Generations React To Nina Nesbitt (Scottish Singer/Songwriter)


– Dude! Her whole vibe
is ’90s. I’m saying it. – It’s not just generic pop music.
It’s pop music that really has a meaning and talks
about her personal life. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) All right.
So, today’s episode was actually picked by Laurel,
a Diamond member of the SuperFam
on the React Channel! – Oh, wow. Very cool.
Let’s go! – (FBE) Once a month,
one random Diamond member of the SuperFam gets to pick
a topic for us to cover. – Aww, that’s really sweet.
I like it, ’cause it’s just fun things that the SuperFam
is passionate about it. Laurel, thank you for
supporting the SuperFam. We really appreciate it,
’cause it’s just a good way to support us, and we love you
for it! Thank you! – ♪ All of us girls ♪
♪ We’re in and out of love ♪ – Who’s this?
– I don’t know who this is. – ♪ But we’ll tell you
that we’re tough ♪ – Oh, she’s so cute.
Oh! Wait. This is Nina Nesbitt’s new stuff.
– That’s Nina Nesbitt. Yeah! I actually just listened
to this song the other week. Someone showed it to me.
I’m pretty sure she’s Scottish. – What’s with what she’s wearing?
– ♪ Says he’s online, but he told you he’s asleep ♪
– I’ve listened to her a little bit, because I was a really big
Ed Sheeran fan, and so she was one
of his first opening acts. Fun fact, her song– I mean,
his song “Nina” is about her, ’cause they used to date.
(imitates explosion) I was really into Ed Sheeran,
so I knew all the facts. – Very beautiful.
♪ Like he never wants you to be seen ♪ – Ah, so feminine.
– ♪ Says he models on the side ♪ – It’s cool.
It’s very modern. ♪ But he’s not the label type ♪ ♪ If he never calls
when he says he will ♪ ♪ If he always tells you
to keep it chill ♪ ♪ If you see him out
with another girl ♪ – This song is such a bop.
– ♪ Baby, then you know he was never real ♪
♪ Hope you never let those pictures send ♪
– Yeah, this is catchy. This is made for the radio.
– I love artists that don’t just sing,
but they also dance. – It’s interesting how artists
are kind of combining their talents with their music, like Lizzo
bringing flute into her music and her with ballet.
– I like this. It’s beautiful.
It’s sexy without being gross. – ♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
– That was beautiful. It’s really sexy.
I loved it. – (FBE) So, Laurel picked
singer/songwriter Nina Nesbitt. – That name sounds vaguely familiar.
I don’t think I’ve ever heard any of her music, though.
– I have not heard of her, but I’m kind of glad
I’ve heard of her now. – ♪ We started good ♪
♪ Crossed our hearts, we made a promise ♪
– I love her hair. I love the pink.
– ♪ Misunderstood ♪ ♪ ‘Cause all my friends
say you’re dishonest ♪ – She’s so pretty!
– ♪ …I was worth ♪ – This is probably one
of my favorites from her. I love the guitar in this.
– ♪ Say what you want, but I know that it’s only ♪
♪ …anyone, anybody ♪ ♪ Myself and I ♪
– See, I like the vibe of this one. It looks more authentic
than the other one. – It definitely reminds me
of Destiny’s Child, ‘N Sync. – Got kind of like a–
almost like a Britney Spears type of vibe I feel from this.
– Dude! Her whole vibe is ’90s. I’m saying it.
– ♪ You’ve got me wrong ♪ ♪ I’ve got you hanging
round my neck ♪ – I also love this song.
– ♪ Oh, ooh ♪ – What the hell
happened there?! Okay! Is it going in reverse? Oh!
– I wouldn’t listen to it, but it’s good. I mean,
I could understand why other people like it.
– ♪ …you still think that you’re the one ♪
♪ Baby, I’m just chewing gum ♪ ♪ until the flavor’s gone ♪
– Ooh! She’s just chewing gum
till the flavor’s gone? That’s a good line.
– These are really cool concepts for music videos too.
– It’s a very average video and a very average song to me.
– ♪ Screaming romance isn’t dead ♪ – Is this all one scene?
– ♪ …I’m down for whatever ♪ ♪ Oh oh, I told you
that it won’t be forever ♪ – Oh! Yeah!
– ♪ I’m just chewing gum ♪ – Get it, Nina! Let’s go!
