Editing The Same Video to Different Music


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100 thoughts on “Editing The Same Video to Different Music”

  1. ਸੁਖਦੀਪ ਗਿੱਲ says:

    I see Sponsored video 🥺

  2. Udo Hellermann says:

    Pototatos edit was best (in my opinion)!

  3. Darrin Lalla says:

    Sam wins!!! The others were more tech. buy Sam had a story. Go peel a potato!

  4. Nash MG says:

    I used to shoot first, then find the song to complement the clip sequences, & now u are telling me there are other way to do it, & its awesome?? Mind blew @[email protected]

  5. D A V E M A R C O says:


  6. Jason says:

    Awesome videos from all 3. I think you should definitely try to do more challenge videos like this. They are awesome.

  7. AB the HERO! says:


  8. Ronny Heredia says:

    Dude your video always make me laugh, keep up the great work!

  9. Udit Gandhar says:

    i can,t win

  10. Shon Say says:

    This video is sponsored

    Me: aw ship here we go again!!

  11. Myles Yazell says:

    the dual sm7b set up has me laughing. sounded effective! thats all that matters

  12. Spencer Meyer says:

    I liked Sam's best, it was the most coherent, it had a legit story. The others were fine, but without a clear story they fell flat. Kind of like a lot of short films, they just become a vehicle for a cinematographer or vfx artist to show off without much payoff for the audience. In any case, these little editing showcases are always a lot of fun and really interesting to see how the same footage can create such different final products.

  13. Jonathan Andrews - Heart of the Fox Photos says:

    Edit them all together and you get an epic love story.

  14. Dave Misch says:

    Great video!

  15. Thomas Mancuso says:

    Please do more if these videos!

  16. Stefan Erasmus says:

    I've been looking for some music I could use. I'll try out the 30 day trial. 👍

  17. Michael J Long says:

    My money’s on PITA. Look in those eyes. That squirrel doesn’t stand a chance.

  18. Scott Hervieux Outdoors says:

    Personally, the potato jet had the best video.

  19. Jean-Francois Houle says:

    Potato wins big time

  20. Timefighter 101 says:

    1:09 Potato* Jet Pack

  21. raed alhinai says:

    Good video

  22. Lim Jiun Yong says:

    hii i wish i have the year of musicbed library because i want it for editing, thx you love u

  23. Mute MGMT says:

    Potato Jet for the win 🤙🏼

  24. JorgeHunndo says:

    This service is all good until you make an epic video with ony of the songs. Only to find out Matti hapoia ( how ever you spell it) already used It on a real popular video 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  25. The Flipping Ninja says:

    When did the whole gene comment section start😂😂

  26. Harryson Salwani says:

    Hey i just dropped my comment ….. I can't find it

  27. Lee Good says:

    I can't believe how good the Mavic Minis footage is… I got one and it blows my mind still

  28. Peter Sarellas says:

    Bronicles for the win

  29. Will Roy Media says:

    DUDE I want a Kinifinity so bad. Its somewhat achievable for me to buy one in the next 3 years but still has many of the advantages of the RED. Can't wait for the video where you discuss that camera

  30. Wuan Phan says:

    sponsored video = another comment and hope to win

  31. Oscar says:

    The way pita responds when he sees a squirrel is the way I respond when I here potato jet say sponsored. Commenting for the giveaway 😜

  32. Timur Ateev says:


  33. Noah Hoffman says:

    100% do more kinds of these videos!! So sick watching the edits and also fun to watch you guys

  34. Thiago Moreira Pedroso says:

    I don't even need a poll.

  35. David Jimenez says:

    I’ve been feeling down for last few days and this just made me feel better.

  36. Madhuvan Yadav says:

    This was so fun watching

  37. Andrew Bouchard says:

    I almost got motion sickness from the first ten seconds of Justin's video. Epic edit though

  38. Chris Rock says:

    Epic Bromance!

  39. Ninja Slap says:

    Russell, you came down! lol I love your videos good work.

  40. Edi Krišto says:

    Great video, lets see more like this one!

  41. Love First says:

    dope video

  42. James Wisley Ayuban says:

    I like the music library, I hope I win

  43. Andres E Perez says:

    Sponsored comment

  44. S T I G M A says:

    Drop Comment Below

  45. Florida Gaming says:

    1:18 for the Potato Jet soundbed

  46. optixonly says:

    Gotta love free stuff

  47. Lifted Peacock says:

    This is a really neat video to showcase the power of editing and personal styles.

  48. Alex Singh says:

    Potato music

  49. Taidaishar says:

    Any chance this video has only been live for 5 hours? Probably not? Well, if so, I'd love to win the giveaway!

