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Hot. Hello, hello and welcome to my bed floor. I didn’t feel like sitting on my bed because my bed is always too loud, it’s just too obnoxious And I just really felt like being comfy for this video So I brought my comforter down here And we’re going to answer some questions while drinking some tea because my throat is mad at me I never do vocal warm-ups, which is dumb. I really should be. When I do like a bunch of vocals like I did yesterday, the next morning My throat hurts who would have thought that would happen. So honey Tea let’s make my throat feel less gross do you guys like my new shirt by the way? Look at it. You can really tell. It’s like blue, yellow, and white stripes. It’s so adorable and I love it. This is some good tea. I always drink mint tea with honey. I didn’t know that drinking tea with honey was a weird thing, I thought that was really normal. I think it’s pretty normal in the u.s. not that normal in the u.k. Like I promised I got like the most liked and commented Questions from my last video and also I asked you guys on Twitter for some other questions And I’m just going to go ahead and answer some for todays wednesday video What is something that no one would guess about you? I really really love Insects and bugs and spiders, I love reptiles, and I love everything creepy crawly I think they’re amazing. Insects are like bugs *laughs* Insects are like bugs. I meant to say insects are like the robots of the animal Kingdom They’re so incredible, and I’m not scared of spiders, so whenever there’s a spider in my house I’m always the person who is in charge of getting it in a cup and then taking it out. I love snakes as well. I think they’re super cool. danger noodle Please make a weekly meme segment in your videos or just a meme of the day segment, it made my life better. Here is your daily meme. I don’t know which meme I chose, but I hope you enjoyed it. Can you get a p.o. box? I have some things for you. I really want to get a p.o. box because I feel like it would be so adorable for us to like exchange letters And things that would be so cute, but I am moving Pretty soon if everything goes as planned So it’d be kind of dumb for me to open up a p.o. box right now and then not be able to Get any of the mail *sips* You guys do know very well that I really love writing letters and things like that to my friends But also with p.o. boxes, I feel bad because you guys can give me tons of things But then like I probably won’t be able to respond to them which makes me feel bad Maybe I could like have like a mail box opening video every once in a while. That’d be really cute I really need to look into that hopefully this summer that could be something I do but for now. I love your comments I love reading them They’re like letters to me and if I do any meetups or if I go to Vidcon Then you can give me a letter there if you’d like, and I would really love it. What font do you use they’re so so so cute? Thank you. The font that I use that I get asked a lot of questions about, is a font named soap. I think It has several names but soap is The one that I use it’s a nice font and I love the font because it wasn’t really any font that I’ve seen anybody else Use and I think that one of the most important things about making content is making your content really easily identifiable So since no one was really using that font ever it made it really easy for you guys to tell which one of my videos Were my videos and I really have a very close relationship with the soap font now Just because of how much it is done for me and how beautiful it is and how cute it is I also use the font Swansea Italic, bold which is a pretty common one I like to use the font futura I love the font cochin, yeah There’s a lot of fonts But I really like. I’m a big Typography nerd I’m a big graphic design nerd I’ve been practicing photoshop since I was in elementary School and Photoshop has just been always something I’m super interested in and illustration and things like that So I really pride myself in my knowledge of fonts and colours and graphic design. I’m not saying I’m not saying i’m a great graphic design artist. I have never gone to school for it, but I really like doing it Favorite Texas food chain Hands-down Sonic. freaking love Sonic and during the summer they do like half-price Shakes past eight o’clock or something and me and my friends are always always looking for ice cream past eight o’clock, so Sonic is where we go, we go, we get the sonic, then we drive anywhere where there’s no lights, and then just watch the stars. I freaking love Sonic so much. I don’t really eat their food Uh, mostly just their like dessert items, and they’re quick and so junky and so good I love Texas. Favourite colour? My favourite colour is dark blue. It has been dark blue for a while, for about Maybe like six or seven years. Before it, It was just normal blue like a medium blue and Before that it was orange. I love the color Dark blue though because it reminds me of so many things that I love like the night sky and the ocean I have a really really close attachment with the ocean I grew up right by the beach and Going to the beach and swiming out really far was something that just always was a huge highlight of my year and Spending time with friends at the Beach, and I love the way the ocean Simultaneously makes you feel so small and so free at the same time I love the ocean and I’ve been in Texas for a while, so I haven’t seen the ocean in about a year And I’m getting antsy I need to see the ocean I need