Classical Musicians React: Super Junior ‘Black Suit’ vs ‘Runaway’


Katie: Build—three— two— one
Jarod: cre-scen-do Umu: next is super junior
Both: yes
Umu: okay Charlotte: YAAAAAS Umu: All right, so today we are starting off with a boy group called Super Junior We’ve actually reacted to them once last year. We reacted to Mamacita, the one with the watermelon this is their 2017 comeback after a huge hiatus where all of them went to the military to serve for two years and then this isn’t actually the whole group only seven members were able to Come back after the hiatus and six members were able to promote cause the seventh is injured They’re missing two out of the three main vocalist So a lot of fans see this as a song to showcase, you know Like the vocals of people who don’t normally get a lot of vocal lines
Isaac: I think I need more black suits
Kevin: I’m excited for 2017 Super Junior Kevin: This is not part of the actual song, oh it is? Noooooo :OOO Elizabeth: oh Henry: they don’t really waste any time with the with the intro there
Elizabeth: they really did not Davis: aww they’re so cute Lindsey: the moneys?
Davis: no the musicians Lindsey: oh yeah oooh they’re harmonies are like killin’ it Henry: WOAH a 9 chord
Kevin: that’s a James Bond chord, they literally use the James Bond chord in this song Henry: *gasp* No a vi 9 chord (sixth chord with 9 in it) Davis: Oh, yeah Lindsey: that’s how I feel about the harmonies
Davis: this is very involved ohmygoodness- oh wait— okay Katie: Build—three— two— one
Jarod: crescendo Isaac: aw this is good, yesssss Lindsey: whoo, here we are, we’re groovin’, we got them trumpets
Davis: heyyyy, yeah, we got yeah, was not expecting those brass instruments (L: no) Davis: to come in there
Lindsey: not at all Charlotte: I like how they play a lot with going up just like chromatic tones really playing with those
Peyton: yeah both: [sing along bassline] Charlotte: it just steps down and does the same pattern, it’s so nice Lindsey: this like just sounds like classic KPop to me like in a good way
Davis: yeah it has like that little Davis: like little spicy— yeah
lindsey: oh yeah like the little Latin feel a little bit? James: ohhhh I like The quarter note, it’s a kick drum but it really- doens’t have any reverb. It’s just on the attack.
Hugo: Yeah Jarod: these guys are like the Justin Timberlake’s of kpop Cuz they got that sexy voice and they got that sexy choreography like Kevin: you got doing the 9, no, doing that 7 it’s the add 7 which means a major 7th in a minor song and that makes it really sexy Elizabeth: i don’t think it’s real brass
Henry: I don’t think it is too… Elizabeth: it’s disappointing
Henry: get people jobs!! Henry: It’s a good song though, I dig it so far. Peyton: Wow, this is like a totally different thing
C: yeah Davis: the heist— man this is like, this is like a movie man Lindsey: yeah, I’m enjoying it Lindsey: they’re also kinda hot so… Charlotte: it’s like chromatic tone just when you’re like not expecting it to go there and it just does and you’re like oh, that was nice Charlotte: it’s tasty
Peyton: mm, delicious Davis: yeah Lindsey: they like almost did the aju nice thing where it like Skips a beat but instead it like kinda came in and then fully came in Henry: I really feel like there’s like a supreme balance between vocals and extra like musical parts, you know The thing is that they do is that all the instrumentals that they have to pare against them are typically really annoying But because they have switched the balance I feel like they did the music Part pretty well Charlotte: ohhh i thought we were gonna be done They’re like just kidding, coda! Ohhh charlotte likes this one Umu: Yeah, what do you think of this song overally musically
Charlotte: nice jam I like the bassline particularly like it had a particular pattern and I think it was like four measures and then they just moved it down a step I think and then it was in another four measures of the same pattern just down a whole step I also liked all the chromatic like random just little color notes they were just think, have some of that have some of this, sprinkle some fairy dust on that note its tasty Umu: you guys were awfully quiet
Hugo: d*mn, I dig that sh*t man James: it was good
Hugo: it was- it was it was real good. it was well made Hugo: it was really well made James: yeah although I still don’t understand the power that this black suit has. made everything explode and people go insane James: Can someone please explain Hugo: I thought the music was awesome though, voices sound great.
James: Oh also that one guy belting right on the top Hugo: was like a [demonstrates] way up there It was hella dope
Umu: you guys talked about in the middle of your reaction. How you thought that the video and the music might have been totally separate so you could enjoy or maybe because they were like that you couldn’t enjoy both equally, do you mind expanding upon that?
