How To Get A CLAP SOUND From An Acoustic Drum Kit


– You know, when I go online, sometimes I read all these comments like, “oh, man, it’s so easy for you, you’re endorsed by Roland
and maybe Tama and milo and maybe t-shirt companies, whatever, and you drummers, you’re just so well-organized, but I’m just a very hobby drummer, and I don’t have any budget, you know, for these pads and these clap sounds, so, what the heck? Why should I follow these lessons?” Well actually, you do have possibility to change your drum sets into something a little bit more EDM, even if you just have a
small acoustic set-up. And you know what? Maybe you have a broken
cymbal lying around there, okay, laying around there, so why not putting it on
top of your right cymbal, maybe add another broken
splash, like this, and instead of thinking cymbal, you start thinking clap. it’s something completely
different than the right cymbal. And, you know, this is still a little
bit too much resonance, yeah too much resonance gaffer tape! Okay, make it stick! Okay, so, the resonance is a
little bit more controlled. right? Let’s do this with a track. but the thing is, you
need a lot of gaffer tape. You know what, I’m all prepared. There we go! Lots of gaffer tape, not a problem! It’s not a problem! You see, and we change this right cymbal completely into the most nasty clap sound you’ve ever heard. One, Two, Three! maybe “ah, sorry man, can’t do it because I still need my right cymbal to be able to play some rhythms on it. Okay! You go to your other broken cymbals, or maybe, this guy’s a splash, a combination, and you
put it on your floor tom. Like this. And let’s see what happens. pretty nice. But again, gaffer tape! Yeah! You know, this is where
gaffer tape actually is very, very musical,
because many people use it for different, other things, for instance in the garden, in the garage, no, this
is a musical instrument. So let’s put this right here, okay? One, two, three! I don’t have this one, two! fixed!

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  6. Bernard Tapie says:

    you can create sound with everything you just need time to try and find cool stuffs and cool sounds

  7. Boubalito says:

    Enormous ce Monsieur, je le kiff trop !
    Merciiiiiiii !!!

  8. anandhu krishna says:

    This guy is energetic 😲

  9. Bobby Fitzpatrick says:

    @drumeo, what is the name of the song he is using as the backing track?

  10. Jan Jade says:

    Snarky puppy – Lingus

  11. Ken The Man McMillan says:

    Yep, totally nuts. Genius but mad.

  12. Nyasha Mukonoweshuro says:

    Fixed….. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 I died

  13. DewDee says:

    LMFAO, hell ya, bruh!

  14. Sideoutside says:

    What's this dudes name?? I need more of this!!

  15. FirstMusic00 says:

    That was entertaining as fuck!

  16. XF CZ says:

    It's easy for you, yo have more than 1 cymbal like we the average drummers

  17. Tony Yorston says:

    My kinda mental! ✌🏼

  18. tuah si jebat says:

    please invite jason rullo from SYMPHONY X.

  19. 12345isabadpassword says:

    That's alot of damage

  20. Jef Van Calster says:

    So all you need is a floortom, a broken cymbal, and an expensive reverb to make that clap sound…

  21. Free Rider says:

    Here is the amazing part: Unbelievable how many comments this useless contribution got in that short time …

  22. TheCowCow Clash says:

    Welcome back to Drumeo, where Resonance is number one priority.

  23. Karl Wagener says:


  24. Tiziano Di Falco says:

    Can you make: 5 punk essential beats

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  26. hackenspp says:

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  28. leah mamai says:

    My ribs are in pain,Thanks to you Genius scientist and Drummer.You are one of a kind.

  29. RealGingerTony says:

    ahh, he completely missed the crash on the snare trick

  30. Diatonic5th says:

    This man replaced all of the blood in his body with Red Bull 🙂

  31. thelastofus7 says:

    Devin Townsend is indeed very creative!

  32. Paul Whittington says:

    You’re sooooo fukin good – would to go for a drink with you – brilliant, thanks again… again again!!

  33. Mathew Montanari says:

    I love how the song goes "relax" and he is acting like the craziest man on this world ahahah

  34. Sanjin Ladišić says:

    When are you gonna invite Akira Jimbo in studio?

  35. Cozmic Mojo says:

    Aw man, its so easy for you, you you you're endorsed by Roland and by Tama and Meinl and maybe a T-shirt or whatever. You drummers, you, you're all so well-organized but I'm just a very hobby drummer and I don't have any budget you know for these pads and these clap sounds so what the heck, why should i follow these lessons?

  36. Cristopher says:

    wtf did I just watch

  37. Anurag Ekka says:

    Please make a video on which legendary drummers i should listen to. I grew up in an environment where I didn't get much exposure to drumming. I need some inspiration at least in basic genres.

  38. softmusic86 says:

    I am now afraid..That tape….

  39. Robert Wilson says:

    I need more GAFFER TAPE!!!!

