How to Play Blues on a Flute in F Major : An Example of Head for Blues in F Major

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We have now looked at the whole structure
of a blues and how to play some of the notes through them. I will now look at a common
head or theme that goes along with the blues. The theme is a main melody that is based off
from the notes that are made in the chord. If you can tell in this one we have F, which
is the one chord. And the notes that are in this theme called “Now’s The Time,” a tune
by Charlie Parker, a famous jazz saxophone player, we are going to use all the notes
that are in this chord. So you have the one chord F, uses F, F, G, C, F. This pattern,
this simple motif, is repeated throughout, is repeated throughout the entire solo. I
am now going to play through the solo. Try to notice which notes go along with the chords. As you can see, most of the notes from this
come from the F scale. There are some differences, if you notice, in this chord. We have A-natural
in the root. We have A-flat, which is the flat third, one of our pitches. This brings
out a difference which is used in jazz. Another difference we have is in the five chord, which
is we have B-flat in the root and then we have a B-natural in the solo. This also brings
out a difference. There are a couple of other slight differences as such throughout this
piece, but most of the time, all the notes fall into the available pitches.

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