Finding the von Trapps: The Sound of Music Kids Auditions

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Hi! I’m Mark Jeffrey James Weber and I
starred in Oliver as Oliver. and last year A Christmas Story as Ralphie Parker. Three auditions so far for the role of Friedrich von Trapp. My name is Kendall. I’m auditioning for The Sound of Music, for Gretl. Today is final callbacks so
it’s exciting. [WEBER] ♪ Impossible to hide ♪
[SONG CONTINUES UNDER INTERVIEW] [VOICEOVER] Um, you prepare a song sixteen bars in
length and you go into sort of a panel with a pianist and you tell them how you
want your song prepared and then perform it. And it it’s like that for the first audition,
and then once you get called back, you get more information and sides and a song from the show and you practice that outside and then you bring it in and you
practice as a group and as yourself. [CHUCKLES] [CHILDREN SINGING TOGETHER]
♪ From a church on a breeze ♪ [KENDALL VOICEOVER] Um, singing and dancing,
it has been really, really fun. ♪ The sun has gone to bed and so must I. ♪ [OFFSCREEN] Good, let’s stop right there. Hmm. A little bit. [BENNETT] Well in the real thing, I
might have you pick her up. [TRINA MILLS, CHOREOGRAPHER]
Oh, absolutely. [SHAYE HODGINS] Oh, yeah. [MILLS, OFFSCREEN] Do you want to do that today? [KENDALL] Yeah! [LAUGHTER] [CHILDREN SINGING] ♪ With songs they have sung ♪ [KENDALL] To have fun and sing. Um, I would want to let them know that they should just be themselves and not try to put on the “actor face.” Just like show the judges what you came as and they’ll work with that. [CHILDREN SINGING “THE HILLS ARE ALIVE”
IN SLIGHT ROUND] [ALL] ♪ Every song it hears. ♪ [ALL, VOICEOVER] ♪ My heart wants to beat like the wings of the bird that rise from the lake to the trees ♪ ♪ My heart wants to sigh like a chime that flies from a church on a breeze. ♪

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