Ernie Haase & Signature Sound – I Do Believe (Live)


Some say faith is just believing. Others say it’s self-deceiving, inventing childish dreams to get us through. Deep inside me, there’s a yearning for true wisdom, not just learning. I’d trade all my clever questions for one answer that is true. Lord, you know I need some answers. Questions eat at me like cancer. Make me once again a simple child. Help me take the risk of losing, lose it all to find
in choosing… To believe
You are the answer: earth and heaven reconciled. I do believe You are the one, the home
I’ve longed to find, my only hope, God’s only son. I do believe. I touch and see that all along, You’ve longed to be my Lord, my God. My Lord, my God. My Lord, my God. My Lord, my God. I do believe You are the one, the home
I’ve longed to find, my only hope, God’s only son. I do believe. I touch and see that all along, You’ve longed to be my Lord, my God. My Lord, my God. My Lord, my God. My Lord, my God. I do believe.

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89 thoughts on “Ernie Haase & Signature Sound – I Do Believe (Live)”

  1. David Einer says:

    Great, I haven't heard Ernie Haase & Signature Sound since 5 years ago… I think it's time again…. Blessings…

  2. elisabeth nerolk says:

    The only one i recognize here is Ernie. The lad in the pink /brown coat is new to me, the white pants with beard, and blond cutie i have seen earlier with ernie but don't know their names .

  3. Ngavengmi Rimai says:

    Beautiful Song!!

  4. alex fickey says:

    thanks for posting all these videos it makes me happy and feel gods love

  5. MJ Best jo says:

    wow! I do believe! how uplifting!!❤ Man God has blessed all these men with great voices. So glad to hear these songs!!

  6. jazzy says:

    Finally the day has come where the Signature Sounds have combed their hair

  7. Maity Ministerio says:

    hermoso tema, y escribo en español porque así como yo leo en ingles ustedes pueden leer en español. Hermoso tema este, My Lord, My God. Gran solista. Me pregunto cuanto tiempo durara, antes de que Hass sienta que le hacen sombra y salga del cuarteto. Ojala que sea para largo, porque de verdad el sonido ha costado mucho recuperarlo despues que salio Ryan Seaton y el Bajo anterior.

  8. janet michels says:


  9. Margaret Salami says:

    Amazing! Can't listen to this song enough! God bless y'all GVB&EHSS! My grandkids love&sing the song!

  10. Olive Sharon says:

    Amazing amazing ….. Signature sound whatever the lineup make it signature performances…. the New pianist 😍

  11. Linda Connor says:

    I still love the original group best but these guys are very good them

  12. Klah Ledbetter says:

    Ernie is better than ever! Ehss always has a place in my heart

  13. Emerson Slicer says:

    Sing with "Home Free!!!!!!!!!!!"

  14. R Wulff says:

    Awesome as always!!!

  15. Marilyn Johnson says:


  16. Terry Rideout says:

    wow .wat a blessing.

  17. Rita Montano says:

    amen this songs anointed

  18. Doc Portland says:

    Its great to have EHSS back.

  19. Marilyn Johnson says:

    Wonderful! I like them so much! Ernie a amazing

  20. miguel_mcfarlane says:

    i miss the original ehss

  21. davejordanroll says:

    grandioso arreglo…

  22. phillip harris says:

    GVB has some serious competition with this EHSS line up. wow. wow. phenomenal performance and flawless delivery.

  23. Amalia Riente says:


  24. doris jeffers says:


  25. chance herring says:


  26. Sarah Wimberly says:

    Where is the bass singer?

  27. David Dyrland says:


  28. jorge antonio rojas astudillo says:


  29. Jeremias Burgos says:

    ¿cuando vendrán a Chile los ernie hasse? los esperamos!

  30. Wendell Clark says:

    as the old saying goes their is nothing like the original, these gentlemen are good don't get me wrong, but the original signature sound was the best

  31. Wally says:

    Some say faith Is just believing
    Others say it's self decieving
    Inventing, childish dreams To get us through
    Deep inside me there's a yearning
    For true wisdom not just learning
    I'd trade all my clever questions
    For one answer that is true'

    Lord you know, I need some answers
    Questions eat at me like cancer
    Make me once again, a simple child
    Help me take the risk of losing
    Lose it all to find in choosing
    To believe You are the answer
    Earth and heaven reconciled

    I do believe You are the one
    The home I've longed to find
    My only hope God's only son
    I do believe I touch and see
    That all along You've longed to be
    My Lord My God

    I do believe You are the one
    The home I've longed to find
    My only hope God's only son
    I do believe I touch and see
    That all along You've longed to be
    My Lord My God
    My Lord My God
    My Lord My God
    My Lord My God

  32. Lyn Parish says:

    I thought they looked pretty cool with the new look. After all that seems to be the style

  33. Mashungam Ningshen says:

    2:58 is where they've planted the Goosebumps seed.

  34. michael cruz says:

    Christian Bale on the thumbnail

  35. Izzy says:

    They changed Doug Anderson. NOOOOOOOOOOO! But the new guy is ok, but I still like Doug. Sorry Signiture Sound

  36. joshvanklomp says:

    I wonder if the people who've commented that they prefer the original lineup realize that the Ernie/Ryan/Doug/Tim group wasn't the original lineup…

  37. ricky safer says:

    Great job guys.

