ENG SUB 191207 Music Core EXO Obsession Interview


Welcome~ 1,2,3 We Are One. Hello we are EXO Nice to meet you. Please greet the fans who have been waiting for a while SUHO: I’m sorry to the fans who have been waiting for so long SUHO: We’ve worked hard to prepare a good stage and music as long as you’ve waited SUHO: Please look forward to it and give us lots of love What kind of song is Obsession? BAEKHYUN: Obsession is an addictive hip-hop uh….. dance song BAEKHYUN: And the lyrics BAEKHYUN: Explain the willingness to escape from the darkness of his obsession with himself I can’t wait to see what it looks like To look forward to it more, can you show us a point(of the dance)? KAI: I’ll show it to you immediately
SUHO: Our Kai BAEKHYUN: Machine dancing machine! CHANYEOL IS SO ADORABLE JUST GOING “WAAAAAAA” You are so cool~ Lastly can you tell us who you think suits EXO & X-EXO the best? CHEN: Before the interview, we took a vote and decided that Chanyeolie suits EXO the best CHEN: And for X-EXO, our youngest Sehunnie! The two selected members can you explain your concept excessively(?) before the next stage SEHUN: Uh… You can feel EXO’s dark charisma comeback stage in a while. Please look forward to it CHANYEOL: Let’s meet AOA who you want to meet everyday in 365 days. (he said eyes not ace LOL HAHA) Comeback AOA~ SUHO: Come and see me(?)

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17 thoughts on “ENG SUB 191207 Music Core EXO Obsession Interview”

  1. Rihat Ana says:

    Chanyeol, i see you… ???

  2. ONLYFORMAY says:

    SUBS UP!

  3. escarcha multicolor says:

    So out of place but Mina it's so cute ?

  4. sehhh hh says:

    Sehun ?✨?✨?✨?✨

  5. sehhh hh says:


  6. Fibrikim97 says:

    Sexy kai…..??

  7. Yehet says:

    Baekhyun can be such a ?

  8. NowYouSimi says:

    I see you hyunjinnie ?? aww how he looked at jongin

  9. Amalia 24 says:

    chanyeol : huwaa huwaa HuWaaa

  10. Pritha Marhaeny wibowo says:

    chanyeol real fanboy wkwkwk

  11. FoFo FoFo says:

    Kai ???

  12. Mega_ Ariska says:

    Chanyeol eith Jihoon ah kiyowo.. ?

  13. Born to be Exo-L says:

    No one:

    Literally no one:

    Me: seeing jongdae treat jihoon is so cute moment. Good sunbae

  14. Adiba Syakila says:

    Wahh wahhh wahh :v

  15. Flying Bubbles says:

    Sehun ?♥?♥?♥?

  16. jeba blessy salomi says:

    suho asking sorry for delayed comeback ?

  17. judy 쥬리 says:

    hyunjin observing kai’s dancing ughhh i love them both ??

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