Emily Hough and Reagan Strange Sound Angelic to Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” – The Voice 2018 Battles


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100 thoughts on “Emily Hough and Reagan Strange Sound Angelic to Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” – The Voice 2018 Battles”

  1. Katherine Elizabeth says:

    Reagan’s brother Brock goes to my school! Reagan’s voice is incredible

  2. Stephanie AB says:

    These 2 together is magic. ♥️♥️ so beautiful

  3. Ash Marie Cattel-Goodbrake says:

    This was a great performance. I'd choose Reagan as the winner.

  4. Marilyn Pagel says:

    Reagan seems to smoothly and richly do her part. She has something of her own that is special.

  5. sixty2jeff says:

    They should be singers.

  6. Thiago Kikuchi says:

    Emily is amazing! ^^

  7. Trisha Gadiano says:

    The song really matches the voice or emily and reagan the Harmony of the two voices really is soothing to hear.Congrats of you two!

  8. Caylee says:

    I just keep replaying 1:42–1:48

  9. timmy lope says:

    am i the only one that thought reagan looked way older

  10. knickandchester says:

    Reagan wins. Unbelievable amount of emotion from the voice of anyone at any age, let alone 13

  11. Musa Imam says:

    why aren’t they literally a duo lmao they sound better together

  12. K.B says:

    Regan gets lost in the song she is singing. Its like at the end, she is snapping out of a trance or somethg. In a great way! She is deep. I love her. Not to say Emily wasn't good cuz she was. They have very different syles though. I don't think I would have put them together in the knock outs.

  13. Lakay Fightdrills & Fitness says:

    It's like kittens on helium. 😁😁

  14. anitabreakone says:

    Emily should have made it too. 😞

  15. keith lo says:

    If I had a record label I'd sign them both so young so talented

  16. Dylan Alfaro Rodríguez says:

    Both of you are super talented arists , I really loved and still love your performance, and I beleive that you should be a duo!!! Congratulations! I love you both! 😶

  17. Abbie Schneider says:

    Reagan is so amazing! Adam is such a proud dad hahaha

  18. Vanesa Di Marco says:

    Se gano una fan en Argentina love you Reagan ❤️

  19. Waraporn Kantong says:

    i like this song verymuch

  20. Travis Takamori says:

    I think Reagan in the beginning would use her vibrato a bit too much, imo. I feel like it's similar to when using dynamics where in dynamics, can manipulate the audience's emotions with soft volume and then increase the volume to make the audience feel a certain way. Putting vibrato's all throughout the song will lessen the impact of each one. (It's like having 100 babies punch you once or having Saitama, from One Punch Man, punch you). When you finally do use the vibrato, it'll make a bigger difference than by removing some parts where you originally had vibrato.

  21. Safa R. says:

    i feel like adam was a bit distracted in some of the former seasons since he was getting married, he had children, and was getting his star on the walk of fame but now he’s doing really really well! #TEAMADAM #TEAMREAGAN #THEVOICE

  22. SEABORNE1971 says:

    What a great duet!!

  23. Not a Stranger says:

    Hahaha I just noticed Reagan mouthing “we do” after Kelly said girls don’t pillow fight. Hilarious

  24. Taquee Tajwar says:

    Did someone else feel they ruined the original masterpiece?🤔

  25. Athan Burnett says:

    Wasn't the best battle but I would chose Reagan

  26. Tsering Tsomo says:

    Since Chris Blue the voice show was not that exciting ! Now this season we got one & looking forward to watch the Voice ! Thanks for coming to the show Reagan !

  27. Crady Smith says:

    Wow what a great performance they would make a great duo together! Great job by both Reagan and Emily!

  28. Loren Morrison says:

    Reegan you did
    So good

  29. John Andersen says:

    this is the best performance, they should put out an album of christmas tunes together, ANGELS!!!!

  30. lily thomas says:

    Great job Reagan!!

  31. JáyJæ Gaykamangu says:

    Raegan ? I liked your voice, you are angel 💘👍💖👏💞

  32. Kenny Rebolledo says:

    I always find myself watching this performance again and again. Reagan is doing so good but she should do something similar like this for one of her live performances just so everyone remembers why she deserved to be saved from the last elimination ❤️

  33. Panic Manic says:

    Vote no for Reagan strange. Disqualify Reagan strange. Call NBC 212-664-4444

  34. Gina Bernico says:

    It didn't even seem like they felt like they were competing. They were just…singing together. So sweet <3

  35. John Baldino says:

    I would be much happier for Megan if she voices her concern over DeAndre's departure when she was unable to sing.Adam blew it,I just pray he helps DeAndre get into a door or two musically!!

  36. Sweet clouds says:

    Reagan has Godly innocense it's so beautiful to see in young girls today

  37. Jaylee Culver says:

    I love you Reagan so much you are so AWESOME !! follow me Reagan Strange your the best! xoxo

  38. Danny Tennant says:

    wheres this reagan been??

  39. shrividya Nair says:

    In love with this battle. I love them.❤❤❤❤❤

  40. Giuliana Siraguso says:

    can they become a duo please!!

