I Survived The Vegas Music Festival Shooting


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100 thoughts on “I Survived The Vegas Music Festival Shooting”

  1. OMEGALUL says:

    Thankfully Dan Bilzerian saved her life by running towards the shooter.

  2. ok okk says:

    so glad she's ok now

  3. kaytbug says:

    A friend’s daughter was shot in the head at that festival. She survived, but it has been a long and hard road for her and the family.

  4. k o y a says:

    she lowkey looks like Joyce from Stranger Things in the thumbnail oof-

  5. Lovely Leah says:

    Where are the boys? Shane and Ryan were a Saturday ritual in our household

  6. Lala SINATRA says:

    I’m terrified to go into public places now

  7. Onehourlate says:

    I can't imagine your situation in US. My sister's husband is a policeman. He bring gun everywhere he goes, even when he has a day off. so the thought of gun being near me is kinda foreign and i don't like it.

  8. Art Arcade says:

    Kacie: *Calmly explaining her story*
    Me: *trying to finish my drawing while sobbing*

  9. kaylabaylalove says:

    My aunt was supposed to go to that concert but stayed home because she felt sick. Thank goodness she stayed home

  10. Valery Rios says:

    Its such a horrible situation to be in especially in the long run.
    I also thought this is Winona Ryder with the cover photo.

  11. Taylors Roses says:

    its so terrible that this is what the world has come to

  12. Chase Winston says:

    I live like 10 minutes away from the strip and it’s just so surreal.

  13. Supreme Dalex says:

    This hits close to home, as I literally live in Las Vegas and knew a few people who were there and luckily survived. Waking up in the morning and hearing this news was a really terrible experience and especially as the casualties started to rise… it was sickening.

  14. C Jo says:

    I don't think this should be on the unsolved channel-which is basically an entertainment channel. Shame on you Buzzfeed.

  15. Abby Elmer says:

    This was beautiful. I have never heard such an intimate recollection of this experience. Thank you for sharing and showing me a new perspective.

  16. Patrick Shannon says:

    This is heartbreaking but also guns save as much as they kill. If someone was there to help as fast as they were engaged, they would live. This is anti-gun propaganda because this is terrible but preventable.

  17. Patrick Shannon says:

    It's easy to be anti-gun but people with guns prevented more bloodshed

  18. Patrick Shannon says:

    Don't believe this propaganda because a gun-less community is powerless against a tyrant regime

  19. Patrick Shannon says:

    If someone with a gun could have intervened, the deaths would be lower.

  20. Patrick Shannon says:

    If you cant trust police, you should be armed.

  21. Patrick Shannon says:

    You won't survive mass shootings without arming yourself

  22. J M says:

    buzzfeed """Unsolved"""

  23. Ariel Thrasher says:

    Such a sad and scary time… I had so many friends there ☹️

  24. Eternal_ROADS! says:

    I worked in the concert setting for years from when I was 18 until I was 25. Ever since these public mass shootings have been unfortunately common, I grew tense and paranoid. I can't imagine this woman's experience because I wasn't there at the moment. I gave up that job because we caught a guy with a pistol trying to come into the venue and I couldn't anymore (I was the supervisor of that specific side of the venue). I hope all survivors find the help they need and may we stop this as soon as we can.

  25. W. James says:

    I kept it together until she said her mother sang to her. And "You Are My Sunshine" being a song my mother sang to me as a baby. It hit me hard.

  26. XXXXX says:

    When she said her mom started singing to her I lost it.

  27. Sean Rezendes says:

    Don't remember asking

  28. Square Up says:

    You are my sunshine is literally the only song that calms me down I can’t imagine what it must’ve felt like the relief she felt when she heard those words.

  29. Too Much Alexis says:

    this whole story hits deep. the fact she had to say it was the largest mass shooting because there's been too many.

  30. Mama Pink says:

    3 of my friends are survivors and passed on the dying words of complete strangers to their loved ones. They are there now celebrating life and remembering those who didn't make it. ?

