Ella Mai – Shot Clock


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100 thoughts on “Ella Mai – Shot Clock”

  1. Nomacehualpoyohuan V says:

    Is ella mai biracial?

  2. karrisma_slayys peroidtt says:

    My gurl ella mai who else like her make it blue if you do

  3. Ronald Colman says:

    I love this song ❤️????????????

  4. Shaquinta Anderson says:

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  5. Dona Finch says:

    November 2019

    Still vibing!

  6. So'Laye Caldwell says:

    This song is perfect ?❤️ and it talk about love ❤️.

  7. Michelle Daniels says:

    She ugly sorry butt?NOOOOOOOOOOOO

  8. Letlhogonolo matlawe says:

    Paying omage 2 drizzy drake nice

  9. BURNETTS V says:

    Love this girl she did awesome at her concert

  10. Solo' says:

    Still rocking 2019

  11. Nicki Minaj says:

    24 seconds…this nigga godz 24 seconds passed 911 days & weeks & months_ to pick me up

  12. ty sunshine says:

    I know that's right you got 24 seconds

  13. Stefani Philpot says:

    You go girl?????

  14. Omarr Koroma says:

    Bagel King!

  15. Emily Woods says:

    I love this song

  16. Geno Smith says:

    I wanna marry her.

  17. Geno Smith says:

    Love how she dress. when she came out in that Jersey Cuzz ??

  18. Marisela Fernandez says:

    The skate land allowed have this song ????

  19. Brown Suga says:

    She looks so sexy with big clothes on ???

  20. Toni Smith says:

    Yup. Times tuning out…

  21. Roshea says:

    Music video sponsored by Nike.

  22. Callie Lawrence says:

    Listened to this when i broke up with my tree, Susanne, it really helped me get through the very hard time i was going through.

  23. woojinyoung .mitcheotji says:

    i listen to this on daily basis

  24. Rachandra Golatt says:

    Love song now ❤️??❤️?❤️

  25. Ben Nguyen says:

    I cant believe I was sleeping on this song

  26. Brittney Williams Alexander says:

    Shot clock forever 2019- 2020

  27. starr ward says:

    1:32 felt that to my soul

  28. Izuke Tachimaru says:

    is it just me of do i get a Aaliyah vibe from her

  29. Tonia Morrow says:

    I love Ella Mai

  30. Destynee Morris says:

    We're you able to get it to you too my dear friend I will send you an invoice for the work now so I'll be in touch when I get to my

  31. Aisha Chandler says:

    I love this song period pooh.?

  32. Omarr Koroma says:

    the opportunity of a lietime

  33. TheLeah2344 says:

    I feel like this with my man. We been together 2 years and I’m tired of waiting around for him. I want to move to the next step in our relationship.

  34. Emily Kukuri says:

    Like ur video

  35. Tiyonna Jones says:

    This is my first favorite song Ella mai you are my first Singer

  36. joelle Ford says:

    who fillin this till 2020 to 2021

  37. Edward Staples says:

    Too many "ni**as" for my liking… overkill.

  38. spicyteens says:

    Summer come back pls ??

  39. ELLA MAI STAN says:

    Anybody noticed that the Trip music video and the Shot Clock music video kinda have the same setting? No just me…..

  40. wildman solow says:

    You can make it alot further without the use of the N-word

  41. Tashay Saddler says:


  42. Kemari Bryant says:

    If anything both Ella mai and queen nija I don't like cardi b to much

  43. Butterfly Cousins says:


  44. kbg0624 8 says:

    She looks like Normani!!♡

  45. Quintina Thompson says:

    I love this song she did her thing????

  46. Faith Omari says:

    like Ella mai comment Jason Derulo

  47. LaShunda Casson says:

    Swear ?

  48. Carlena Lofton says:

    I have play this song for a long time

  49. drape4040 says:


  50. monica Bingham says:

    Ella mai

  51. monica Bingham says:

    That is true shot clock

  52. fatima perez says:

    I like this songs so much❤❤❤

  53. Jeffery Curney says:

    I ??

  54. Jeffery Curney says:

    I love this song my janiya murray

  55. Ben Castro says:

    who else saw drake every time she was in the house

  56. Avakin QueenHailey and Mat abraham says:

    whos better?
    Cardib: Comment
    Ella Mai: Like

  57. John Mark Bernardo says:

    All them ella tracks are lit!!! U tha shit!!!

