Classical Musicians React: AKMU ‘Melted’ vs ‘Last Goodbye’


– Umu: Ah… AKMU.
– Hugo: YES, FUCKIN YES *Rossini’s Semiramide Overture plays* – Umu: This is “Melted,” the music video. – Umu: It actually has like quite a beautiful message behind it and so I’ll be reading the lyrics afterwards, but yeah, just enjoy. – Lindsey: 3, 2, 1 – Hugo: I love that piano.
– Jeremy: Yeah, no, I already like it – Hugo: Like with the descending and then like… – Hugo: Oh shit. That cello and orchestra. – Fiona: Striiiinnngsss – Hugo: Waiting for the beat. – Naoki: Oh, nice. – Lindsey: It’s like “Heart and Soul,” kinda.
– Davis: Minor “Heart and Soul,” yeah. Lament bass “Heart and Soul.” – Yunyi: They got that swing. – Fiona: Why is he white?
– Henry: Yeah, why is he a Caucasian man? – Henry: It’s freaking me out.
– Fiona: Sorry, it’s just like, alarming. – Emiel: *scoffs* – Kevin: Man, her voice. – Jeremy: I really like this. This is like, a really cool duet.
– Hugo: Yeah. – Shimon: Is this America? – Lindsey: Oh, this is cool sounding! Her voice is very jazzy.
– Davis: YeEAh – Lindsey: It’s like, it’s like uhh… – Davis: He’s like what what’re you lookin’ at?
– Lindsey: It’s like Fiona Apple kinda. – Shimon: Oh no, they’re driving on the left side of the road. Never mind. – Emiel: Ho they kicked him out the car – Fiona: Yeah cuz he was photographing… stuff. – Yunyi: Oh, they’re singing together in a duet! That’s not something they really do. – Lindsey: Honestly, this is weird to me because— – Lindsey: Oh there, we go. Cuz I was gonna say—like, now, it’s less weird— – Lindsey: I was going to say like, I feel like we need like, like a… like a – Lindsey: …jazz drumbeat in here. There still isn’t one, – Lindsey: …but the guitar kind of came in with the little…
– Davis: Yeah, you need some sort of rhythm section – Lindsey: A little more but like I feel like you need it like a
*imitates sound*
– Davis: A rhythm section instrument – Davis: Something to keep time, yeah.
– Lindsey: Yeah. – Yunyi: This is very different from what AKMU…
– Kevin: *makes noises of agreement*
– Yunyi: …that we’ve heard – Yunyi: But I *really* like it. – Fiona: It’s more folky. – Hugo: And even their unisons are great. Like, ugh. – Yunyi: Man, after playing really out of tune harpischord stuff for like, the past hour, it’s just really satisfying to hear in-tune octaves sung together. – Fiona: There’s so much conflict! – Emiel: *agreeing* Yeah. – Hugo: It’s also interesting because you’ve got two different, like… – Hugo: There’s no solid like, this is where this takes place. Like, it could very easily take place in California, or… – Kevin, Yunyi: Diversity.
– Yunyi: *nodding* – Jeremy: Or anywhere.
– Hugo: Yeah. – Henry: Everyone’s so pissed off about happy things.
– Fiona: I know, why can’t they just chill? – Jeremy: I *really* dig this music. – Jeremy: Wait, when did it switch from piano to guitar? – Hugo: I don’t know. And the drips. – Emiel: He’s got a beautiful voice.
– Henry: I just really dig this song. It’s—it’s the guy. – Naoki: Ah, no! What is this? – Yunyi: So instrumentation is cello, violin, guitar, piano. – Yunyi: Voice. – Yunyi: It’s an interesting quintet. – Henry: It reminds me of Ben Folds. That’s why I dig it so much.
– Fiona: It’s just so minor and like, creepy. – Emiel: I’m trying to really focus so I can understand the story. – Hugo: Oh, his backpack’s in the back of her car. – Fiona: I like what the strings in the background like, it’s just like an extra layer that makes it cooler. – Shimon: Oh, no. – Lindsey: And then. Oh my god! Bartender! – Lindsey: The fuck? – Kevin: Parallel fifths. – Emiel: Oh!