Elizabeth: I really appreciate when the editing to the music is very tight and the Images complement the different sections of the music the harmony of the music when something changes It’s important to have something in the video change as well You can say a lot by putting images with a certain sound or a chord or a certain motive you can you can say a lot and you can give a narrative by doing that but because a lot of the sections of the video where they had one of the characters doing something specific or they have like the slo-mo at the beginning where everything is Going back to the way it started, the chorus came in before they finished the slow-mo backwards reverse images so it didn’t quite feel like it made sense what they were trying to say how the Music was supposed to compliment the video or how the video was supposed to compliment the music because they didn’t line up thematically Which was my issue with it. I mean it was it was a jam. I was digging the brass at the end That was that was what I was saying and that may just be me watching too much Wes Anderson
Henry: musically, though I thought it was really interesting. It was a little bit less vocal heavy. I definitely noticed that a lot of the harmony, and the supporting material came from instrumentals as opposed to like 8,000 tracks of vocals, which is cool sometimes so Yeah, I really liked it.
Isaac: I really liked the contrast between the really upbeat parts to the slower parts And there’s just so many things that attribute to like the instrumentation like the trumpets. They’re just so nicely blended and.. i think they’re synthetic right? Maybe it’s recorded. But then it was just—
Kevin: it has a lot of reverb in it. Like it’s very fluffy Surprised but it works. I like it.
Isaac: Well regardless if those synths were real, the trumpets and the voice they just mixed so well so like that just that added effect of the forward punch and it really it’s really Really good contrast to all the mellow… like their voices can be so mellow sometimes and it’s like really good Kevin: the bridge was too long and the way the Chorus was introduced after that it felt rushed it didn’t it didn’t feel like we were anticipating it and that first whatever the first percussion was of that last course the very first beat there’s something very Underwhelming about it and I feel like they were trying to do like a delay thing like a boom But it doesn’t didn’t work because it wasn’t set up right.
Lindsey: It was so good It was like perfect everything about it was so good It matched the video so well and it was all just like very high-energy and Head that like Latin jazz kind of feel but very subtly So it was a very upbeat pop song but then it had subtle hints of jazz,
Davis: you know How like whenever… You kind of like guess at something and then you like you’re like this is gonna go like this and then you’re right but then like something else happens too and they’re like Oh, I didn’t know that that was gonna happen too, that happened while I was watching this video
LIndsey: me so many times Davis: I was like, okay Like I know that this is about to happen in the music and it’s gonna like sound like this but then like they would do Something like with the brass instruments. I didn’t like know they were gonna do that but I knew every other component except that. so having that little
Lindsey: element if surprise davis: curveball Definitely did it for me musically.
Umu: So this is the b-side song that came out on the same exact album as black suit So this is a fan-made lyric video and the same seven members. So this is runaway and was composed by the company monotree they actually composed several of the songs that we’ve already reacted to And a song writer named 적재 Isaac: play
Kevin: Run away with me babyy oh Davis: oh– boom
Lindsey: that just came right in Davis: this is korean rascal flats dude Lindsey: Yeah this is the
Davis: life is a highway Lindsey: omg yeah ohhh
davis: this is good, that like screaming trumpet again with the brass instruments. I’m a fan.
L: yeah Kevin: That tickled me that little flat seven chord tickled me
Davis: there’s like a surprising amount of acoustic instruments in this Lindsey: Yeah, like the guitar. Yeah, you can hear like the strums of the guitar I love when you can hear that like Peyton: b7 to I Ohhh ohhh Oh lindsey: were they like the he’s killin’
davis: that bass players diggin’ right now Kevin: that flat vii chord is well played Oh my god, you’re kidding me, you’re kidding me— [sings] I see you travelling down town This is Cee Lo Green chord progression, that’s why it sound so sunny Davis: oh and then surprise rap verse
Lindsey: your surprise triplelet rap verse Jarod: yeah ladies and gents music is broken up into two or three this is metrically in two but what made that sick is they took that three and just f*ckin smashed on top. and you’re like sickkkkk charlotte: it’s got like early Michael Jackson vibes
Peyton: yeah, honestly Charlotte: like almost Jackson 5 early
Peyton: this is like probably just a little fast but like you could probably do like electric slide to this dance Henry The heavy use of brass and also I just think that like the harmonic little evasions that they do every now and then those little chromatic things that they do it’s cool, I think it’s cool Elizabeth:o their talking about a butterfly so it’s softer and we got like the little shaker going on Henry: so just that, the little
Elizabeth: exactly Kevin: [sings along] Okay, okay Kevin: aww of course. yeah, it settles on the dominant of the minor then it goes straight back to major Charlotte: just letting the vocals sit on top of everything. It’s really nice Henry: See the horn writing is pretty interesting actually Hugo: I love that bass , oh mmm Peyton: You know one thing that would make this perfect it’s a really big black women just like [sings] Lindsey: that was high!
