How to teach music with Figurenotes | for disabled and non-disabled students (Trailer)

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Drake Music Scotland is a charity that
enables people with disabilities to play music. Figurenotes is a very important part of our work. Figurenotes has made a huge difference in enabling people to play music and read notation, especially in the beginning stage. With its progression through to standard notation it is a fantastic way to start your
music education. From learning how to set up a Figurenotes guitar and keyboard, to rhythm games, and songs for early years, we want to get teachers confident and
ready to go. Figurenotes is an alternative notation that uses colour and shape to show pitch and rhythm. Every note has a colour. Every octave has a shape. Figurenotes enables more people to access music education. These ‘How To’ videos will help more teachers get started and set their pupils up for musical success. No one should be denied a music education that works for them so we are really excited to help more teachers take the first steps in using
Figurenotes in the classroom

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