Hair Dryer Sound 111 | Visual ASMR | 1 Hour Lullaby to Sleep


1 hour hair dryer sound to sleep

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25 thoughts on “Hair Dryer Sound 111 | Visual ASMR | 1 Hour Lullaby to Sleep”

  1. Mustafa Selçuk AYDOĞDU says:

    First me 😂😂👌 again

  2. Lambchop 71 mint sauce says:

    I'm sure I saw Dr Spock with one, it's just logical 😁

    Nice one Al 😊

  3. emo says:

    Nice and soft sound

  4. louisemtoc says:

    I am glad you exist and you decided to make this channel. Really don't know how I would sleep without these videos ❤️
    Nice gentle sound and movement in this one, love it

  5. Eric The Hero YouTube says:

    Wow this one is almost like your most popular one! That white one

  6. Eric The Hero YouTube says:

    I love this one!

  7. Tarık Karakoç says:

    Very nice video by the way I'm Turkish🇹🇷

  8. Jxnni Txkk says:

    Perfect timing.!!🌛💘Amazing and beautiful sound.!!🙏🏼All your videos are always perfect.!! Good night and greetings from dreamland.!!🌙💘

  9. Vincent :D says:

    veeeeeery nice al

  10. Giovanni Pugliese says:

    Al Lullaby 😎 What Else 👍

  11. Мартин Доростолски says:

    Hi Al! I love your videos. They always help me sleep. Hope you're having an amazing day!

  12. Domenic Schrynemackers says:

    I don't like this one soooo much as I like the others, but it's still good. Thanks for the new Video! I'm still really sick, but it is getting better! Good night to y'all, an Hello from Germany, and take care!

  13. MrAvolance says:

    Soft, and warm sound i rly like it. I realized i like a deeper toned hair dryer sound.Thank you and Greets from Hungary!

  14. Arasulè ASMR says:


  15. Mertxe says:

    Lovely and warm. Thank U

  16. Tσɳყ Mσɳƚαɳα says:

    God job buddy🇹🇷

  17. Ivana Cankar says:

    Maybe I have just found my favourite sound.
    Prrrr… Beautiful! 💙

  18. Kobie2004 xo says:

    Oof phone battery low so I better fall asleep fast oh wait this is AI Welp mission complete 😴😴😴

  19. Suleymann Ak. says:

    I love it. Th old hairdryer sounds.
    It's very nice that you give information about every hairdryer you made a record.
    Thanks AL 👋🏽😊

  20. Gaming Vortex95 says:

    Omg, this is the best one yet!! I absolutely love it 😊😊. Goodnight my friend

  21. Discord says:

    whats with ai in the front of your name or is it al with an L

  22. ASMR triggers - relaxing sounds says:


  23. G F says:

    did I mention I have Bose headphones and this is just…dope.
    Believe it or not….people ask me at the gym what am I listening to !! When i say " to a hairdryer" they think i am beeing sarcastic!

  24. G F says:

    At the gym : Hey, what are you listening to ? Me : Old Vintage Boots Model Hd4 !

  25. Moeb Eno says:

    This one's the one.

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