– ♪ In the back of her mum’s car ♪ ♪ On the way to the old bars, yeah ♪
– I don’t wanna compare it to Dua Lipa, ’cause she
has short hair, but I’m getting
Dua Lipa vibes. – It felt Halsey. Like,
she’s Scotland’s Halsey. (chuckles) – She’s really good at kind of
blending different sounds in her music.
It’s not the same song over and over again.
– ♪ I met somebody who changed my life ♪
♪ Then I was signed ♪ ♪ And falling in love… ♪
– Oh, this is a little bit more kind of that indie girl
type of voice. – It’s great to have lyrics
that don’t have bitchin’. – ♪ These are
the moments I’m missing ♪ – I mean, I like that all
of her music seems to be super personal.
– It’s not just generic pop music. It’s pop music that really
has a meaning and talks about her personal life.
– This song is much stronger. And the video is excellent.
– I think I like more of her poppy, upbeat music
instead of the Halsey-type vibe. – This one’s different.
– Is that her too? Holy Hannah. (chuckles)
She looks really different. – This is the Peroxide album,
’cause her hair is just so bleached. – It’s cool how you can
actually see an artist evolve and the style changes
as the years go on. – ♪ …it’s minus three ♪
♪ There’s a guy outside… ♪ – I feel like a lot
of teenagers can relate to this, her music.
– I like this song. This is my favorite of the songs
that you’ve played me actually. – ♪ Stay out tonight
and see through my eyes ♪ ♪ Stay out this time ♪
– That looks like so much fun. (chuckles) I wanna go
play pool now. – I think she’s very talented.
I love all of this. – She’s so pretty.
I can’t stop looking at her face. – ♪ …quote on my life ♪
♪ So that you see what I’m going through ♪
– That’s a great lyric. – Ninagram. (chuckles)
– This is like a Taylor Swift-y kind of time.
You know, she’s writing her music in her garage.
– ♪ …to be left ♪ ♪ But all my pride
was burned by you ♪ – (chuckles) She’s just faking
all her Instagram posts. – ♪ …days, counting takes ♪
– These songs are really good. – I think it’s a little bit slower
than all the other ones. I like it a little bit fast-paced.
– ♪ I’m away ♪ ♪ Taking pictures
of myself, self, self ♪ – Is this supposed to be
people fake everything on Instagram? – ♪ …was to be adored ♪
♪ Now you’re telling me I’m vain, vain, vain, yeah ♪
– She’s so cute. – Her music’s great.
She’s beautiful. The videos are great.
– She looks so different in every video, though.
– ♪ Taking pictures of myself ♪ – Was that it? Aww.
I really like her! She’s just sweet,
and I really like just hearing how her pop music has changed.
And I just think she makes really cool music.
And she seems like such a genuine person.
– That sounds like stuff that we recorded back
in the ’70s, very similar to even the harmonies!
– I’ve never heard of her before. And I’m not usually–
I was just saying this to my daughter on the way over.
I’m like, “I never like a song the first time I hear it.”
I really liked all of these. Maybe the videos help,
but she’s good. – (FBE) So, Nina Nesbitt
is a Scottish singer and songwriter who writes
and produces most of her own music. – That’s awesome. Go her.
– All of her music sounds pretty personal to her.
Everything she’s saying, I was like, “Okay, well,
I could kind of see how that affected your career.”
And especially because you showed so many different times
of her life, you could see how each song
kind of helped her get to that change.
– I didn’t know who she was. I never heard any of her music,
but I knew the Ed Sheeran song “Nina” that I used to be obsessed with
years ago, and I definitely looked up who he wrote it about,
and that must’ve been how I knew her name.
– (FBE) She signed with a major label at just 17 years old
and has two studio albums that have charted.
And her second EP even peaked number one
on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart. – Being successful that young,
good for her. – That’s pretty impressive honestly.
Writing and producing your own songs, people don’t understand
how hard that is. – (FBE) She has even opened
for Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran in the past.
– What?! How come I’ve never heard of her?!
– That’s crazy. That’s weird, ’cause I never really heard
of her until last week. (chuckles) – (FBE) So, after watching
some of her videos today, what do you think of her
and her music? – I loved it. I actually
was super sucked in right away. I thought each song
was really unique and kind of just hooked you.
– I really appreciate an artist that can kind of branch out
and do a lot of different things with their music.
It’s like she touched on several different genres
throughout her songs, which was really
interesting to watch. – She is visually great. But if you’re talking
about her music, I see nothing new.
It sounds like so many other things that I’ve heard.
It doesn’t jump out at me. We didn’t have the visual picture
that people have today. It was all audio.
