I can be in the audience
and just go, go! Exactly. Yay, you. You can go, pick that banjo. Whatever. All right, let’s talk
about The L Word. Because it was on the air, then
it was off for 10 years, right? Yes. And then you’re an
executive producer? That’s correct. OK, so whose idea was
it to bring it back? Well, Kate Moennig and
Leisha Hailey and I all expected something to
replace the show right away. It was very successful. But nothing really replaced it. Pose and those shows came
considerably after The L Word. Orange Is the New Black
occupied some of that space. But there was no
lesbian-centric show. And we became aware
that, on social media, there were all
these conversations after the show went off the
air still about The L Word. And we realized how
the conversation about gender identity
and sexual orientation was completely changing. You know, when you’re
having to rethink pronouns, that there’s a huge shift in the
culture and the consciousness. And we thought, wouldn’t
it be fantastic to bring the show on now and have
those conversations? Yeah, it’s fantastic. And good for Showtime
for bringing it back. Yes, absolutely. That’s fantastic. [APPLAUSE] It’s called The L Word– Generation Q, December
8, at 10:00 on Showtime. That’s right. We’ll be right back.

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