DJ Blyatman & XS Project – KALASHNIKOV (Official Music Video) AK 47


DJ Blyatman & XS This is how we party! If you came for hardbass, dance with your body! Babushka was shooting from Kalashnikov From Moscow to Berlin Better than from PPSh-41 Grandfather told me: “Women, money, godbless” All of this to you, grandson I’ll give you Kalashnikov カラシニコフ AK-47 カラシニコフ AK-47 カラシニコフ AK-47

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100 thoughts on “DJ Blyatman & XS Project – KALASHNIKOV (Official Music Video) AK 47”

  1. XS Project says:

    Hey gopniks! Do you like it? Listen to on Spotify🔊😎🔥

  2. SAIF USSR says:

    From iraq lesten to your music

  3. I r ded says:

    Stalker but more gross

  4. UltimateCheeze says:

    what the hot, crispy, Kentucky fried fuck did I just watch?

  5. Рамис Гарифуллин says:

    Че не так с калашом, похож на куриные ножки

  6. Darvin LP says:

    Ale Čau!

  7. Lala Satalin Deviluke says:


  8. M3RKMUS1C SWEG says:

    This is some S.C.P. level shit

  9. Andrei20 says:

    This is the theme song for S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Cernobyl

  10. слава україні says:

    психодел ёпта

  11. GL[a][a]F YT says:

    Normal day in Chernobyl

  12. Swedish gopnik says:

    Nice song but the video was kind of… gross.

  13. Nobody CZ says:

    Pěkné, pěkné 😛 Blyatiful!

  14. BigEyesSeeMore says:

    Now I wish I didn't watched the video 😂

  15. Ma3xak2 says:


  16. J.B. Apolo says:

    If you live by the AK… you die by the AK!!!

  17. Kondrat Bobrov says:

    Сам сатана вошел в коровью пизду! ZAEBUBMA!

  18. Еблан Ебланович says:

    мои глаза изнасиловали

  19. coyote 115 says:

    Любить зто

  20. Cyber says:


  21. World war Reviews says:

    Yes new hardbass!!!!

  22. la czurr says:

    Это уже какая то стращилка

  23. Eddie Rath says:


  24. Jason says:

    This is AK47 Harbass Version

  25. Сидорович says:

    так блэт, грёбанные свободовцы

  26. Андрей Горбаток says:

    Типичная жизнь в Оке Ужаса.
    Typical life in The Eye of Terror.

  27. Александр Антощенко says:

    Примерно так выглядит жизнь за мкадом

  28. •ÀndrewHadés• says:

    понравилось Касему Сулеймани

  29. StrangeDuck Big says:

    You know you're drunk when you see this combination of Doom, Contra and S.T.A.L.K.E.R right in front of you

  30. AL Yasef says:

    Hard Bass Sound in Puerto rico 🇵🇷You Best DJ Blyatman

  31. Anastasiu3301 says:

    cicada approved

  32. Mare Losovsksya says:

    Ееее стиль как у айспик))))

  33. Mr. Blyat says:

    Trippy af but fire as always with collabs between u! It also seems u changed the title from weird music video to official music video

  34. ELECTROSPIRIT 5 says:


  35. Charlie James Howell says:


  36. THE MORDEN says:

    У меня такое каждую ночь происходит когда я свет вырубаю

  37. Kuba Eytner says:

    This is scary but bass goood

  38. FU RUIJIA says:

    this is art!

  39. Supreme Commander says:


  40. derhundderichnicht says:

    Gobnik's nightmare

  41. MeanEyed Mickey says:

    … Блин 🥞

  42. Dmitry Frantsyzenko says:

    вы скрытно снимали мою жизнь чтоль?

  43. Bluegreen7 says:

    How you know how hell loks like 😐 😶

  44. dert sasha says:

    Алло скорая тут мне психику, сломали…………….