– Fiona: The camera’s the only thing he has left.
– Emiel: No, his camera’s gonna break or something. – Fiona: Oh, gosh. – Yunyi: I didn’t know the brother could sing so well. – Hugo and Jeremy: *are shocked* :O – Hugo and Jeremy: :O – Lindsey: Oh my god! – Fiona: *sighs* – Davis: Oh, that’s so sad. – Naoki: Oh wait, *he’s* the one that’s arrested? – Fiona: This isn’t fair! – Henry: *holds hand up* BOI.
(henry you meme) – Fiona: This is really sad. – Emiel: This story is kind of messed up. – Fiona: I like how they’re singing together… – Fiona: …but you don’t even know. It just sounds like, the color of their voices just sounds so nice. – Naoki: Oh, was that him when he was younger? – Naoki: He’s like, reminiscing. – Davis: oh oHH it’s him! OH! – Davis: He’s like HA!
– Lindsey: It’s him in the future? – Davis: Yeah. He’s just like fuck, remember when my life was TERRIBLE? -Emiel: aww they’ll be friends
– Fiona: No! Aw it’s so sad! *has a mental breakdown* – Henry: That doggo does not like you, brother.
– Fiona: He lost his childhood innocence, – Fiona: …in the 4 minutes and 29 seconds in this videos that’s been going on. – Yunyi: Oh, it starts with the same piano part that opens it. – Fiona: Yell. Scream! – Fiona, whispering: This is so depressing. – Emiel: Geez. – Emiel: This is deep.
– Fiona: No, everyone’s not reading him right! – Davis: Aw, and then this guy helped him… and now he’s able to be the man he is today. – Davis: Said, “awe your camera’s fucked up, but I gotchu fam.”
-Lindsey: He’s repairing his camera! – Davis: Friendship.
– Lindsey: You find friends in the most unusual places. That’s so cute, oh my god. – Davis: AKMU is tHE SHIT! – Davis: I love AKMU.
– Lindsey: That’s so cute! – Jeremy: Whoa, this was so deep.
– Hugo: Mmmmm. It was SOOO GOOOOD Fiona: It was like spiritual.
– Henry: Whoa.
– Emiel: Whoa.
– Henry: I don’t know how I feel about that. – Henry: Yeah, that was just confusing.
– Fiona: It just like, it made me really sad. – Hugo: I love them so much! – Jeremy: Wait, what? Wait, was the old man him?
– Hugo: Yeah!
– Jeremy: Okay, that’s what I thought. – Jeremy: Oh my god, whoa. That was intense.
– Hugo: And he was looking back on, ugh. – Umu, off-screen: Do you want me to read the lyrics? – Hugo: Fuck yeah!
– Jeremy: Yeah. – Umu, off-screen: The blue ocean that the red sun used to wash its face turns black. – Umu: The white sky that had clouds and rain and the wind turns gray. – Umu: I leave the darkness that find in my heart even the cold shadow that covers the night starts to harden. – Umu: If the ice melts, a warmer song would have come out, but why is the ice so cold? – Umu: Why is it so cold? Why are they so cold? Why are they so cold? – Umu: The blue ocean that the red sun used to wash his face. – Umu: I look at the past warmth that is deeply buried, too late to get it out – Umu: I wish the cold in the world of adults would be gone too, I wish the frozen love will melt away now – Umu: I leave the darkness that fight in my heart; even the cold shadow that covers the night starts to harden. – Umu: If the ice melts, a warmer song would have to come out, but why is the ice so cold? – Umu: Why is it so cold? – Lindsey: ‘Cause it needs to be MELTED *finger guns*
– Umu: Yeah, exactly. – Hugo: Oh, my God. – Jeremy: Well, that’s really intense.
– Hugo: And that’s like, good poetry too. It’s not just like random like, “I love you, you love me.” – Emiel: Yeah. – Henry: That’s cute.