to be in the ocean or else. I’m a freak. How did you find your art style? I don’t really think I ever “found” an art style I think I have an art style, but it’s just something that came to me through years of Making things that I love, I don’t really think that artists should look for a style or like change themselves in order to Have this distinct style I think that artists should make things that they enjoy making, And if there’s certain things that you like, do that and that will just turn into your art style It’s definitely not like us like a search or A discovery or anything you just kind of make what you love and whatever you love will turn into your style Go to Starbucks order? I always get a tall iced coffee with three pumps of caramel and depending on the day whether I’m really sleepy, Really sassy or really like want to be productive, I’ll get like a pump of simple syrup or just add some sugar in there I have a really big sweet tooth so I like sweet coffee How was prom? Prom was amazing! I went to two proms I knew that I wanted to go to prom while I was waiting to go to prom I was really resenting going like I really didn’t want to go just because of how much Drama was associated with prom, just didn’t really want to deal with it, but the actual prom was wonderful I loved how at prom, Surprisingly, like you wouldn’t expect this but at prom everyone kind of doesn’t really care Who you are you just kind of mesh and People that you haven’t talked to ever will talk to you and people who are popular talk to kids who are, “Unpopular’ and things like that. it was really nice from my perspective. I don’t really know what other people’s experiences with prom were. I had a very good time, and I danced so much I love dancing I’m really bad at it, but I don’t care, I just do it. I just moved my lims in whatever Motion I feel like is good and being in like a crowd of people Listening to the same song even if it’s a bad song is something that I really love I also went to Mormon prom I went to two proms. I went to Mormon prom with my friend Ellie, Gus, Caroline and Morgan and We had a great time it was very different from my high school prom which I went to a week earlier There are a lot of different traditions. And they played Really different songs, they weren’t like weird songs they were still mainstream songs, but they played really different songs. Which I thought was interesting. And we had a great time there too. We somehow made a conga line to the song ‘thinking out loud.’ Which is a slow song. Someone twerked on me I don’t know who he was, but he was mormon. I don’t know if that’s like against the Mormon faith I didn’t ask for it it just happened, And I was really confused and I sang very very loudly to ‘party in the USA’ by Miley Cyrus I put my hands up because they were playing my song. Oh my god What do you take from creating? Is it to relax/work through stuff/show people etc? That’s a really good question and it’s something I kind of had to like think about for a while I think that’s drawing and painting I make art because I love the process I love going through the layers and all the shading and all the Intricacies of it, I love that because I’m super super detail-oriented as a human being but, after I make a drawing or a painting I usually don’t feel the need to show anybody It’s usually just for me, just for me to see and just for me to enjoy making but for music on the other hand, I make it because I love sharing it. I think that music is, 1,000,000% the best way to Share a feeling because especially for me, I have synesthesia, so when I listen to the music, I’m not only listening to the words and listening to the chords But I’m also feeling the emotions and seeing the colours and everythings so Beautiful to me, and so music is like an entire experience to me. It’s absolutely One of the most beautiful things and the thing that I have the most pride in making, *sip* And I love being able to Share an emotion and seeing that other people can feel that emotion the same exact way that I’m feeling that emotion is so mind-boggling it’s Actual Magic that is unexplainable but for both music and art I do love the process and it does relax me But also really excites me and scares me even sometimes So, ep coming? It is in the works, nothing Official yet, but I’m writing a bunch and recording a bunch and working with a bunch of really really cool talented people I love to make an ep and because of ‘idle town’ and how well it’s doing I really think that I could absolutely make an ep, and it’s super super exciting nothing official yet But it’s in the works. Don’t you worry about it? *sip* I love how bad my posture is, Like this is, this is good posture But I knew that I was going to have bad posture so I just put my frame down here because this is how bad my posture is. *sip* So if you have any questions for me, for my next ask cone you can ask them in the comments below Whichever questions that you see that you really want me to reply to You can just give that comment alike that way It’ll be easy for me to see at the top also if you want you can follow me on Twitter Which @connanxcannon because I usually do take a few questions from Twitter as well Because it’s easy to get like updated questions from there you guys always ask the best questions Don’t feel dumb if it’s a stupid question I’d love to hear your questions I would love to answer any question that you have. *sip* And with that, I’ll see you guys in a few days with a brand new video. God bless, and goodbye.

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