Hobby Song – SNL


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100 thoughts on “Hobby Song – SNL”

  1. Jack Pipe says:

    I really, really want to like Melissa; she's beautiful, and very funny, and multi-talented, and seems charming. The only thing is, there was that Twitter racism scandle shortly after she joined SNL (look it up if you don't know what I'm talking about).

    The stuff she said was awful, and not a joke either (which is probably what people are mostly likely to argue when defending her- but A: you shouldn't joke about racism, except in a critical way likely to bring about change, and B: if you do, it's got to be SUPER CLEAR that it's a joke, otherwise it's indistinguishable from racism).

    Also, I know she's Hispanic, but that doesn't mean she can't be racist! Minority groups can still discriminate against others, even people who belong to the same social group as themselves.

    Also, what do the other cast members think about it, especially the people of colour? They don't seem to dislike her, so… What's going on?

    What's going on there? Is it fake news? Has she apologised, and made a change? Or is she actually racist? It just doesn't match up with how she seems!

  2. Drop D Murphy says:

    I Melissa Villaseñor character but it one dimensional. She always uses the same Botox looking smile that looks like she is gonna split her cheeks cuz she is smiling so hard and her voice never changes.

  3. SKYWOLF GBM says:

    Tite rap💪

  4. Alana Demetri says:

    Every town's got a gossip named Chester…and he's always a cat

  5. Anna Ferrara says:

    I smell my books too

  6. Suzy Lux says:


    Emma is into ALLLLL of those things. Please.

  7. Suzy Lux says:

    Strong epic Natalie Portman Rap vibes from this.


  8. Jose A Castillo says:

    She is so beautiful and funny

  9. geeky films and theories says:

    But really books do smell good

  10. Wesley Pipkin says:

    man, I really must be getting old. I don't laugh at what passes for modern humor

  11. younggarrett93 says:

    Oh yeah and this song actually knocks at that 0.75 speed.

  12. Samuel Turner says:

    I’m glad they did a sketch featuring Melissa

  13. Cameron Gage says:

    She is too cute. I hope she stays on SNL for many more years.

  14. M P says:

    they need to mix all the comedians, they are all middle class white girls with confidence issues, getting really tired now.

  15. chibob says:

    The person cackling throughout the video has me in tears lmaooo

  16. screenwriterjohn says:

    Melissa deserves a sitcom. Not Bryant.

  17. shunkela says:

    If we're talking hobbies, I've got a lot of them so listen to meee 🎶🎵🎶

  18. Ed P says:

    Marry me Melissa 😘

  19. brell 2-1-5 says:

    ummm…why this sketch still don't have a million views yet?

  20. Jaclyn Rachelle says:

    I feel personally attacked rn.

  21. A1sausie says:

    Who else turned it off when Emma started rapping.

  22. Katherine Greco says:

    Hell yes to Melissa Villasenor and to hobbies!!

  23. Bill Denbrough says:

    1:23 into this and i find it unfunny and annoying. not gonna bother finishing

  24. quirky mermaid28 says:

    yey melissa!

  25. Emily Willen says:

    All African-Americans: "They're disrespecting out heritage & culture again…"

    All White People: "This is garbage!"

    … Why do we keep doing parodies on this?? Nobody likes it!

  26. Throwback Channel says:

    I smell my books now and talk like Gandalf after a nap and hold my backpack.

  27. Eduardo Carrochio says:

    been waiting a long time for Villaseñor cleavage, now i can do MY hobby

  28. Flowerdoodle2 says:

    This was really not funny

  29. Josie Recknagel-Fessey says:

    As an autistic girl this is very relatable 😻😻😻

  30. Miami 808 says:

    To be honest, that wasn't a bad song. I liked the hook.

  31. tori2dles says:

    More Melissa, please!

  32. Neil Allender says:


  33. Miss Kensington says:

    This is awful

  34. Akecheta Lahpay says:

    The beat floats! Was it made specifically for this sketch or can I find a real MC on it ?

  35. Amy O says:

    Omg I smell books too 😀

  36. macarion says:

    kind of lame

  37. S D says:

    Nothing was funny about this.

  38. Michael David says:

    Marci jamz

  39. Confused Ruby says:

    I think they're hearing our pleads to have Melissa get more than just small cameos each episode. She shouldn't have to go the Pete Davidson route of dating a celeb to get more screentime!

  40. Juliana Molina Silva says:


  41. Daveed Jeaa says:

    This is as funny as an Aneurysm

  42. xxIt's Natyxx says:

    Okay but books do smell good I-

  43. salty pretzel says:

    Imagine if they incorporated Rm im some way like he opened the door and said some funny shit or interupted the song with a joke of something

  44. Makeuppeach says:

    I’m loving Melissa in the red lip I gotta say

  45. Fabione Delfierro says:

    She is so adorable 😍😍

  46. Youth says:

    2:14 and 2:24 crack me up

  47. toErehWon says:

    MVS 💐

  48. Zombie Man says:

    SNL rap 😍😍🔥🔥

  49. Matthew Deck says:

    Don’t know but sound like it’s a match to me 😍

  50. Steven Watson says:

    ….smells like a library

  51. summer’s nostalgia says:

    This is 0% funny

  52. Marek Valasik says:

    This smells like a female version of Lonely Island….AND I LOVE IT! Let Melissa and Emma rap!