  31. DillyDilly 2 says:

    My family’s friends went. One was shot in the leg. One saved people. So grateful they survived. It opened my eyes. Thankful they are okay. So sad it happened. Still praying for all the families affected.

  32. April Dancer says:

    When she talked about her mom singing “you are my sunshine” was what actually brought me to tears because that’s my mom and I’s song and every time I hear it I cry because it just makes me so emotiona

  33. DNF HUNTER says:

    This lady thought she is the only one who survived the frecken shooting.

  34. GBS Dance covers says:

    Why do people wanna kill other innocent people like I just don’t understand

  35. Ryan Delgo says:

    omg where is ryan and shane i dislike

  36. KalMay says:

    My cousin was backstage when this happened. Very scary. Her parents almost went too.

  37. digitalsonder says:

    It hit me hard when she said her mom started to sing you are my sunshine. My mom would also sing that to me when I was little and its a song that holds a lot of meaning to it for me. I immediately get taken to a moment in time where my mom is holding me in her arms.

  38. Rad Rose says:

    Vegas has never felt the same. My hometown feels different now …

  39. That boy Martinii says:

    I was there too when it happened and I actually live there…

  40. Neko says:

    I respect what this woman and kidnap victim went through in the other video but I really don't want horrific firsthand accounts on this channel I mainly watch for intrigue and entertainment.

  41. Bubblez Beano says:

    I have complete sympathy for Ms. Margis, and I wish her (and others like her) the best. 🙂

    But it's a truly bad decision by the Unsolved Network to produce these 'survivor' videos on their channel – because they sit uncomfortably alongside the silly, the comedic and the supernatural content that most viewers are here for. They trivialise these real life encounters by association, and turn them into just another 'ghost' story to 'scare' viewers. That is truly unacceptable, and diminish what is a perhaps the foremost cultural, political and social problem in America today. These incidents are REAL, and should not be reduced in such a way.

  42. Miwah M says:

    Wtf is this background music man is this spose to make me sad or somthing?

  43. Irina Kvasnikova says:

    Even hearing this is terrifying. And it's such a wonder that in the heart of terrible situation there still are people who are brave and strong enough to help and encourage others.

  44. Phoenix 101 says:

    Okay, from what Iv seen of the comments, no bodies said how amazing the people who helped them are! There great people who saved her and her sisters life!

  45. Miss Kati 1 says:

    Praise God you and your sister survived this terrible situation.

  46. Bjørn Ramsden says:

    Woman gets stuck in a mass shooting

    Woman: I need to call my mom

  47. Geneyhoudini says:

    Bots right? Bots dislike this right?

  48. Las Vegas Shooting Archive says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I personally picked up the officer's body cams from the LVMPD and they can all be viewed on my channel.

  49. Xavier says:

    Why is this considered a “shooting” and not a “terrorist attack?”

  50. Tanz Azmat says:

    "You are my sunshine?" is also my favourite song as well

  51. BangPink says:

    honestly, I'm sobbing and I never felt so grateful for numerous people, whom I don not know, got out safely. I hope that something like this won't happen again, and if it does. it will be dealt with quicker, because 8-12 minutes of waiting whilst a mass shooting is going on is not acceptable by any standards. happy you and your sister and the others in the truck made it out safely..

  52. Bidmartinlo says:

    What's up with the people lying? Kind of weird to instantly blame the police officers, when you've literally got no information on where/ who the shooter even is.

