Flute Twerking and Kpop Violin 🐝SACRILEGIOUS REVIEW🐝


Sacrilegious! Yes! Sacrilegious! *Knocks tuning fork* Sacrilegious! This is like the fork, you know, like a pitch fork. Oh yeah… TwoSet’s making too many roast videos! Alright guys, no more roast videos. But… We’ve got a new series! And it’s all about roasting! It’s just a review of sacrilegious. Sacrilegious videos that we found on the internet. Very interesting and unusual… Portrayal or use of classical music instruments. Yes. So… Sacrilegious reviews! Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! What a great award. Dude, you know how it’s like Guinness World Records? – Yeah. It’s that award ceremony.
– The Sacrilegious Awards. First one was actually sent to us ages ago. It’s a song from a K-pop group called Fromis. Called Fun… Uh, yeah, K-pop… Maybe we shouldn’t go here hey, we’re gonna be destroyed. – K-pop fans…
– I don’t even know what’s coming so… – Let’s just have some fun.
– We’re just reviewing, yeah. – Yeah, there we go. There we go.
– Oh! I saw that one. Can I just say… Korea’s a place where, yes, there’s K-pop, but there’s also a lot of classical musicians. Amazing classical musicians… – Like, Korea is known for a lot of amazing musicians,
– From Korea. classical musicians. Maybe the director was like, it’s an artistic portrayal. Like we’re having fun, therefore… Look as bad as possible with the technique. Dude, look, this is like four stock images in one. Wow… Stock image taken to another level. Don’t get us wrong, this song is a cool piece. – Yeah.
– Cool piece, this song is a cool “piece”. – Do you notice what you said?
– I know. I realized – I stopped… Cause I was like, “what did I just say?” The cognitive dissonance of being a classical musician born in a pop song era. Song and pieces. I don’t know if they look like they’re having fun… You know what I’m saying? It’s like, look like you’re having fun… It’s like, yeah… I’ll say the conductor’s having fun. – The front girl looked okay.
– Yeah. See, her bow’s kinda straight. It’s the ones at the back, right? They just gave up. Maybe it’s just art, you know. It’s like what Andy Warhol once said, “Art is whatever you can get away with”. – Oh, they’re just having fun.
– Yeah, they’re having fun, it’s cool. As classical musicians it’s… – A bit painful to watch.
– Yeah. I want to watch it again, just to enjoy it. Oh, dude, I need to appreciate that one. Dude, you gotta appreciate it! Alright, see, here’s the rule. No more roasting, you just appreciate it. Oh! There’s a girl strumming a violin! – Dude, every time I look!
– There’s something new! One of them is playing it as a cello! Every time! Appreciation! Art! Art! Whatever you can get away with! Alright, actually before we move on… Do you rate it a sacrilegious, a Ling Ling, an amazing or an interesting? Sacrilegious out of ten! Sacrilegious out of ten! Alright guys, let’s move on to the next clip. – Twenty thousand bees in a cello, wow.
– Woah. This already looks painful. Wait. Is it a cello full of bees… Or… The note B? Ohh!!! Are those bees natural or flat? Ohh!!! If you can bee slowly, you can bee quickly! Ohhh!!! Wait, look. Bee Bee C radio! – Even he’s saying it’s a sacrifice.
– He says it’s sacrifice. He said sacrif – legious. Is that a word? – Sacrificilegious.
– Imagine he sacrificed a Strad cello for that. Man, the honey better be some great… A grade, ten million dollar honey. You have the honey, it’s just like, “Oh, Dvorak is playing in my head right now”. Taste the talent! Woah! – The back is like, it’s all clear!
– It’s all bees. Yeah! How did they do that? I think they just removed it. That looks like a double bass. – Cause she’s standing.
– Yeah. – It’s like a really big cello.
– Is that a cello? It’s either a small double bass or a real – No, I think it’s double bass. And that’s a low D, the pitch. It’s a double bass… – I’m so confused.
– Yeah, I don’t know… And why is she not scared of getting stung? – I know! I was like –