Davis: yeah those were definitely real instruments. I like them. at first I was like, oh that’s a really good simulated trumpet and then I was like No, that sounds like a real person like playing those notes Umu: Yeah, so overall thoughts on this one musically
Davis: I was I was pretty amazed by all of it Lindsey: Yeah, it was like just like sensory load I don’t want to say overload cause that makes it sound like it was too much but I don’t think it was so I think it was sensory perfect load.
Davis: Yeah, I appreciate everything just the just the music with that not the music video Lindsey: Yeah, I love that bass. Like it was like you could tell the bass player was so into it. He’s grooving and the Like acoustic sound on the guitar. it was just so good. That was so good Hugo: It was interesting because a lot of the song is spent with just like hits and the vocal line It’s the only like real sustaining line, gives you a lot of [sings] And then like added the bass in a little bit and then You had two bridges which was dope and you’re right the cong the congos were in there Yeah, they were there. They were congon
James: really upbeat really major-y the big summertime.
Hugo: Yeah, maybe summertime hit Katie: um, it was really fun to listen to its Had it was very jazzy had influences of CeeLo green and Bruno Mars that we heard
Jarod: yeah some the use of acoustic instruments you know makes us feel really good whenever we hear like actually just being used and stuff because you know It means that we’re gonna be employed. , you know, it’s a good feeling suhhh Isaac: Wow, thank you CeeLo green.
Kevin: It was a fun song. It just sounded too much Like, you know too much sound like too much CeeLo Green
Isaac: cee lo greennnn Kevin: All the chords are like the same but that when he goes [sings] that’s what Cee Lo Green does in his song
Isaac: I thought it was interesting the transitions between the sections of the songs because there was like at the beginning they would just do the hit you with the one time two time, and then three times and then they would do it again and then later Kevin: Yeah the opening was pretty good thinking back on it.
Isaac: It catches your attention Isaac: Cause it’s just very simple 1 2 3 1 2 3 and then the whole Union of the instruments, they slowly come together And then later, it’s like there’s this is one part. I forgot either it’s in the bridge going into chorus you you you rise up, but then it just goes into a clap a simple clap reminds me of I don’t know like musicals or even just like
Kevin: yeah Kevin: so like musicals or like gospel the part where they start the rap for like two measures and then they just end it they just go no We’re gonna sing through it and the counts gonna play an arpeggio Like what was the point of that?? like Musically, that was just not, it didn’t do anything like an entire rap section over this song What would have would have separated it from
Umu: so what do you think of the two super junior songs? Could you maybe tell why runway was a b-side song or did you feel like it fit with the same mood maybe? Elizabeth: oh no i can tell why that was a b-side song it was not nearly as interesting as the first one the first explored so many different textures and styles and this one just felt like they kept repeating the verse Henry: See and that makes me feel like for that reason It makes me feel like the first one you listen to should have been a b-side cause like honestly like Most popular song, and this would just be an American thing and something that I notice with American pop groups all the time is that the less interesting song is always the a side because it appeals to the lowest common denominator and So people who are like really listening for groups sound and not listening for a groups single Typically are the ones who are more interested in the b-side There’s so much more to a group than their a- side singles And so this felt to me really poppy and thin And lightweight and aerodynamic and could have just been by any group by anyone at any time And it would have completely passed the you know, big machines pop song a-side perfect, you know And the other one seemed a little bit more ambitious and I to me that made it feel like it should that Like it would not have gotten the spotlight as much although I’m glad that they gave that the spotlight Charlotte: they’re totally different vibes liek One’s like poppy whoo summer and the other one is like get down yas work yas Hugo: I like the title track a bit more, but it was more of a sense of style than it was like of Objectively good or not. Good between the two like I thought they were both good songs.
James: They just contrast each other
Hugo: exactly Umu: Hello everyone and welcome to our channel. If you’re new I’m the channel runner and producer of this series Thanks for watching this video if you enjoyed it, don’t forget to subscribe also If you’re curious to see what else we’re going to react to in the future Go ahead and check the description for a bunch of links that I have to playlists and schedules also Please check our patreon If you want to support us, patrons get access to unedited full-length reaction videos Access to exclusive content as well as early access to all the videos posted on here and more So, thank you so much, and I hope you have a wonderful day

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