HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR MUSICIAN LOGOS? | OpTic Trivia Music Artist Logo Edition


laws of art is an autist focus like like
music music ops okay a musical thing that’s like I didn’t know if
Michelangelo had a yeah a logo I think you know bands got logos like I thought
they just still picture their face your mother van Gogh my god
yeah but Aaron made it yeah Europe and for my school yep the misfits yeah it’s
gonna suck we’re gonna wicked Park LP I would oh okay I was saying la no LP
are you just looking at how she dresses and assuming she knows it didn’t me I
should know this okay la could be Larry Mariana
Larry oh no Pink Floyd that’s not good like linkin park’s is like them like
spell yeah but we’re talking when they went a bit weird like post post meteora
okay bye transformers Linkin Park transformers lakid park in sync final
answer final answer you don’t know nope I know three Doors Down is that a band
Linkin Park Linkin Park and they go back Nickelback me and our weed that’s kind
of LP right there is it kidding me what I was convinced it was not right but like what Lincoln’s like the good
one think of rock I’ll think of some graboid do you want me to think of rock
applause really grow up are cuz I’m white okay yeah this is all you know
you’re miss punk rock you’d get on West Coast killers that’s not a thing is it
with West Coast Customs that’s Joe’s band sure why are you in a band he still
is in a band well they’re just not a little bit of a break because he had a
baby or whatever I don’t know oh it had a cop
Sally’s out caught with a hat what’s this that was like holy oh you’re
talking about that dr. Dre straight out confident it’s a copy any shot ain’t no
rock been doing it the chainsmokers that is a good guess that’s a good guess the
chainsmokers we’re just gonna just go we said you say the answer and we’ll tell
you if we deserve to put you’re not for my valentine finally on three I don’t
even know what you just said is that a band okay
so we’re safe on everyone else maybe Sheila I don’t know what she was doing so I was on me all right we’re on the
right at least we were oh that is a bias you know what this one is okay you
better it’s one of two things okay tell me the two things
Roger jumped up quick so some shit he listens to a Modest Mouse or something
okay this one do we know this one marshmallow
it’s either the offspring or blink-182 okay so good luck but I know I didn’t
listen either one of those what I take pride in the amount of music knowledge
that I have I mean I know that the top 40 blink-182 songs but I didn’t listen
to this and when I was I miss you I just said the top 40 songs I know I think
when I did didn’t mic setting on another song I feel like going with my good you
want to go with that one – Mouse I think so cuz he started laughing oh it is I
played too much poker I know how to like get tells on people bro cuz we figured
it out and then he got on his phone like he was like now that is I mean
somebody’s mouth blink-182 think mine’s a financier midis miles
final answer the only reason I remember that is because I’ve listened to I miss
you so many times with Wi-Fi but I’m drunk an alarm on a Friday night but I
also don’t know okay Hex’s boy gave me a bad exact chain and
it had that exact logo on really that looks like something you dissin say we
caught late could we get a one person to call alright let’s call them would it
get used to this this is about how useful I am in trivia is bring Ashley
back Ashley there’s no way she would know this there’s a smarter than you and Donal it
looks so obvious but I can’t tell if it’s from my rap side or from my heavy
metal side that it like popped out how many fish to catch two days huh what’d
you catch today man scum I feel like I would recognize like heavy metal not any
more supplies metalhead like jay-z or Kanye kid cudi Cape Cod II he has a logo
be one of them Travis Scott Jerry will go with diddy flash Adamas like when I
first saw that I thought like j-rock but if no way you would pick j-rock so that
makes me think it’s Kendrick because that’s the only way I would equate the
two dammit dude I don’t know and I’m just gonna piss me off you just want to
go to Kendrick dr. Kendrick deadmau5 final answer
I’m down for Diddy diddy all right P Diddy I don’t really listen to Jay Cole
so I just don’t look at his logo oh my god no we get that you’re trash this is
all you you threw me under the bus so what like
not everyone listens to punk rock everyone in my high school had the shirt
kiss scary kids scary now Marilyn Manson and that that might be it
My Chemical Romance system System of a Down My Chemical Romance
I don’t know ICP it was a joke insane clown posse how’s that a joke
that’s a good guess it might be green nah
let’s go to Elevation Marilyn Manson FAFSA Green Day final answer
yeah I never even ever thought was gonna get that because nobody’s know anything
all right I’m not gonna get nobody’s gonna get that I mean business logo
literally says misfit yeah oh my god that now I get why I’m pissed
Europe and Europe the misfits wow that messed me up I don’t even know the
misfits are there was one that was just like this faces with exes the room like
what era 90s band that people listen to today singers dead
seven letters hell no bro I’m gonna have to give up on this ensued oh I still
don’t know okay now that one there Island oh yeah right
yeah we were you gonna like set up a gym now I was gonna say that one is doing
the same as the big one eighty to one bitch was I was gonna say offspring on
the bar that’s about right yeah understand Navarro Pfizer Nirvana
nirvana finally Vaman Nirvana nirvana I don’t know
that’s the name of a Nirvana was a band I guess
Emily is that it Kurt Cobain the rider nirvana final answer that was Kurt
Cobain’s band yeah I award you know points and may God have mercy on your
soul that’s out Kurt nobody’s getting their
mold Sheila my nirvana I just know that people in the house are
gonna go oh oh oh that’s um I really do know this one one rapper that’s designer
and Panda shit jay-z jay-z Dre P Diddy Kanye yes oh that’s a car Joey you got
to move more that’s Kanye what Carney would that is Kanye was yeah no
hesitation no hesitation good show he didn’t even send us it was correct
yeah punk Wonder Woman Wonder Woman WWE whoever is
ripped off the Wonder Woman lager true they totally added like like the pants
it’s like the van Halen logo mixed with Wonder Woman Wonder Halen oh oh let’s
rethink this whole had no idea Joe this changes everything just think of the word that starts with
the W and ends with or Weezer is it Weezer oh no that wasn’t happy to
have such good Weezer final answer we something I know what of the Weezer
never heard of Weezer can use your final answer
Weezer Weezer’s that’s it yeah got it all about myself I know this it’s on the
tip of myself but Batman is it a bet this is a logo I know for sure yeah yeah
you think it’s a rap I’m gonna know the answer as soon as you
say you know P that’s a bad no yeah hundred percent I’m saying I know the
answer to also it’s to hexoses hibbity jibbity shi Wu Tang cleanse
wu-tang Clan ain’t nothing to win we’re saying no yes
that’s a plan everybody not everybody’s getting that yin yang is in the ballpark
and the ping ping he rang he sang the priest putain that was the best answer I could have
gave kiss would have a whip senior fellow I don’t know about the tongue
figure it’s gotta be kids cuz that’s what they did they did come back kiss
kiss noise yeah yeah there is no way I’m literally daughter I’m literally a
better British person wait a second Rolling Stones final answer it’s wrong
son okay I was gonna side kiss I was gonna say kiss and then I was gonna be
like no it’s not kid and you’re like no it’s lick yeah the roll is the best we
got three right yeah wow I can’t believe I knew Rolling Stones because pamaj took
my headband and where’s where how many did we get that’s a twin
that’s a dub is this what it’s like to have help hit a trivia someone that
actually that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about me you know
that sucks

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100 thoughts on “HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR MUSICIAN LOGOS? | OpTic Trivia Music Artist Logo Edition”

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