– That’s more of the thing, right? I know you guys bee experts are like, “Bees don’t actually bite you unless you do anything”. But still, to us, common people that don’t handle bees, it’s kinda scary. Imagine you had a bee in your room, if you had – I’m pretty sure you had a bee… *buzzing sound* In your room, you’d panic a little bit. I had a story once. In primary school… A bee like, came up to me, and I froze. Cause you know how they tell you “don’t move”? – Yeah.
– So I was just like… And the teacher’s like, “Eddy what’s wrong?” I’m just like… I’m too scared to move, cause I thought I’d get stung. “There’s a bee”. I don’t know, what do you guys think? I’ll rate this… Interesting out of ten! Because, the B flats… Are gonna be… – Natural honey!
– Natural! Ohh!!! Organic! Interesting! – Next one!
– Oh… Next one is going to be beautiful. Alright, sorry guys, we don’t condone that type of language. But… This video caught us by surprise. Dude! That was literally the moment we opened it. What? – I’m actually like… Confused.
– I’m confused! I was like “Woah that’s kinda cool!” But then, at the same time it’s… Really sacrilegious. I was gonna say like… Every part of that was so sacrilegious. But then my body just wanted to go like… I don’t – I couldn’t even tell what genre that was. Dude, that was like a shock of like… Yeah, I’m more shocked actually, I’m like… Woah. It’s a – It’s a, it’s a… Unique use of the flute, I guess. That’s a unique way to put it. No, bec – At least she’s not doing like that stripper dude. Yeah. Yeah, I mean… Yeah, I mean… Hey, there’s a different market, – some people like that music, right?
– Yeah, exactly. There’s always a market for different types of people! Yo, dude, Rihanna’s jamming to it! Rihanna’s like, “You go girl!” “Play that trill!” Amazing! Amazing! – Well, first this is a sacrilegious review, not a roast.
– I mean… Not roasting, but… – That trill, yo.
– I guess, got the trill pretty accurate – That trill’s like the tremolo.
– I love the pitch’s like – *Brett sings pitch* – Yeah!
– That’s the weirdest interval. And that twerking? Wow. What? I’m so confused. Shake that monkey! Brrr! Brrr! Wow…. Oh… Oh my heart… – Ohh… Pneumonia.
– My heart… Heart attack. Dude her like, slaps were on the beat as well. I mean… You got rhythm! – I definitely think it’s an…
– It’s an… – Amazing.
– Amazing out of ten, I think so – Yeah, cause…
– It’s one of the ama – It’s definitely that feel. You guys know what we’re talking about. Amazing! Now she’s teaching people how to play the flute. I’m so confused, is this a thing? Flute twerking? And now, flute and twerk. We should flute and twerk together. Dude, everyone’s like yeah! Woo! Can you imagine like… – I mean I –
– Mozart’s time they’re doing this? – Mozart might’ve liked this, I have no idea.
– He probably would’ve liked it. He’d be like hahahahaha! Alright, last one What? I’m so confused. Is that even a violin sound? It’s not. I think it’s dubbed – It’s gotta be dubbed. – I mean – Yeah.
– Obviously the violin can’t make a sound in the water. Cause you need air to transmit the sound. But also, it’s really bad to put a violin in water. Well, I don’t think the instrument survived, to be honest. – Yeah, it’s probably destr –
– It’s damaged. – Hopefully it’s cheap, hopefully a cheap instrument.
– Hopefully it’s cheap… Yeah. But it’s more like even that dubbed over music… Doesn’t sound like violin? Okay. It’s – It sound – Yeah, it’s not. It sounds like an electric pipe organ or something? – Like a keyboard generated sound!
– Yeah. *Brett humming* What are the comments? Amazing! Oh yes! Oh, that’s awesome! I mean, I’ll give it a – – Sacrilegious out of ten, I think for this one.
– Same. – This is sacrilegious.
– Sacrilegious, yes. For putting the water under the vio – Uh – Under – Putting violin under water! – I can’t speak.
– Putting the water under the violin. Alright, guys, sacrilegious reviews. What do you guys think? We should do that twerking thing. Okay. Practice! Yeah!!