  58. Madison Lennox says:

    I love this song but I just realized the whole melody came from Drake’s song “Legend” on his “If you’re reading this it’s too late” album.

    I wonder if he’s credited because everyone was up in arms about Jacquees when this is similar shit…not quite the same but similar.

    I still love this though!! ?

  59. Willie Thomas says:

    Her Singing Voice Sound So Different From Her Regular Voice…? I Was So Surprised…

  60. Tonia Bard says:

    I'm really us know we are together baby Dee for life and only one that is in my life nobody else but you for life and ready for you baby Dee for life ???? ?? you baby Dee for life and only one that is in my life nobody else but you for life

  61. Ashley Holmes says:

    You are The Best

  62. Mixed_baby 08 says:

    ella mai and kehlani FYEEEE

  63. Eunique Smith says:

    You are the best singer I wanna be like you

  64. Eunique Smith says:

    I love you ❤️

  65. R Rod says:

    #IndependENT. Biggest weapon so bood up wit u keep dat porno bitch away from me cuz she mad im n lov u mo an all we do is have fun an dat bitchd fund if she cross u or me im non sexual unless im n lov an at times i tink u da shine u no what dat meen an if u tell dem what dat is im on my own line like jordan n game 5 cuz only one who faze me is da free throw line cuz der isnt a shot like cuz when da game is over we can spend a lil time #independENT. Ain shit wit out u cuz u underated un apreciated by da worl even dough u on mtv jams all day time an i rule da world wit u by my side #PEEPs on #insta i want yall no she da one im tryna make my life dats why i rap bouta not havin a wife cuh dis shit 2 good 2 c tru cuh me an my niggas allways down to lose r lives an if u a real one u go 4 2 heaven but if we get r soil snatchd from r side dem my family reserectin an we torch ur hole family up n heaven dats jus how i ride @left5041 #PEEPdis

  66. Oneita Rhynes says:

    I love cardi b and Ella Mia

  67. Terrell Washington says:

    Love her like no other. Wish she had a lil more sway. A bit stiff body wise. Bigger performance draw considering type of music.

  68. Wilson Emiator says:

    She said the n,f word wow

  69. Fadzai Chengeta says:

    Can’t relate …but listens… anyone else

  70. Jessica Pires says:

    I love her music i can so relate to this song ???

  71. Violet Baudelaire says:

    MY favourite song !!!



  73. THEJMAN113 says:

    Useless comments get likes.


  74. Suah Lee says:

    Wondering why why why you got 24 seconds

  75. Tanzina Shafi says:

    Why isnt she world wide famous

  76. Destynee Morris says:

    So much for your help and support you too baby girl and I are going to the kids and I are going to the movies with my life and I are going to the movies with my family and I are going to the you too and

  77. brittaniagogo soriano says:

    1:06 love that fit

  78. Natalie Red says:

    I love ur music Ella ??

  79. deja models says:

    I love her but please don't bring this style back

  80. LMCB 2634 says:

    i like this hoe good job ellia mail

  81. Eunique Smith says:

    You got 24 seconds to make a video

  82. BEN BEATZ says:

    Bit like DRAKE – LEGEND

  83. amala henry says:

    Must follow share for share he got you ???

  84. Maurice Williams says:

    Love feels sensational!

  85. Drxppy Shalon says:

    2:44 hits

  86. Khandi White says:

    Oh, yes we should definitely listen to this song everyday!!

  87. Natty The silly goose says:

    Shot Clock by Vedo is fire

  88. Sandy Buendia says:

    I did a cover of this song! Anyone here wanna check it out? ❤️

  89. Yaaasmine Rose says:

    Ella has come so damn far man!! So proud of you girly!

  90. iris's world says:

    Wondering why why why no you ain't shy shy shy I know I won't think twice my favorite song

  91. ONE DAY says:

    I’ll Stumble my words for 24 seconds ?

  92. Kee Kee Brown says:

    She got Aaliyah style

  93. Remy Serrano says:


  94. Keyeirah Richardson says:


  95. Mbalz Wynne says:

    I love you ??❤️

  96. Mbalz Wynne says:

    I love you ??❤️

  97. östersjön says:

    69m Views wohoo 69

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