How to play “Tum Hi Ho” on a Bansuri || Flute Tutorials

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Today I’m gonna teach you how to play Tum Hi Ho on a bansuri. It works for any flute. So you should be able to figure it out if you play this song on a different scale flute. I am playing on an F scale flute, but it should be easy to transpose If you’ve heard the song, you will recognise the the first line. It does repeat once. And to make playing a lot easier, start with the note Ni, which is this note. so how the first line goes is like: It is repeated, so play it again: After that, comes the chorus, which is also not too difficult. There are no komals (flat notes) in this song in any of this apart from a bit……. but that comes later. After the chorus comes a music part. which you may want to play, but may decide not to. It just makes the song a tad longer. If you want that. It goes like this: then we go back to the first verse and repeat that line twice (again). er… and then in this second verse there’s a little “add on”. There’s an extra line to be played. this is how the whole verse would sound: so, this line, starts on Re (2 fingers down) Here, there is a komal Ni (a flat note) As you can see, I am putting this finger down very slightly. To make the flute a little flatter. Here, as well, there is anothor komal (flat) which is: Komal Ga Like komal Ni, put the next finger down But you play it with the first and second finger on your left hand. Now it’s the chorus again plus the music part, which sounds like this (again). Now the third verse/stanza is completely different to the other two. Instead of starting from Ni (first finger on your right hand), you’re staring on top Ga. which is the first finger down. if you’ve heard the song, you’ll know it’s completely different. it sounds like this: (I’ll go through it more slowly later) so it’s: (here is the slower version:) (high Pa) and then this part is literally the same as the last two lines in the previous stanza. then the chorus is repeated again and the i think that is it. So it would be: and so, that’s how you play Tum Hi Ho on a Bansuri/flute So that’s most of the main tune. You can add whatever in between pieces you want. This will make it sound…….. nicer (maybe) like keep the main tune and play in between. You may also want to add an alaap. Here is one that one of my teachers taught me. You can copy it straight from here, or you could make your own (if you want) Here is the alaap my teacher taught me: (I’ll play it slow, so you can copy my fingers and see what I’m doing) But if you don’t want to do an alaap, that’s fine too. so… yeah. So, here it is. And then from there you can carry on playing the rest of the song. THANK FOR WATCHING!!! if you liked the video… SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON If you want more of these videos, USE THE COMMENT SECTION to tell me. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE THANK YOU!!!

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