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100 thoughts on “Flute Twerking and Kpop Violin 🐝SACRILEGIOUS REVIEW🐝”

  1. Lilly Knobloch says:

    I heard that violins can actually play underwater

  2. xEmpty.Abyssx says:

    You're Australian, how can you not handle bees?

    lmao, are Australians aware that they are they are the violas of the world?
    The butt of all jokes when it comes to everything trying to kill you over there in Australia, I mean austria. xD

  3. A. Mercado says:

    "Art is anything you can get away with."

    It's a quote by Marshall Mcluhan

  4. M.M. says:

    eh one thing that made me be distant from classical community is the general conservativeness/distaste to how differently music can be performed or appreciated. Lizzo is classically trained apparently and actually knows how to play, but she is still performing a pop song, not a classical one. Classical instruments being played in other genres sound heavenly and I love it so much when artists introduce them to their music in general.

  5. Soul-Ring Games says:

    XD You guys made me wake my bunny up with that ending.

  6. A Jar of Nutella says:

    5:23 lmao is that lizzo???

  7. sherelle francis says:

    Leave Lizzo alone, I love her and the flute and the twerking

  8. Russ Tseu says:

    Stan fromis_9

  9. Muhaddesa Chowdhury says:

    Admit it Lizzo was awesome and you enjoyed watching her

  10. Qtutlento says:

    Pfft!!! Omg!!!! I was not prepared for that last bit! "PRACTICE!!!!" lol

    Lol… Gotta go practice! Yessir!!!

  11. It’s.Blue. Xoxo says:

    No it’s a cello it doesn’t have the cold things

  12. It’s.Blue. Xoxo says:

    It has pegs

  13. It’s.Blue. Xoxo says:

    9:51 watch it if you dare

  14. Stephanie Lopez says:

    Oh my gaaaaawd that ending hahaha. I bet you they listen to Lizzo now.

  15. JustusLM says:

    8:32 I've played this piece in my C organ exam. To me, it sounds like it could be an organ here, the quality of the recording is pretty bad, though, so it could be a number of things.
    The bells/glockenspiel sound entirely fake, though.

  16. Nines35 Umbra says:

    They said :Ariana when it is: Rhianna

  17. gomesbubbles922 says:

    7:03 i cried

  18. aboobicusplayz says:

    All the girls in my band class are ratchet af and they twerk everyday

  19. Someone_ Dale says:


  20. I Love BTS says:

    7:28 BTS reference from Eddy lol

  21. Qichar says:

    Dude, you said this wasn't supposed to be a roast but you guys were kinda being twerks. Um, I mean jerks.

  22. Pryalen Chhoeur says:

    I’m dead hahahaha

  23. Some Persona 5 Fan says:

    I may or may not have touched myself to Bret And Eddie twerking

  24. Israel Lai says:

    That underwater violin sounds like the oboe pipe on an organ

  25. Ashura Li says:

    is it a Bee in the room… or a B in the room?

  26. Trystan Bennett says:

    The “under water” piece is definitely not being played by that violin — it’s a pipe organ, which makes sense, as the piece is for pipe organ. It’s BWV 653, J. S. Bach’s chorale prelude on “An Wasserflüssen Babylon”

  27. Ruth’s Piano Recital says:

    6:59 HAHAHA🤣

  28. Sam says:

    I’ve never been more uncomfortable than I was watching these people twerk… oh they were also playing flute? Didn’t notice over their ass fat rippling in my face ಠ_ಠ

  29. Megan Christman says:

    Guys come on. Double basses have the Hershey kiss shape on the top of the body. It's still a cello! She's probably just standing because of the bees xD

  30. Mia Coss says:


  31. Patrick Gibbons says:

    Lizzo is the best

  32. Shaul Rosenzweig says:

    Guess who has 69th greatest album of the decade, according to Rolling Stone… don't know if I should laugh or cry…

  33. Serene Goh says:

    Wait not tryna be THAT person but i just noticed eddy's shirt – it should be 'I need to practise' cuz practice is the noun form

    Wait actually nevermind I just realised there's also American English oops

  34. Madeline Stephens says:

    At my sisters school concert once, a bee was stuck on my Dad's head, we were just like, hey dad, there's a cute bee on ur head, dont hurt it!