  53. Linny Crocus says:

    I'm jealous of people who have the mental energy to do all of that stuff. Literally all I do is lay on my bed and stare at the Internet. Depression sucks.

  54. The Henryverse says:

    She's like Andy Samberg if Andy can actually sing

  55. Olivia says:

    It seems as if this chick does too much to get noticed when it comes to singing.

  56. Lauren Amy says:

    did jenna marbles write this?

  57. Los Trem says:

    I watch snl for Melissa, Beck and Kyle

  58. Jesse Stewart says:

    One woman in the audience is DYING with laughter 😂

  59. Lydia Rosenberg says:

    This is one of those skits where you're not really sure why it works, it just……. does. Like, it's so bizarrely specific you know it has to be at least partially taken from reality

  60. FlashakaViolet says:

    Melissa is a fucking comedy genius, can’t wait until she gets the recognition she deserves. (Also, Emma ♥️)

  61. Ellen Ji says:

    melissa reminds me of miranda sings

  62. Biscuit Gidoni says:

    Why does she have gray hair

  63. Ellie L says:

    This is basically me…and then I drop them all.

  64. Markus E says:

    It appears they hand Melissa the Almost-Made-It-To-"Cut For Time"-skits. Many skits are written by the actors and they choose who they want to be in them. Melissa, being the Mexican, is left out from most. What: these people are ACTORS, not Mother Theresa's, so they are highly prone to biases and prejudices, so I asked what? There it was. They probably fear her talent, who even without heavy make-up and prosthetic's she excels. I hope what those actors, and the SNL writers who are keeping Melissa down are dealt a similar dish in life soon enough. I don't want them to suffer, but that they go through something and see how wrong mistreatment is. If anyone loves or likes Melissa Villasenor, YOU can tweet, facebook, instagram, SNL and tell them to have Melissa do some of the GOOD skits as lead role or co-lead role in skits. And also comment about it right here on Youtube.

  65. Colin Smith says:

    Melissa Villasenor is the most underrrated and underutilized player on SNL. She's hilarious. I don't understand why they don't give her more sketches.

  66. Rachel Odin says:

    I started watching SNL again just because of her❤❤❤

  67. Andrew Sherwood says:

    Goddam hilarious

  68. Darknesses Darknesses! says:

    I would like to see more of Melissa leading a sketch. Her, Cecily, and Keenan doing impersonations.

  69. Hazel Grey says:

    Some drunk girl is losing her shit in my left ear.

  70. Charlize Brignol says:

    pregnasty had her baby!!!!!

  71. Maddie Kerr says:

    “I’m gonna rAp” 😂

  72. Syisulis Solease says:


  73. James Martin says:

    Wow, she just Samberged.

  74. Tseten Bhutia says:

    Ohh this sketch is for me..I got a lot of hobbies😬

  75. Connie Pearson says:

    Hey kermit…i mean Melissa….

  76. Gcool243 says:

    Melissa is great, but I wasn't into this sketch

  77. John Nelson says:

    Damn, I need more of these kinda Mellisa moments man

  78. Anodos Arcade says:

    Does she really have a tiny town?


  79. Maximillian Veinhardt says:

    She is so cute, we need more of Meliss

  80. Alex says:

    She’s like the Kollector grabbing her backpack…

  81. scout! says:

    that one girl laughing hysterically in the background is ME

  82. GamE FrEak says:

    one of the worst

  83. Bethany Jedd says:

    I LOVE the smell of old books

  84. Dani Cleckley says:

    I first saw Melissa on AGT. She has come so far.

  85. Jess Lloyd says:

    Melissa is both who I am and who I aspire to be.

  86. preeti 2112 says:

    Emma stone is precious


    You've GOTTA smell books 🤷‍♀️

  88. rachelj16 says:

    As a bisexual woman I also enjoy all of these hobbies

  89. Christopher Justice says:

    I feel like Melissa is the type of girl I would’ve hung out with back in high school.

  90. Gustav Gnöttgen says:

    We need 'Married with Children' skits with her as Pam!

  91. Fox Martin says:

    I love book smells. lol

  92. Merida Subarlins says:

    Emma Stone?

  93. Britney Spears says:

    This slaps I-

  94. Jessy says:

    Her in pink is hottt am not gay

  95. Jessy says:

    I amazing how celebrity can make funny them self how other can make fun of them if that was me I be embarrass

  96. Bairen Siwang says:

    This was too short..

  97. Scott K says:

    “sexy meslissa things” 😂

  98. Kate Rider says:

    More sketches with Melissa please!!!

  99. Em says:

    She's racist

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