And if that song wasn’t here, they weren’t gonna have a hit
no matter what they looked like. – (FBE) So, Nina doesn’t just write
and produce her own music, but she actually wrote music
for several artists as well, like Olivia Holt
and The Shires. – Oh, yeah. I know
who Olivia Holt is. – (FBE) And even Rihanna’s label
put one of her songs on hold, which kind of made her realize
her potential, and it inspired her to make another album.
– That’s awesome. – It’s cool, especially
when you get that reassurance from an outside force.
You’re like, “Okay. If I could do it for them,
then I could definitely do it for myself.”
– (FBE) What do you think of the fact that not only
does she write music for herself but is also an accomplished
songwriter behind the scenes for other artists?
– I mean, I think it’s great. I think the best songwriters
have to be able to make songs that aren’t just for them.
I mean, it’s great if you’re a singer/songwriter
and you make songs that are honest to you
and that you can actually sing ’em, but I think if you’re
a really amazing songwriter, you should be able to make songs
that other people can sing as well. – You write all of these songs
and sometimes you aren’t really heard, so one of the best ways
to get started in doing that is just collaborating
with other people and then pitching it out.
I have a huge respect for her just because I come
from the same background and I’m kind of in the midst
of working on that for myself right now.
– That’s quite an achievement. Believe me.
That’s a far greater achievement than writing and singing
your own tune. We never, never recorded
an artist’s song as our own song.
It was typically songs that A&R gave the artist
to record. – (FBE) So, some say Nesbitt
started her music journey after hearing Taylor Swift’s
Fearless album, which inspired her to upload her first cover to YouTube.
– Awww. Okay, but that Fearless album by Taylor Swift,
that’s majorly influential. – (FBE) She reportedly received
a lot of positive feedback, which inspired her to continue
uploading music she wrote and recorded in her own bedroom.
– Cool. Started with bedroom pop. – I feel like the whole music industry
at some point is just gonna be people that start off online.
I mean, people used to go the, I guess, traditional route
of getting discovered by an agent or something like that,
but now it seems like, oh, no. You have to build
a following by yourself and then maybe you’ll get
noticed by a label. – (FBE) There are many artists
who started their career on YouTube. And since this is
a Generations React episode, we wanted to know.
For your generation, what does it make you think
about an artist when you hear that they got their start on YouTube?
– Ah, it’s so cool. I love it. I love when I hear that artists,
they just uploaded it, and then somehow people will find it.
It’s like Field of Dreams. If you build it, they will come.
– It just makes me think how useful all the social media is for artists,
because now there’s so many different sites like YouTube
or SoundCloud or Twitter, where before you kinda had
to be signed to a major label to find any of your audience.
But now you can upload something, find your audience,
and then go up from there. – That’s the way it is now.
I was in a rock band when we were younger,
and what we did then was you made cassette tapes.
Cassette tapes. And the radio DJs
had their own pick, and they could choose the artist. They would go to clubs,
and they would see artists, who would give them their tapes.
They would play it in the DJ’s choice. – (FBE) So finally, since we have
multiple generations in today, what generation do you think
would appreciate Nina’s music the most?
– Teens. (chuckles) Teens and kids
just ’cause I feel like she speaks to them,
especially teens, you know? I’m getting my heart broken.
I relate so much when my heart’s broken.
I’m like, “What’s the saddest song? I’m going through a heartbreak.”
– I think adults would really vibe with her,
even more so than college kids. I think college kids can relate,
but definitely I feel like adults or elders, because a lot
of her music is kind of mellow and poppy– well, actually, no.
[Bleep] it. I’m gonna say college kids.
I enjoyed it, so I’m gonna say college kids.
– I’m an adult parent, and I appreciate it.
But I can definitely see my kid, who’s 20,
I can see them being super, super into it as well.
So, I think it’s kind of multi-generational.
– All the elders would like it. I can’t imagine
they wouldn’t like it, and I can’t imagine
the adults wouldn’t like it, I can’t imagine the teens
wouldn’t like it, and I can’t imagine
the kids wouldn’t like it, because I think it has appeal
to everybody. So, I think she’s got it.
She’s got the “it.” – Hey, guys. Vartuhi here.
Thank you so much for watching this episode of Generations React.
Next month, one random Diamond member will be selected
to make their own episode, and it could be you.
So, make sure to join. – Hey, everyone. My name is Laurel.
I’m a member of the FBE SuperFam. I would like to thank FBE
for letting me pick the topic of this video.
If you enjoyed the video, make sure to click
the Like button, comment down below
what your favorite part of the video was,
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