  50. Quiony Navarro says:

    i need music.

  51. Sajjad says:

    Dope dope dope.

  52. Wasabi Juice says:


  53. Jordan Henderson says:

    The “brooo” on the fade out had me weak 😂

  54. Dinocrest says:

    Man this makes me want to do video.a, My d3500 has terrible autofocus what do you guys recommend to help improve the shots?

  55. Andre Beaupre says:

    I needed more time to enter the contest and win. They got more time allowed, so should I!

  56. Adam Valencia says:

    Yeeeeeesss!!!!!!!! So freaking excited for the Kinefinity Mavo LF review! I posted a comment a year ago asking you to compare the Mavo LF to an ARRI Alexa and now you have the gear to do it. Super stoked that we’re finally doing this (well you’re doing it but I’m definitely taking a little credit 😂) Anyway stay UP Jet!

  57. Noe says:

    You should continue making this kinda challenge. It was fun 😆

  58. Bernardus Bagus says:

    drop a comment

  59. SPUT VISUALS says:

    All edits were very unique !! LOVE IT

  60. Lukepasagna The boss says:

    Hi mi plz

  61. Gavin Smith says:

    Am I too late to comment?? Lol

  62. Make.Test.Battle says:

    I think I like Gene's Edit the most. If a transition doesn't serve a purpose to the theme, story or actual improve on a jumpcut then it's superficial key jangling. "Oooo, look at the transition".

  63. Burgunbeerd says:

    The 3rd one feels like baby's first transition presets pack

  64. The Original Gowda says:

    I really liked the sam's video.

  65. Casey Andrew says:

    love the challenge video!! well done!

  66. Lewis Sison says:

    hi I like music and sfx 🙂

  67. GWM-BTD Battles, Agar.Io and more! says:

    What's your opinion on Netflix approving the Lumix S1H as the first mirrorless camera to be used as a main camera?

  68. Thierry Gluzman says:

    great video! nice contest , top !

  69. Vace says:

    Music is nice

  70. MD12134MD says:

    bro, that contest=me

  71. xavier xman16 says:

    Heres a challenge, try to make any canon dslr look like arri alexa footage

  72. Tom Welfringer says:

    Gene's footage is awesome but the edit a bit simple? 🤔
    But I still like it best 🤣

  73. Nikolai Chaze says:


  74. Jay Philip Williams says:

    At first, I was just totally annoyed with Justin's massive dangling earring. But then he pulled out a pistol. Maybe he's okay.

    That's one reason I'm planning on getting an EVO 2 for my next drone. No more of that firmware, registration, and geo-fencing bullshit from DJI.

    I enjoyed all three videos.

  75. StreetBreed North Borneo says:


  76. Joseph Baptiste says:

    Jet "should we do more of these videos…"
    Me "yes plz!!!"

  77. Medyocrity Visuals says:

    I thought sam was in love with Gene, until Justin came along. 😂😂

  78. Soumyadip Chakraborty says:

    You are copying cine battles from cincom

  79. perlmunger says:

    This was fun!

  80. Wade Media says:

    Hey I just got the same laptop, loving it.

  81. wanglov says:

    Loved this! 🙌

  82. Tekky Thai says:


  83. Darren Wen says:

    You look like that kid from UP

  84. Jordan Drones says:

    Potato ftw

  85. Aakash Somani says:

    Comment for a sponsored video 🖐

  86. Chester Bunglay says:

    Soooo, hey. Free music?

  87. yazidyusop says:

    you should have these challenge everymonth.. interesting

  88. Z-speed says:

    Great video guys!!!!!!

  89. Noel Perena says:

    The effects guy's work is my least favorite.

  90. Frantzis TV says:

    You are the most valuable channel I have ever seen!!
    Super chips jet!

  91. Henry Baring says:

    Love to watch each of the different approaches to the same scene

  92. Triumphant1000 Entertainment says:

    That is cool how much of a difference it is, also what I took from this is pick music before your shoot, makes so much sense how you explained it

  93. Tigo Costa Visser says:

    You should do more of this kind of videos

  94. Bana Makhous says:

    Let me win please ^_^

  95. Daniel Ng says:

    Awesome content potato! Love the way yall portray how to use different types of music to change yr story telling 😍

  96. Ivan Rzhanoy says:

    1st: Jay
    2nd: Samie
    3rd: Kid from UP

  97. Joseph Hanna says:

    Potato Jet the best

  98. Stinky Floater says:

    Potato Jet's was best – no hiding behind bullshit gimmicks.

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