  45. Юзай Хлебушек :D says:

    Саунд жжёт монтаж тоже

  46. PolnischerKuchen Aaron says:

    Very good song and really great and but scary af

  47. Андрей Бабкин says:

    Кто так на курться что это мулт придумать? Очень страшно и детям нельзя показывать +18

  48. Un génie incompris says:

    Quoi le fuck

  49. Eowendasawen SVK says:

    2:03 duklock most popular youtuber in Slovakia

  50. Doximan Unlimited says:

    I think, somebody play too much Contra: the Hard Corps

  51. Flexo says:

    я русский

  52. Daniel Schäfer says:

    Xs and blyatman came to Swiss pls

  53. Bocah Tolol says:

    Apa gw doang dari Indonesia?

  54. TOxic_ Masterr says:

    Bruhh, what did you smoke?

  55. Blyat Chuvak says:

    This is what monolith see.

  56. Van dham says:

    This looks like X Project worked together with H.R Giga (The Dude that created Aliens from Ridley Scott) And i love it

  57. ionut felicitari says:

    can i ask for a translation please?

  58. Marius Herscu Stern says:

    Where can I get Kalashnikov?

  59. AU b says:

    Что. Это. Такое? Трек вроде норм, хоть и хуже предыдущих, но клип это ж ваще пиздец. То, что вы курили, даже на черном рынке не продают, ребят)

  60. Marius Herscu Stern says:


  61. Sebi 2004 says:

    666 confirmed

  62. MegaPollitoconpapas says:

    Nobody is going to talk about the flesh abomination that is the kalashnikov?

  63. Sławomir Langowski says:


  64. Black Fork says:


  65. RUSSIA RUSSIA says:


  66. Ammar Ibrahimovic says:


  67. HackCanadian says:

    i fucking love this song,it has that old basshunter sound to it and it's just great

  68. Majestic Unicorn says:

    this was absolutely horrifying

    and i loved every second of it

  69. Jacob Königsberger says:

    Like if you are under 100k views!

  70. chris 125 says:

    J'aime pas du tous c nimp

  71. chris 125 says:

    Nul c domage

  72. Nika Chernysh says:

    Примерно так выглядят мои сны😂🤟🏼 ТРЕК СУПЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕР🤪💣🔥



  74. Ďuri says:

    Kto je tu od Duklocka? xD

  75. Koloko 65441 says:


  76. Seth Bertrand says:

    хорошая песня тревожного видео

  77. Reino 30 says:

    I love this 2020 footage of Chernobyl ! So beautiful

  78. Kory Jensen says:

    AK 74 masterrace.

  79. Erik Lazy says:

    2:01 Duklock?👌😂

  80. Miroslav Kostúr says:

    Znepokojujúce jak sviňa ale good job brother!

  81. phantomknight333 says:

    nobody talks abou the new stalker…

  82. S T A L K E R SK says:

    ;D blyatmanko , toto sa ti podarilo

  83. KaputWarf says:

    Is this the deep web?

  84. GruntSuits4Life ! says:

    Nice bass but i dont understand the video?

  85. 赫天驰 says:

    AK47 was a great
    invention,but bring chaos.Human may should never use AK47.

  86. Yiğit Özkan says:

    Welcome Cyka Blyat

  87. Mr Cannoli says:

    Just the avrage trip to school

    Good times

  88. george ghazal says:


  89. 3Jlou_ 4uTep says:

    обычный день в черноболе,или в казахстане

  90. TVP [nie] Pirotechnik says:

    Was 1986 your fault?

  91. Pirate Captain Zombie says:

    Dutch loves slav

  92. Avronil Htech says:

    Alian are Ur fault it can fuck any one mind because of animation

  93. qenten05 the Soviet says:

    im concerned yet impressed.

  94. probru b24 says:

    was Dj blyatman on drugs?

  95. Tihon Arhipov says:

    0:21 Ох нихуя… Пора заканчивать нюхать корректор…

  96. Roland Szilágyi says:

    My friend's dream: "I kissed my crush!!!"
    My dreams:

  97. Bálint Farkas says:

    This video is more radioactive than Chernobyl

  98. Олег Чурилов says:

    typical bread trip

  99. probru b24 says:

    me: see this vídeo
    also me: get holy water "sprinkle in the eyes"

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