  35. Fynn Grünwald says:

    It's not the original sound, it needs air to transport the sound. Two physics experts at work… 🤦🏼‍♂️

  36. Foxie Kool says:

    Lizzo, the flute twerker, actually went to school to study classical music.

  37. Sara/Sam Dixon says:

    Don’t disrespect our Flute goddess. She can do no wrong.

  38. Refes younes says:

    Lizzo « suck ma diiiiick » « drop the mic » 🔥🔥🔥

  39. sisitmae says:

    Stream and buy fromis_9 'Fun' yall. Despite the funny inaccurate display of the clasiccal musicians the MV is funny parody and the song is, well, fun. Check their other songs too.

  40. Leyna Colt says:

    1:05 the girl with the red hair in the back ;-;

  41. Lena Ly says:


  42. fiona says:

    not my bday but thanks for the cake

  43. Mystic Legend says:

    7:29 "oh, ohh. My heartu sIgH my heartu"
    me being an army be like: oHHHhhhH

  44. CAMILA SIGBAUM says:

    "Ohhh, my hearteu… my hearteu…" — eddy chen 2019

  45. Marcella Veto says:

    TwoSet twerking. I need a violin and some singles bills.

  46. ❄️•Glace•❄️ says:

    as an ex flute player, I am scared and scarred.

  47. Hannah Weir says:

    They didn't even acknowledge its lizzo

  48. Tamuna Kevlishvili says:

    THE ENDING THO!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  49. Asiamarie valdivia says:

    I don't care too much for Lizzo's content but I do have to say as being a classical musician I appreciate seeing classical instruments being played in mass media (being played well). I play double bass and it is used for classical, jazz, folk, and so much more music. Honestly if I were famous I wouldn't mind doing some wack (while not harming my baby) and fun shit with my bass to compliment my music. That's what makes it unique and possibly introduces those instruments to kids or adults who may not have knowledge or access to information on those instruments. Seeing something like that in the mass media could help promote learning and playing those instruments 🤷🏽‍♀️ my opinion though and you don't have to agree. Although most of my peers at my university (I am a music major) agree.

  50. mika says:

    yess stan fromis

  51. Shiva Ravinutala says:

    Flute olayers who twerk are stupid. These are sacred instruments of portraying the best in music, not used for stupid idiotic stuff like that.

  52. Doro alfoaady says:

    Who else was winded by the ending

    Just me? Ok

  53. denise says:

    3:19 can we just admit that Eddy is roasting and scratching his nose at the same time

  54. marley rochester says:

    Lizzo's version of the song: Hair talks, check my nails, baby how you feelin'? (Feelin' good as hell!)
    My version the the song seeing her twerk with a flute: Flute trills, with long ass nails, overwhelmingly sacrilegious (sacrilegious as hell!)

  55. hexa says:

    Lol TwoSet reviewing a Too Short song basically

  56. yosita bolanos cordero says:

    I love Lizzo haha

  57. Cindy C says:

    Bahaha. I mean as a classical flutist, I still forever love Lizzo and most of my flute buds feel the same.

  58. ChiliPeppah 21 says:

    huh. Lizzo playin the flute…


  59. Raeanne Pieternella Mora says:


  60. Raeanne Pieternella Mora says:

    loved the end hahhhahhahah

  61. Hiba Janouj says:

    4:41 IM SCREAMING that's how they play violin in Morocco gidtjsoydyodydoydy

  62. Abdullah Salman says:

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣the last second

  63. Roller Coaster Crazy says:

    9:51 my screen when my parents decide to walk in

  64. John Cook says:

    Mozart would have been completely onboard with flute twerking. I would not be surprised if that's something he insisted on at some point in his career.

  65. paul woo says:

    The last video is the sound of an oboe.

  66. Libs Gayasfuck says:


    It got worse and worse in the best ways

  67. raphaelarcangel says:

    OMG! I wanna slap his butt!!!