  53. zavia romanova says:

    mass shootings are the reason why i’m scared to go in public. especially school. before i go out to wait for the bus everyday, i make sure to hug my mom really tight and i give my ferrets and my dog lots of hugs and kisses. i tell everyone that i love them. i apologize if we had been in a fight the day before. then i pray to whatever is up there to keep me save and whisper to myself “hopefully i survive the whole day today”. then i breathe a sigh of relief when i’m able to return home. especially when i come home when there was a school shooting somewhere else. then my mom comes home and gives me a big, big hug because she knows other parents aren’t as lucky. it’s scary. i always get nervous when my mom can’t give me a hug in the morning because she has to hurry up and get ready for work, because i worry that maybe today will be the day that someone shoots up the school, but i didn’t give my mom a hug that morning. i hate being scared when walking into school everyday. we’ve already had bomb threats and shooting threats. who knows when someone will actually go through with such a thing.

  54. Subaru Wrx says:

    The Australian government took our guns away this doesn't happen here anymore

  55. MK Documentary says:

    Aw, I'm so sorry you had to go through that! 🙁

  56. Eli Jackson says:

    The concert staff members who risked their lives ❤️

  57. Grazia 123 says:

    What a gourgous, brave lady ♡♡♡

  58. Cheyenne Tordsen says:

    An amazing POTS warrior ❤

  59. Aly B says:

    I'm so concerned about today's current mental health and gun safety crisis. Something needs to change. No one "needs" an automatic weapon to protect themselves for goodness sake. We need a better sense of community and compassion our world is too disconnected it's really horrible

  60. Stag G says:

    "The Hooters"

  61. Lexie says:

    That was so intense, so well done. I applaud her for telling her story, brought tears to my eyes multiple times. It’s hard to think what you would do in a situation like this, a situation you would never think would happen to anyone.

  62. Kacie Nicole Margis says:

    Thank you all for the kind words and support. I’m grateful to still be here and I find healing in sharing my experience with you. I hope that my story shows that in moments of chaos and carnage, we as humans still have the ability to love and help one another.
    —Kacie @kace_face1

  63. Artemis Art says:

    I live in Vegas and I remember being in middle school when this happened. From the moment I woke up, I could feel that something was wrong. I just knew that I had to get through the day. My mom works the night shift at the strip and she'd usually pick us up to drive us to school. My sister and I were waiting for my mom to pick us up and drop us off at school, but she was late. I didn't find out what happened until my mom came home in tears. I remember asking what happened and my mom just looking me. She used her van to try and get as many people out of there as possible. Knowing that I could have lost my mom hits hard. Thank you so much for sharing your story and being strong

  64. mimzmarshmallow7 says:

    doesn't she look like anabelle

  65. brian Jimenezdiaz says:

    Pray to god to send hes angels to protect you

  66. Arroh Chan says:

    If BuzzFeed did like a drunk history kinda thing with these videos it would be very entertaining ( not the drunk part)

  67. stop eating my socks catharine says:

    I couldnt even get half way through this. I've been crying since the beginning. I had to stop watching it

  68. Patch says:

    Why she look like that in the thumbnail tho?

  69. Nie Mand says:

    For me, these videos are as shocking and scary as they are important.

    Not only because of gun laws and sensitization for a topic we have to talk about, but because it shows consequences of those terrible acts to anybody watching.

    They show people who may have gone through hell, but rebuilt themselves. I believe that's as important for people who might have similar experience as well as people who might not understand what those acts cause.

    Even if it's honestly one of the most scary things I can imagine or watch, I really do appreciate this type of content

  70. Norh457 says:

    It’s seriously an incredible thing that she and her sister were able to make it out alive. Sadly a lot of others weren’t so lucky. I remember hearing about it like the day after it happened and being absolutely horrified.

  71. Yvonnope * says:

    I cried so hard man. I have no words. I dunno. This just sucks.

  72. Gracie Miller says:

    when she said her mom started singing you are my sunshine i started to cry because that is the song that my mom used to sing to me and it made hearing this story so much more real. this or any other shooting never should have happened

  73. Victoria Caceres says:

    Can u make a video of Juice Wrlds death? There’s so much proof (twitter, song lyrics etc) of his death wither being staged/faked or predicted

  74. Sophie Rahis says:

    thank you for this story

  75. John Kristian Aasen says:

    "I am not a religious person, but I was praying" … then you are a religious person.

