HOT ASPHALT (The Pothole Song)


Hot weather, cold weather, mild weather – get bumpy! Sleet, snow, water, and ice. These are not very nice. They blowing holes in our roads. Every state, city, county, and zip code. Gimme some of that hot asphalt. I want a smooth avenue. Show me your big asphalt – you know you want it too. Gimme some of those sultry black rocks. These craters are getting huge. Gimme some of those sultry black rocks… These craters belong on the moon! Gimme some of that hot asphalt. I want a smooth avenue. Show me your big asphalt. You know you want it too… ooo! Hot weather, cold weather, mild weather – get bumpy!

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24 thoughts on “HOT ASPHALT (The Pothole Song)”

  1. Vanessa Brickton says:

    Wow, my city needs to watch this! The potholes are awful haha!

  2. Turner Momon says:

    It's weird but catchy

  3. Hisheem King says:

    I wanna smooooth ave frfr

  4. Dizzeh C4t says:

    Welcome back to WDF IS THIS IN MY RECOMENDED

  5. TWNSCREW says:

    Give me some of that hot assphalt. 🤣🤣👍

  6. 67Loowit_scarab says:

    Someone figured out the algorithm…

  7. Juan Manuel Penaloza says:

    They know what they're doing…

  8. Shy Guy #585 says:



  9. Kurtis Carpenter says:

    Great job! It sounds awesome

  10. i-pig says:

    Is this 2009?

  11. Brandon Vinson says:

    This needs to become a meme

  12. Outdoor Daily says:

    Why would you make this. Fucking shoot your self

  13. Fire Komodo says:

    What the fuck it sounds sexual

  14. Nootella Sandwich says:



    I'm going to kill myself.

  16. papipowell says:

    "Potholes got us like…" SO RELATABLE!

  17. First Name Last Name says:

    You guys did a really good job becuase I cant get this jingle out of my head

  18. M1897 Trench Gun says:

    Is this made with go animate

  19. Scott Mitchell says:

    This shit is garbage never going to be anywhere near thomis the dank engine or other awesome funny song.

  20. Anthony Ingram says:

    I love the pronunciation

  21. Gensin Rage says:

    Came thinking this was going to be awful.

    Came out thinking that this is amazing

  22. Robert Wood says:

    Bruh… I'm sharing this lmfao wtaf

  23. Cyprus Kill says:

    The WHEEL is gettin' down ? I thought for sure it would be the automotive shops raking in all that dough. 💃💰💰

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