God of the Piano – Trailer | IFFR 2019


Where were you? I registered us for the sign
language course. Where were you when he was born? He’ll overcome it, right? I can’t say if his hearing will return. We’ll have to keep an eye on it. Did you tell anyone? I don’t want to talk about it
anymore. Well, he responds to sounds. Then he hears?
– He hears really well. I am Arieh Marom’s daughter. This is Idan my son. We were at your concert now. We really enjoyed it. Come again. Idan plays all your works. How old are you? 12 Are there specific composers
that you like Idan? Rafael Ben-Ari, Arthur Cohen,
Bach, Debussy and Chopin. Slower. As if it is the first time you
have thought about it. Who taught you to play like
that? Idan, do you have a piece that
you wrote? There is, but it is not
finished yet. Let’s hear what there is. Anat. You know how many
children come to be tested. not just from Israel. But you are the one who decides. Not just me. You know how it works. Why did you not tell me about
the permission? What permission? The permission slip for the class
trip that you signed. He can’t go on this trip. It’s
too close to the evaluations. How can I help you? People ask me how is it that
so many success stories came
out of this institute. Someone had to set standarts
in this place. Have you no shame? Have you no shame? What do you always say Arieh?
There are composers and there
are technicians? Continue to make sure that this
institute produces the

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2 thoughts on “God of the Piano – Trailer | IFFR 2019”

  1. Dibald Gyfm says:

    Hard to understand spoken Israeli.

  2. גליה וייס says:

    בבקשה הוסיפו לזה כתוביות באנגלית לאלו שלא דוברים עברית. תודה.
    please add to the trailer English subtitles. For those who don't understand Hebrew. Thank you.

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