  76. Brooklyn Grace says:

    My aunt, uncle, and cousin were there too. My cousin is paralyzed from the waist down and is in a wheelchair, so I won’t get into detail but it was really crazy. I really feel for this girl and I’m so happy she’s okay ❤️

  77. Vᴏᴇ ᴜx says:

    I’m so sorry for this woman.. this is very a very traumatic and dreadful story I feel so so sorry I will pray for her ?❤️

  78. Lily Rodarte says:

    Wow! God be with you and your family forever!!! ??❤️❤️❤️

  79. grace p-s says:

    Feels like a physical weight is put on me hearing this story

  80. Emily Fredrickson says:

    Omg this is so odd. I also survived a mass shooting and I have POTS..

  81. Amanda Cauley says:

    I really wish they would’ve interviewed someone who actually lives here who went to the festival

  82. florenc • chamcloudnine says:

    I love these series. I think it’s so interesting and important to see their stories as personal instead of only the general situation

  83. Savannah Storme says:

    Not to downplay what these victims/survivors endured, but this is not the largest mass shooting to date, or the largest mass shooting in U.S. History. There was a blatant attempted genocide on all Indigenous people’s here in the U.S. and with that being said, there were hundreds upon hundreds of mass shootings, and murder sprees for killing Indigenous people’s. This has been ongoing since 1492. There was times where minimally hundreds of innocent Native people lost their lives due to colonization and greed for resources. Sand Creek, Wounded Knee are just two of the most horrific barbaric mass shootings in U.S.’s disgusting history. They targeted not only men, but specifically women, children and elders. It takes 0.1 seconds for Google to search simple statistics & facts, do better. You don’t have to erase an entire race of people’s history to make people sympathize with what you endured.

  84. Cat Bishop says:

    I’m literally crying omg 🙁

  85. el esa says:

    this video was so difficult to finish watching it. what a horrible nightmare they lived!

  86. irelynn frias says:

    my dad works as an emt and he was their an hour before it happened

  87. Andrea Lopez says:

    My dad would always sing to me you are my sunshine when I was little so that part of the video made me cry

  88. Carrie Bartsch says:

    How can people watch this and still think guns are a good idea. ?

  89. Morgan Chambers says:

    Omg I cannot even imagine being there and physically seeing this devastation. My heart goes out to her and everyone affected by this tragedy.

  90. ChexXaddy says:

    Damn bro that’s sad and all but where is shane

  91. KillingHitmarker says:

    I worked at fedex with one of the survivors too. He got a pay day blew all the money on a car and now he’s selling it cuz he has no money

  92. Sea says:

    I don’t really think this is the right buzzfeed channel for this to be uploaded on, these videos have a very serious tone but buzzfeed unsolved is more about spooky stuff as well as the boys. I’m unsure about these :/

  93. JMLSkits Tv says:

    The way this interview was done is weird. Y’all need a better DP

  94. Breana Smith says:

    I lost my uncle in this shooting. This hurts. I’m so happy they made it out okay.

  95. Ima Go Apesht says:

    I can’t imagine holding my sibling’s hand and just hoping against all hope that they aren’t one of ones to get hit. I cannot imagine what that must do to you.

  96. Nguyễn Jason says:

    No offence to this lady, but her face looks like Annabelle in the thumbnail to me….

  97. Trisha Rivera says:

    I was supposed to be there but had to work that night. My heart hurts for those we lost. #VegasStrong

  98. CraigandJane1 says:

    260 thumbs down? WTF!

  99. Melanie vz says:

    One of my teachers was there this day and I remember how different she was when she came back, which is understandable and expected. It was just heartbreaking seeing her go from super happy and bubbly to someone who was so down all the time and silent ):

  100. Lala Haha says:

    The only people to dislike this video are ones who think it’s a hoax

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