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Welcome to Let’s Make a Thing, where one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Let’s see what’s in the box. Oh, look at that.
We got a carrot! Now, supposedly, these things
are good for your eyes, but did you know they can be great for your ears? With a few simple hacks, we can
turn this basic root vegetable into a flute-like
musical instrument. So let’s make a thing. First thing you’re going to want to do is cut about 2 inches in
from the base of the carrot. Make sure you keep
this little nubbin. We’re gonna need it later. Next, we need to drill
a hole for our air a little past midway
through the carrot. I feel like that’s deep enough,
but she complained, so on we go. Now we need to make
a mouthpiece. We’re gonna make two cuts. Make one incision straight
down, about halfway, and another at a slight slant
that meets the base of that cut. Now, remember this guy? You were saving this thing. Mm-hmm. We need to make a plug
that goes in here to close off some of the airway
and create some pressure. Let’s try it. Place it right on in. Now we need to create some holes
for some notes, or else this thing’s
gonna be Katy Perry. One note. Am I right? Ha ha ha! And the goal with these
is, of course, to not go all the way through. It’s looking like
a real instrument. So now I’ll just gather
my anime body pillows and go out and
have myself a concert! [ Carrot playing
flute-type notes ] Huh? That sounded like a thing! I don’t mean to toot my own
produce, but it works. Any requests? [ Carrot playing
flute-type notes ] That I stop blowing
into a carrot? [ Carrot playing
flute-type notes ] [ Flute plays ] ♪♪

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6 thoughts on “Hack My Life – Let’s Make a Thing: Carrot Flute | truTV”

  1. John Allen says:


  2. uwu says:

    More like a recorder tbh

  3. omkar chauhan says:

    At 0:34 what could that possibly mean🤔

  4. The Flute Channel says:

    I approve this Carrot! Very cool kevin! Maybe I can come on the show and we can play a duet!

  5. prudenxe. says:

    That's….. more of a recorder. Not a flute.

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