  41. Daniel Martin says:

    Reagan and Emily you all are both so talented. I would hate to be Adam and have to choose between you to. I think y’all are both so good and both will go really far in this competition!❤️💕

  42. Anna Namyotova says:

    blakes comment lol

  43. Anna Namyotova says:

    emily should do a duet with Sarah grace

  44. Athan Burnett says:

    Emily's voice is kinda annoying to me Reagan is the real deal. Sorry Emily

  45. Natalie Boruff says:

    I love Reagan’s voice. I feel like Adam has always had a soft spot for Reagan. Beautifully sung both of you girls.❤️

  46. Luis Lingling says:

    …wow great combination of beautiful ladies…

  47. Daniel Trujillo says:


  48. Winnie Wong says:

    i kept coming back for Reagan.

  49. Ellie Viemont says:

    personally I would have picked Emily but okay

  50. Maggie Obersat says:

    I'm so glad she chose Reagan! I love her!

  51. Reagan Butrum says:

    I like Emily's voice better but I think Reagan was feeling it more.

  52. Arnav Vaidyanathan says:

    2:03 this was when I felt Emily won. But the coaches couldn’t catch it. That’s why they gave Raegan the win!! And the age too

  53. Saige1019 says:

    reagan sits behind me in 7th period . just crazy how far she has come .

  54. Ava Cahill says:

    Reagan had a better voice and style by far
    Edit:um………wait you 13?????????😳😳😝

  55. Laiqa HAWA says:

    Hi Reagan hi Kelly

  56. Amberyooper says:

    These 2 would make an awesome duo, their harmonies are just awesome!

  57. Jennifer Harris says:

    Y'all are both amazing singers I wish I could be more like y'all, I love music❤️

  58. Lana Wong says:

    they sound so good together!

  59. shravanthi reddy says:

    "Thats okay baby only words bleed" yes its only for this line that i almost watched the video like some 100 times . That one line in emily's voice😍😍

  60. Gamer Geek says:

    This wasn’t a battle it was a performance that will go down in history

  61. natasha nazaimi says:

    Adam looks proud

  62. Shannon Paige says:

    I think they should become a duo. I can see it 🌟 🌟🌟🌟

  63. Emily Wybieracki says:

    i Love Emily Hough she is sweet kind helpful cheerful happy girl ever had .

  64. Emily Wybieracki says:

    i Love Reagan strange she is great voice she is perfect .

  65. thatsmydawg says:

    Reagans awesome. I enjoy listening to her sing

  66. Sarah S says:

    You can tell Adam has a thing for Reagan.

  67. Ianhimmelstein says:

    Emily should have been stolen


    2sweet voices 🎤🎼🎶🌎😍



  70. Linsay Nishita says:

    So beautiful there are so young

  71. Euben Hope says:

    I have heard this song a million times, but I have never heard it sang this beautifully. it almost made me cry

  72. Animalyze71 says:

    These 2 have some Pipes! WoW!

  73. thatsmydawg says:

    Everytime i watch this i get goosebumps

  74. Ava Cahill says:

    These two have amazing voices I would not want to be you Kelly and have to pick between them. They should be a duo they’re both amazing.👏🏻

  75. Monique Tait says:

    How old are Reagan

  76. Chevelshepherdsuperfan says:


  77. Kaleigh Robertson says:

    i’m not gonna lie to anyone. look up reagan strange titanium. my choir teacher is in it, he was a long red beard. he was reagan’s choir teacher for 6 years. and reagan has come to my class once. i wish i had proof. i am not joking, i love all the support from you guys to her!

  78. Jacob Montgomery says:


  79. Vinicius santinho says:

    Eu amo essa música pra me photograph e a melhor música e eu amei essa apresentação ♥♥♥♥♥

  80. corey garceau says:

    im so happy they didnt mess up singing the song its so sad hen some sings a popular song but does a terrible job at it they 2 did a really good job

  81. Haikal Jun says:

    This cover so good…vote for Reagan

  82. Lieke Nieuwlaat says:

    Am I the only one Who noticed that Adam looked like a proud dad☺️😂❤️

  83. Cris Kelly says:

    Reagan looks like Maia Mitchell

  84. theresa bollman says:

    I would not have wanted to have to chose. They were both great.

  85. Max Gooding says:

    They babied Reagan

    It’s sad, it really is

  86. bob bob says:

    Whats crazy is that reagan was on are you smarter than a 5th grader years ago

  87. Mariam Torres says:

    The most beautiful version. Harmonies are so perfect . Can’t we have a full version of this ?

  88. Bailey Nelson says:

    I know Reagan wants to go into music. But how awesome would it be if she became a doctor (for those who get the reference)

  89. Gabriele Francioni says:

    Emily deserved more, much more…Season 15 possibly the worst ever

  90. Jill Costello says:

    Reagan’s voice just had something differently and amazing but they both sounded great!

  91. KareBear 7760 says:

    It's not ok how many times I have watched this 😂😂😂😂

  92. Magic world! says:

    Sooo much talent!

  93. Avery Victoria0909 says:

    This is Avery Klemm. My. Mom It is. Was your. Sing this to Emily. Reagan Strange. I love your. Voice message. Two of us can come to a best friend. Love. Avery

  94. Lubna Jahan Joty says:

    Why is adam so terrible in choosing songs

  95. KareBear 7760 says:

    How are they so good my voice seems to get worse as I get older

  96. Subhanga Karunatilaka says:

    Is it just me or does emily sound like Christina Grimmie….RIP Christina

  97. Muji Bunong says:

    So so beautiful

  98. kayma eric says:


  99. Chelsea Lentz says:

    I love when Reagan sings ❤️

  100. Rebeca Noriega says:

    Is that the original tone of the song?

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