How to install SalesHandy chrome extension


Hello and welcome to SalesHandy. My name is James and I am knowledge producer
here at SalesHandy. Now, I will show you how to install
& activate “SalesHandy Chrome Extension”. First of all, just type ”Download SalesHandy
Chrome Extension” in Google search. Hit the first link that is chrome store link
of SalesHandy. It’ll direct you to the chrome store page
of SalesHandy. Click “Add to Chrome button” on the top
left of the pop-up to proceed to add an extension. It’ll refresh the browser and open your Gmail
application. If you haven’t signed up on SalesHandy before,
you will be shown option to “Choose an Account” to sign-up with SalesHandy. Select your prefered Gmail account from which
you want to sign-up. Click the “Allow” button to give permission
for access to SalesHandy. It will register your email ID with SalesHandy
and you will see “Authorised Successfully” message on your screen. Now go back to Gmail and refresh your webpage. You can see that your account is activated
successfully. You can now see the SalesHandy shortcut buttons
on the top of Gmail and in the compose box. That’s it! You’ve activated it!! Thank you for watching!

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2 thoughts on “How to install SalesHandy chrome extension”

  1. J. Stephenson says:

    :32 Isn't "Add to Chrome Button" on top right, NOT top left. Or am I just confused?

  2. Williams Castro says:

    works with outlook?

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