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[Music] Lipizzano horses are a species High school designed for the riding and shooting are quite friendly with the rest of cattle either beef or pork goats except for the bulls with which yes is quite possible a confrontation ah [Music] his physical characteristic is his color very light gray straight and shiny hair elongated and thin neck and legs lo which gives greater elegance mostly in the females and their passage is quite smooth and delicate [Music] [Music] when a lipizzano horse jogs it seems that your body floats sliding in the air because his body does not rise and low but remains stable [Music] ah they are not so fast or so strong but yes quite intelligent in relation to other high school classes when it’s properly trained is extremely Reliable and affectionate requires a lot attention and if not. it becomes fearful of people and can harm someone [Music] this kind of horse has more than 400 years old and is the result of mix of intelligent class horse and it is because of that his ability to learning its current use is applied to tourism and exhibition and I present a cost quite high when you have a high school certificate [Music] ah [Music] i [Music] does not usually emit sound unless the coach tell you the sound emitted It’s quite cinematic and it’s the one it is often used in movies and series the lipizzano horse class for maintain its purity should not be mixed with another class and thus not degenerate the animal [Music] d ah [Music]

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