  38. Catherine Kalekye says:

    more about jesus

  39. Henry Kosmata says:

    Just heard this group today at the Church of God senior weekend retreat in Mauldin, S.C. 5/27/17. Great!

  40. Andrew W says:

    The most awkward setup. Why are they together like sardines in a can

  41. Mirette R says:

    Wonderful !!!!!!!!!

  42. Kathleen says:

    Just like EHSS We Shall See JESUS


    doesn't get any better than Ernie!!!!!

  44. it's4RIEL says:

    I just noticed Doug Anderson is seated far in the corner wearing a gray suit. He was the former Baritone of Signature Sound before Dustin Doyle came along. I think this is Dustin's first appearance with the Gaither and co. It's so sad how time changes so fast.

  45. Robin & JoAnn Hershberger says:

    Gives me goosebumps! Wonderful!!

  46. Liam Armstrong says:

    That Bass! just wow!!

  47. David Kostel says:

    These guys are good, but I do miss Doug.

  48. Wesley Britt, Sr says:

    this is the best song i have heard in a long time real good group

  49. Myrna &Aaron Warner says:

    Love them both, God Bless Myrna and Aaron Warner

  50. lovinlife6630 says:

    Wow, these guys are great! Their voices blend so beautifully together. I like their style too. I LOVED the old line-up, but the choreographed movements were a little annoying. Their new song "Give Me Jesus" is beautiful!

  51. gothard5 says:

    Where's Doug?

  52. Efrain Gonzalez says:

    Excelent song, excelent performance. I just hate when Ernie pulls the mic away, be has such a great voice….they all do. GOD BLESS!

  53. Wendy Valerie says:

    Amen I do believe. Very important. we make comments cause we are interested by what we see and hear. The most important thing in ANY gospel song is the ANOINTING. Praise God it is in this quartet. We can no longer do any styling with the gospel. We need to see posts where people say I was lost, or on the verge of giving up then the Lord led me to this song. ANOINTING, AOININTING fall on people and around the world, as a matter of fact. Thank you Jesus for voices used to praise Your Name. Too many miserable curse rythmes out there. Rock the world for Jesus.

  54. doris jeffers says:

    Good job, Guys, such a blessing!

  55. Jennifer Sturge says:

    Dustin Doyle what an amazing addition to this group!!!

  56. Jennifer Sturge says:

    Devin is looking old or something now liking the hair cut and he looked like he was tired. Not like Im used to seeing him on videos

  57. cecilia mujinga says:

    they wearing the same colour of shoes god bless u all

  58. fun one says:

    they are gay and its ok.

  59. Prisca Jasper says:

    I do believe too.

  60. Betty Spearns says:

    Love loved this! BEAUTIFUL! 🤗🤗🤗🤗👏👏👏👏

  61. Daniel Misiani says:

    Lovely…. the avalanche sort of slide @2:57.

  62. Lyn Parish says:

    I like liked the casual messy look especially on Devon

  63. silvia nath says:

    Beautiful!!! Thank you

  64. Lyn Parish says:

    I liked their hair left natural especially Devon he looked great with his hair a little messy. Please bring back that style

  65. Betty Spearns says:

    Here listening again! Love love it!

  66. Lyn Parish says:

    What I liked that kind of messy look. They are handsome

  67. Hyacinth Williams says:

    What a great group .This song bless me so much i kept playing it over and over . May god continue to bless you in belivering his words through music .

  68. Asanda Sasa says:

    wow so blessed by the lyrics i cant seem to get over the song blessed indeed thank you precious LORD!

  69. Joseph Sanggo says:


  70. Edmara Mc Hardy says:

    lol they combed there hair

  71. Joseph Sanggo says:


  72. Barb Hadley says:

    Great song guys!

  73. Asanda Sasa says:

    cant get enough of it ….thank you heavens

  74. Mirette R says:

    Amazing !!

  75. Douglas Medlin says:

    Great songs on here. Thanks so much guys. What a blessing.

  76. Nikki Moore says:

    praise you Jesus, I believe too!

  77. Milli-Rossa Millechie says:

    God bless u

  78. Elie Pascal says:

    Woh! Quelle montée en puissance ! Et quelle bénédiction !

  79. Vicki Newsom says:

    I have all the songs on
    CLEAR SKIES memorized!!!!!

  80. Anita Adubofour says:


  81. charles King says:

    so cute

  82. Steven Akach says:

    The best rendition of this old GVB tune

  83. Mary Alice Stevens says:

    Are these videos dated? Maybe I am not looking in the right place.

  84. Alisson Lima says:

    Que aula !

  85. Aneta Trzesiak says:

    Piękna pieśń i jej wykonanie.

  86. JOHN MUCHIRI says:

    Wonderful! Nice Harmony there! Love how you reach the Climax of the Song.
    Just Amazing God bless you.

  87. Noel Brown says:

    I do believe in Jesus Christ, my LORD, my God!!! Forever more HE shall reign.

  88. Rhodie0001 says:

    Can't watch – just hold the microphone and stop with the fingers flying around. Why do singers have to do that poncy nonsense with their hands? Just hold and sing…please!

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