How To Create 8-Bit Music (Easy Tutorial)


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100 thoughts on “How To Create 8-Bit Music (Easy Tutorial)”

  1. RecognizeBITSTEP says:

    Just a question. Can you tell me what device you are using in the beggning, oh and check out our channel it has 99 videos, (and more to come) of 8-Bit Music, and Chiptunes.

  2. B NThirteen says:

    That was unbelievably easy (I'm usually bad at figuring these things out) – thanks!

  3. Malcomb L. Malice says:

    @UkuFromHell you could make a lampshade for free dude all you need is a coat hanger a piece of paper and some glue lol

  4. camred123 says:

    @UkuFromHell are you in poverty?

  5. wyydescreen says:

    Sick dude :megusta:

  6. MrGemeco says:

    @Rockhopper0071234643 I think he's aware. Also that is not a touch screen laptop, that's a separate tablet. To be exact it's a Wacom Cintiq 21UX (approx. 2000 euros). I'd swear it was Cintiq 24HD if it existed on the post date of this video.

  7. khwarney says:

    Why is Mister T showing us 8-bit music turtorials?

  8. Earl Pineda says:

    one plus one equals one .. only this one

  9. Niko Giaimo says:

    This is awesome! I lold hard at the captioned "sup" at the beginning

  10. Обед Монгало says:

    What music editing software are you using in order to separate, mute, and save each instrument?

  11. Brycey92 says:

    @UkuFromHell Has anyone ever told you that you're the definition of boss?

  12. Joseph Stevenson says:

    If you can't get guitarpro, download TuxGuitar. It's pretty much exactly the same thing but free.

  13. Jedi Carly Princess says:


  14. Jacob Johnson says:

    OMG it's MR.T!

  15. Jacob Johnson says:

    Obtw does it only work with midi or something? cause it's always saying "unknown file. can't playing."

  16. MrBoyanmetal says:

    Mr T Junior! where are your gold chains?! Silver aren't you!

  17. Flagstone Pictures says:

    If i were to see you on the street i would never guess you do what you do.

  18. iloveplayingpr says:

    lol u look like MR.T

    What are you using by the way?

    I am curious 😮

  19. greeniekin says:

    that is winamp. Just to play it back the wav and midi file. No editing here.
    Unless your talking about cooledit which is the grey editing tool with wave forms everywhere.

  20. greeniekin says:

    I have not used GSXCC. Though if you want real sounding guitar well then 8 bit is not what you want. There are just normally waveforms, envelopes and filters. A saw tooth is more suited to a guitar with quick attack and long decay and zero sustain. For an over-driven guitar a square waveform probably be used instead.

  21. Timmy Timson says:

    It's fuckin Mr T showing me how to make 8-bit music, sick

  22. greeniekin says:

    At what time are you talking about? you know the you change the instruments by hitting config and changing the instruments setting. Just try them. Also rmember to hit stop then play after changing any preferences.

  23. Dropdead Gaming says:

    That's a nice tutorial.

  24. kharmachanic says:

    I like that touchscreen set-up .. what brand is that? is it an all in one or just a monitor

  25. TestYourAbilities says:

    xD Yeah a lamp shade is so expensive, even though you have like a giant Ipad type thing infront of you.

  26. Hairee Stener says:

    GSXCC is for Noobs. Real 8 bit purists use Famitracker.

  27. Grimeslave says:

    Use LSDJ or Famitracker. Authentic my ass.

  28. Flairbud says:

    I'm holding the same pen.

  29. adammccormick95 says:

    GSXCC doesn't even sound that authentic.

  30. Halloo Liljeman says:

    Anyone know an app to andriod where you can make 8-bit music?

  31. hache gommes says:

    gracias por los subtitulos

  32. aselmac says:


  33. qweenofthestars says:

    That touchscreen PC is amazing. OMG I just died from the awesomeness

  34. Mr_Bebop87 says:

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial. This seems a far easier method than using tracker software. I find the attitude of people who say you must use tracker software ridiculous and elitist. I see it as being like people saying to play a certain style of guitar music, you must use a particular guitar with a particular amp. If the music sounds good, what does it matter? Besides, there were many more 8-bit machines than the NES/Famicom, Gameboy and C64 so what's wrong with a slightly different sound?

  35. AllChristianRAtheist says:

    lol some one has been flagging
    Haters no
    Companies who dont want people to see this
    Yes !

  36. ANTIPATHY says:

    its always says unknown file can't open D: what should i do?

  37. NoiseFr3ak says:

    lol too expensive? You got a Cintiq on ur desktop and lampshade is expensive? 😀 btw cool tut!

  38. bmnbl says:

    I pity the fool who dislikes this video!

