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Dallas is more than just a city, it’s a
collection of diverse thriving neighborhoods all each offering their
own unique flavor, fun and a healthy dose of the unexpected. We’ll be visiting some
of the hidden gems and all-time favorites these neighborhoods have to
offer in order to hopefully inspire you to set out on your own Dallas
neighborhood adventure. Join us as we experience Dallas. Established in 1873, Deep Ellum was one
of Dallas’s first commercial districts for African-Americans and European
immigrants. Because of its proximity to the Houston and Texas Central Railroad
the area was also referred to as Central Track. Just east of downtown, developments
always held a reputation for free expression and creativity. And that
tradition continues with over 30 live music venues in the area, as well as
gorgeous street art around nearly every corner. But live music and art are far
from the only sources of fun you’ll find in the area. From fine dining to food
trucks, to shopping and cocktails Deep Ellum has your entertainment needs
covered. It’s a live and play neighborhood, with antique stores, tattoo parlors,
coffee shops and some of the best sweets in Dallas. Today we’ll be visiting three
distinct Deep Ellum locations to give you a vivid glimpse into this
historically significant hot spot. One of the first things you’ll notice upon
entering Deep Ellum is a 20 foot tall three-part art installation dubbed The
Traveling Man. This metallic ambassador was created to welcome everyone to the
neighborhood and reflect Deep Ellum’s history as a haven for the Arts.
We spoke to Brad Oldham, creator of the Travelin Man, to get the story behind his
iconic work. Brad, thank you so much for joining us today and sharing a little
bit about your story with us. Can you tell us how you would describe your art?
What we do is we start with a story and all of our sculptures are site-specific.
So the intention of the three sculptures along Good-Latimer was to be a greeting
for those coming in on the DART line as well as driving in on Good-Latimer as
well. So that’s why we decided to have three locations: One, the Traveling Man
standing tall and reaching out like he’s walking into Deep Ellum. There’s another
one called Waiting on a Train. He’s playing a banjo, which is a nod back to
the music. And then you’ve got Awakening, which is right at the corner of Elm and
Good-Latimer, which is smack dab in the middle of Deep Ellum. Why do you think
Deep Ellum holds a reputation for being a haven for the Arts? Well I think it’s a
little pocket of creativity that, it’s very accepting of a lot of different
culture personalities and sort of whatever somebody wanted to do was sort
of acceptable down there creative-wise. You know, they were, they accepted murals
on buildings, there were bands playing out of garage doors.
Right, thanks so much for joining us today. How can people find out more about what you do? You can come down and visit some of our stuff. Take a little piece of
Dallas home with you. That’d be great. When Justin and Diane Fortin left their
corporate jobs behind to pursue their culinary passion, they had no idea that
in just a few years their unique take on barbecue would inspire a ravenous cult
following, and firmly establish Dallas as a premier destination for meat lovers.
The restaurant even rose to international popularity, being featured
on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”. From mammoth beef ribs to mouth-watering
brisket, this happening joint delivers made-from-scratch goodness that is
guaranteed to make you a barbecue believer. We met with Justin to find out
just why his food has resonated so deeply with his patrons, and what he
loves about being located in the heart of Deep Ellum. The first two things that come to mind
are authenticity and bold flavor. So everything we do is made from scratch. A
lot of people come in and tell us that, you know, the food tastes like their,
their grandmother or their grandfather cooked it. And then the other thing is
that we’re not shy about seasoning, so you’ll taste the spice rubs on the
meat and the smoke and everything like that. What are some of the most popular
items on the menu? Well, one of the things that usually
sells out the quickest are the giant beef ribs that we have. That one and then I’d also have to say the fried chicken, and so even though
we’re a barbecue restaurant a lot of people come here just for the fried
chicken. The beef ribs here are incredible. I came down here from Chicago,
some of the best brisket I’ve had in my life. Some of the best meat I’ve had in my
life. I travel around the world. Pecan Lodge –
phenomenal brisket. The Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage is probably one of my favorite things. What does it mean to you to be located in Deep Ellum? The first thing that comes to mind is just being part of the community
down here. There’s, there’s so much to do, there’s restaurants and bars and shops,
and being around all the people is a lot of fun. And then you know my wife and I
spent a lot of the time down here when we were younger and so it just brings
back a lot of good memories being here. Check it out and come on down. Deep Ellum’s reputation as
a hotspot for live music began in the 1920s, and that tradition continues to
this day. One of the most notable venues in the neighborhood for concerts is The
Bomb Factory. The Bomb Factory originally opened its doors in the 90s and quickly
established itself as a premier music venue. Despite closing its doors in 2002,
a new and improved incarnation of the venue reopened in 2015 – now boasting an expanded 50,000 square foot floorplan, state-of-the-art tech and some of the
biggest musical acts in the world. We spoke to director of events Damany
Daniel to find out more about the importance of keeping live music
thriving in Deep Ellum. Damany, thanks so much for joining us here today. My
pleasure. So can you tell me a little bit about
how the Bomb Factory came to be? Quite literally, during World War 2, this was a bomb factory. And then it became a venue in the 90s that was called The
Bomb Factory. And then it lay dormant for a number of years until we took it
over and reawakened the amazingness that is the bomb factory.
What separates the bomb factory from other music venues? We don’t just
consider ourselves a music venue. We have the ability to go from a sold-out
concert for 43 hundred people on one day to a private event for five hundred with
scores of celebrities on the very next day, and being able to do both well. So
who performs at The Bomb Factory? Everyone.
I mean we have seen artists from all around the world, all different genres
represented, and I think that just speaks to our owner’s desire to have a variety
of musical acts in the space. It’s not going to be that we’re restricted to
doing just hardcore rock shows, or just jazz, or just pop. It really is going to
be reflective of, what is the community telling us that they want to see? And we
love it that way because no two shows, no two days are ever the same. So what do
you love about being located in Deep Ellum? Deep Ellum has the culture of art
galleries, the grit of Live Music Venues and bars, and the quirkiness of having
tattoo parlors. There’s nowhere else in the city of Dallas where all of that
would feel natural and intrinsic to the community. Thanks so much for joining us today. Absolutely my pleasure Whether you’re an art aficionado, a music lover or seeking a delicious way to satisfy your appetite, Deep Ellum has something
to offer every walk of life. So come on out and experience this incredible and
historic Dallas neighborhood for yourself.

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