  40. Micah Ortman says:

    This is awesome haha!!!!!

  41. Fvraeldrums says:

    The way He explodes using the gaffer tape XD

  42. Dynamic Rockers says:

    Replace the clap by a cowbell and you're good to go!

  43. Tim Johnson says:


  44. Philcob Josol says:

    I can hear Russian accent

  45. Marti Prakoso says:

    @squidward: is gaffer tape an instrument?

  46. Carolina Sgobbi says:

    what's the name of this song??

  47. Tim Parker says:

    That hanging gaffer tape strip triggered my OCD.

  48. abhioldfort says:

    I was thinking, at the end of this video someone will come and put a gaffer tape on his mouth. 😀

  49. The Woman With No Head says:

    Well, that was totally unexpected and absolutely funny !

  50. Haziq Iskandar says:

    1:36 NOT A PROBLEM

  51. Connor du toit says:

    Who is this guy?

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    Lol I imagine his entire house is held together by gaffer tape at this point hahaha FIXED

  53. Erlkönig says:

    Ion now when u clapped your hands the last time man… But I sure do hope it didn't sound like that mess!

  54. LJTobek says:

    If you want this kind of stack, but don't have any broken cymbals, check out the Istanbul Agop Clap Stack 🙂

  55. Shawn80s says:


  56. Sam Morgan says:

    this video radiates chaotic energy

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    Great energy!

  58. Director Jemoo says:

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    Me: Gaffer tape😂

  59. Jackie Planck says:

    Buya drum module. Never put duct tape on cymbals.

  60. Unrealistic Freddie says:

    0:15 I’m sorry but does anyone think he is acting like Sylvester Stallone in the movie ‘rocky’

    Well I guess it’s just me….

  61. Frank1979Zappa says:

    Needs more cowbell.

  62. Couch Patato says:

    I love dis guy😍🤣Please make your own channel😂😂😂and if you struggle to get subscribers… Use tape🔥😆💁‍♂️😂

  63. Tim Wells says:

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  64. The Guitar Noob says:

    This drummer is high asf man

  65. steam steam says:

    I bet there's blood in his speed system.

  66. kiwichy ! says:

    Flextape for drummers

  67. Jumphawk88 says:

    problems: exist
    this guy: GRAFER TAPE

  68. James Meyers says:

    Yea, it’s big brain time

  69. José Luis Moreno says:


  70. Johnny Boy says:

    Hey Bud… everything is Okay… we can talk about it

    Help! I think he talked too much with Phil Swift and now he‘s going insane! In the next Video he‘s using Flex Tape!

  71. Sigmund Fraud says:


  72. Los Shabos says:

    props to the editor

  73. Sheahan Kodikara says:

    Why isn’t he endorsed by Gaffer tape tho

  74. Adarsh Saju says:

    You can buy a pad with the money of the cymbals and tape

  75. Iliya Zakharov says:

    Tip: put a splash cymbal on your snare, then put the tip of a stick on the snare, and hit the stick with your other hand. Sounds pretty good (without using $20 of gaffa 😅)

  76. I’m probably watching at 2am says:

    This entire video is chaotic

  77. Daniel Makes Cadences says:

    For a clap sound on an acoustic drum, you could also do a flam on your snare with one hand doing a cross stick and the other doing a rimshot. Imo, his methods don’t really make clap sounds and require repurposing cymbals. They aren’t bad sounds tho and certainly add a unique flavor to the kit

  78. Christopher Clifford says:

    Never heard of him before but after this wild wild video, I’m a fan.

  79. Sienna Lemons says:

    Is mayonnaise an instrument? Yes. yes it is. and so is gaffer tape.

  80. Raptor Req says:

    Can you link the back track please I like to practice with that track

  81. Toonenwhaow says:

    What is your instrument?
    "Gaffa tape"

  82. Maxime Cho-Lerat says:

    Too much energy in this dude I love it ! 😂

  83. Gavan Borgias says:

    I’ve got a pretty good clap sound by stacking three splashes and clothespinning them together at an edge (probably the most important part – and I had to tie the clothespin to the cymbal stand center post so it wouldn’t slide off). Two clothespins on opposite sides might be better. The splashes are all mildly cracked. It’s an 8” over two 10” splashes. Then throw a bling ring (tambourine jingle thing) over that.

    Then a splash (or two stacked) on your Snare makes for a good electro Snare sound kinda like he had on his tom in this video.

  84. Galactic Punt says:

    that tracked zoom though

  85. Belle Tiggeler says:


  86. Миха Изотов says:


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    Never a dull moment with this guy lol

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    Cool sounds, I try. Thx

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    If you play like this guy, i guarantee you, you will have broke all your cymbals in 4 to 5 shows. And youll have all the clapper sounds you want.

  96. shaun rinker says:

    What's a clap sound

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    This is an untapped meme goldmine

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    I'll clap to this.

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