  68. mipha’s grace says:

    Gyuri (the girl who was okay on the violin) plays the ajaeng and violin ^^

  69. luke says:

    This bitch studied in a conservatory and got her degree in music. She's been in Rock, indie, hip hop, r and b, professional classical, and much more. Lizzo might be a bit sacrilegious but like she's also a professional

  70. Mysterious Hawk says:

    Hhhhhhh art back in 1800 ad : Ivan Kramskoi art works
    Motzart one of the phenomenons of music it self
    Niccolò Paganini: one of the greatest pillars of the modern violin technics

    *Now*: people who have no knowledge of music playing an instrument
    Some one playing flute while the other is slapping it's own ass
    And dumb bags who spread this .

    Honestly why can't we have more people like josh gorban or people that are actual vocalist now days ಠ︵ಠ

  71. Andrew Buchan says:

    Editor-San missed an opportunity to use the clip Alma saying "Interesting" . . .

  72. Annabel Chen says:

    This makes me thankful for bumblebee even

  73. Annelis Farsaci says:

    Am I the only one thinking, "What does sacrilegious mean????"

  74. Mysterious Hawk says:

    Hhhhhhh art back in 1800 ad : Ivan Kramskoi art works
    Motzart one of the phenomenons of music it self
    Niccolò Paganini: one of the greatest pillars of the modern violin technics

    *Now*: people who have no knowledge of music playing an instrument
    Some one playing flute while the other is slapping it's own ass
    And dumb bags who spread this .

    Honestly why can't we have more people like josh gorban or people that are actual vocalist now days ಠ︵ಠ

  75. cinnamon casseroll says:

    I almost choked to death during the bee thing

  76. cinnamon casseroll says:

    the dislikes are from sane flautists

  77. Nicole Vargas says:

    And that twerking… Wow 😉 eyebrows goes up

  78. FluffyKitty Dragonstar says:

    "some friendly advice to stop watching this video now"
    me (during the end): "…"
    me (afterwards): "what did i just witness? why did i listen to my human curiosity?"

  79. Alyss15Nightingale says:

    As far as instruments underwater, have you guys seen the Danish band AquaSonic?

  80. Zozza A says:

    Mmmmmk as soon as they started talking about bees in their rooms a wasp flew up to my window and i almost just died what is this sorcery

  81. Sophia The Midget says:

    Brett and Eddy while twerking: Practice!
    Me:…….dis is what I’ve been waiting for 😂

  82. Ari Bee says:

    9:49 you’re welcome 😂

  83. Kavita Iyer says:

    I really like Lizzo and I play the classical flute and the Indian classical bansuri but that twerking seemed unnecessary

  84. Aquesance Averun says:

    she was in band in college, so for some reason she feels she needs to play the flute in her rap and r&b career. Its weird…I dunno why people do that.

  85. Lotus 108 says:

    What are you talking about, Ling Ling IS sacreligious

  86. Jaylin Williams says:

    Who else had got a life scar at the end

  87. Ordinary Bass Player says:

    Btw that is not a double Bass 😂 it is a cello because a double bass has a deeper and lower sound.

  88. therese294776 says:


  89. Matilde Castro says:

    Why is the microphone at the mouth piece? Wouldn’t you hear the air louder than the sound? But IDK, I’m a pianist…

  90. airenyah says:

    Editor-san: 9:49
    Me: thanks i think i can handle this
    Me two seconds later: instant regret

  91. Julia Morou says:

    why is no one talking ab how eddie low key thiccc

  92. Oasis is V says:

    I thought that was fromis_9

  93. Corinne Trager says:

    "My heartu" every ARMY is do proud.

  94. Echa hahaha says:


  95. sari na says:

    I’m really confused how do people still not know lizzo by now

  96. Meep says:

    My question is why tf do I even bother watching u guys lmaooo 😂😂

  97. Jacqueline T says:

    brett and eddy kinda thicc tho 😳🥵

  98. Reet Kaur Bhamra says:

    9:49 they aren't joking!

  99. Editorlux :33 says:

    OMG I just got some good TWOSETMERCH and I'm wearing it right now.

  100. 3X7 Outdoor says:

    We want to see this savage man!

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