  39. MegaBigNig says:

    bist du deutsch? 😀

  40. gamerculebra says:

    thanks for the info,,,

  41. thatanimeweirdo says:

    Sehr cool gemacht xD

  42. Flow Ryan says:

    Guitar Pro ist not Freeware ..

  43. Jhonatan Vergara Compositor / Productor says:

    fuckin' noise of your fuckin' camera makes me fuckin' deaf man!!!!!

  44. Benjamin Witunsky says:


  45. Robskidoodle says:

    Tuxguitar is freeware which does the same job – Check it bro 🙂

  46. BrutalSwede says:

    He's sitting in an empty apartment… lol ^_^

  47. Central47 says:

    because he want to FOOL. haha

  48. Kewl Story says:

    what kind of computer is that?

  49. Pardock says:

    Yeah it's something curious, but it's called "Sarcasm" and it's awesome!

  50. Cristovão Colombo says:

    Like old Amiga 500 game

  51. turtlesfml says:

    can you please give me a direct link for the GXSCC? I have a song that must be 8 – bitted

  52. tv16bit says:

    priorities man, priorities.

  53. JustCallMeSchwick says:

    Mega man has the best 8-bit music

  54. motherboard75 says:

    OMG MR T!!!!

  55. Spikehead777 says:

    You have to have only the best of the best, dude. =) You can't gimp out on a lampshade, that's one of the most important parts of music production! =D

  56. The BetaCrew says:

    old videos point to the right

  57. Buddy Jesus says:

    It's a screen, not a touchscreen computer. It's a Wacom brand tablet, and for work purposes, it's not that expensive.

  58. 77josh77 says:

    It's a Cintiq and despite what others are saying, it's actually probably as expensive as some computers. It can cost over $1000 easily.

  59. Nerdy CatFace says:


  60. Hugh MacDonald says:

    Where do I get the tabs?

  61. TheOfficialReptyx says:

    1 + 1 = 1….. (0_0) NOOOOOOOOO……

  62. EMCvids says:

    that's a cintiq…

  63. UkuFromHell says:

    English XP was sold out.

  64. Burningsoup Toons says:

    He kinda reminds me of Mr t.

  65. Twotalk Senseii says:

    You call this easy? You're a Douche.

  66. Night House Productions says:

    your jimmies are rustled cuz you can't afford a touch screen.

  67. Night House Productions says:

    legit i am gonna try this

  68. gustavo mago says:

    this man is a musicman and drawerman.

  69. profilutennavn says:

    You can download language packs… 😛

  70. pale-nac0n says:

    GXSCC isn't 8bit lol
    Just because a song goes "BEEP-BOOP" doesn't mean it's 8-bit.

  71. JarodCoomer says:


  72. Candid Falcon says:

    It creates a similar effect though, anyways why would you want to create a fully 8-bit music, it's not like your making games for gameboy…

  73. rtermnc2 says:

    awesome tutorial, i like it:)

  74. SomeCallMeWeird says:

    I clicked the GXSCC-B236E – will this work, or should I go back and get the other one?

  75. Erasace says:

    hey man, thanks for this tutorial.. very useful info, once again thanks

  76. x StitcHY says:

    he has a touch screen monitor but cant affor a frickin lampshade aahahaha

  77. ICYxASSASSiN says:

    yeah, that's quite funny! …

  78. deepfield23 says:

    good advices, good tutorial, good guy. cheers! 🙂

  79. Corilo91 says:


  80. FacelessDeviant says:

    And gets to the choppa.

  81. BlaQ Cam says:

    No mac version?

  82. THATSMOSHFAN619 says:


  83. fückin eh says:

    mario paint

  84. Alexander James says:

    are there any ways of creating 8bit music wthout using a program that drains my memory?

  85. Alexander James says:

    only saved as txt

  86. Calamaistr says:

    Yes, get a proper pc and then the above. 😉

  87. Alexander James says:

    no money

  88. Calamaistr says:

    become a pirate. yarr.

  89. Alexander James says:

    no ship

  90. DOMINOSMOFO says:

    W00T! Nevermore!

  91. Jedi Carly Princess says:

    there  is  also another  way  to  create  8 bit  songs.  first you need  tuxguitar then  GXSCC an d then  follow  these  steps a nd  you  will  be  able  to make  them like  i do

  92. Lakshan Elikewela says:

    Nevermore!!!jeff loomis

  93. Daryn3500 says:


  94. Alvaro Lopez says:

    great man, are you using a Cintiq?… are you an illustrator?

  95. Alexander says:

    ahh the good ol' winamp 😀

  96. Krzychu Śmietana says:

    Thank you man!

  97. Ben Huaysan says:

    you are cool 😀

  98. Aquariax says:

    I have a problem: when I drag and drop the midi file in GXSCC and I press play, they have only the first column are lit
    HELP please ! ^^

  99. Jack Cimino says:


  100. Flipper1234 Gaming says:

    kek hes using windows xp

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