– Emiel: It makes sense. – Fiona: That was—that was a wild ride.
– Umu, off-screen: All right, so the song? – Fiona: I liked it.
– Henry: Oh, it was good. – Fiona: I liked the use of—their octave unisons.
– Henry: It reminded me of Ben Folds and I love Ben Folds. – Henry: LOVE Ben Folds, so. – Umu: Yeah, how do you think the music carried that out? – Yunyi: Well, it definitely conveys that message.
– Kevin: *enthusiastic thumbs up*
– Yunyi: It—you know after… – Yunyi: I think, talking about how the music video and the song didn’t quite fit for the last—
– Kevin: For that *one*. – Yunyi: It was a couple of videos, but this one I think really worked together. – Hugo: Their singing was like—those harmonies!
– Jeremy: It was really good!
– Hugo: It was so simple, but it was like – Jeremy: It was like, really like, intense.
– Hugo: Yeah, and the acoustic instruments with the keyboard and the guitar. – Jeremy: I like that. I like that a lot. I prefer that over, like – Jeremy: synth and uh, – Jeremy: …bigger. Like, louder things, you know?
– Hugo: It made me so happy. – Yunyi: It’s just not… the AKMU that we’ve been shown or we’re familiar with, but it’s still done really well. – Kevin: I can still see this being AKMU. Like there’s something in the music that is a bit more acoustic, a bit more…
– Yunyi: Yeah. – Kevin: Yeah.
– Yunyi: The instrumentation. – Kevin: Yeah – Kevin: there’s something that still makes me feel like, “Oh, yeah, this is AKMU.”
– Yunyi: I like how they didn’t overplay the strings. – Yunyi: Like, cuz you know like strings, string orchestras usually like that… – Yunyi: That sort of cliche sound. Like that heart-wrenching moment? – Kevin: One thing that works is they introduce the strings from the beginning so there’s no moment like in the—in the bridge where the strings suddenly soar.
– Yunyi: I mean yeah, but even— – Yunyi: Even like, later on, because it starts off with like, sort of like – Yunyi: It’s—it’s a cello or something that starts off in the beginning with guitar and piano? – Yunyi: But then like they introduced the string orchestra and it gets louder – Yunyi: But it’s never like, like you know over overwhelmingly sappy. They always kind of kept it more in the background. – Yunyi: I really appreciated that. -Umu, off-screen: Okay, so now we’re moving onto their most recent song. – Umu: Now the brother is serving his time in the army, yeah. – Umu: So… what they did is they released a short film that we’ll be reacting to next year. – Umu: It’s 20 minutes long, and what they did is they cut all the footage down and they put some of it in “Play Ugly” -Umu: that we’ve already reacted to, and also in this one, so it might be a little bit confusing story-wise, but otherwise yeah – Umu: This is their song Last Goodbye.
– Hugo: I’m prepared to have my heart fucking broken. [same] Emiel: Five four three two one, ding. Shimon: *sings along* Wow, okay.
Naoki: Yeah. – Henry: Oh my god – Henry: *screams* – Jeremy: Oh, I recognize that. – Shimon: I wasn’t actually expecting it to be. – Yunyi: Canon in D but the chords are different! – Hugo: *hums along* – Jeremy: Ooh, bringing it into minor. – Naoki: Well, it changed there, the harmony.
– Shimon: They’re using different harmonies, even within it(?). – Lindsey: The bass is not at all, it’s just the melody of Pachelbel, but like, it’s not the actual—
– Umu: It’s not descending thirds. – Davis: Yeah.
– Lindsey: Yeah. *sees japanese writing* *speaking in japanese*
– Shimon: Can you read it?
– Naoki: Yeah of course! – Shimon: Read it!
*super happy* – Henry, Emiel, Fiona: *jamming out* – Henry: *feelin it* – Emiel: It’s very intimate. – Fiona, smacking herself: Just makes me wanna smack myself. [oh] – Fiona: For percussion reasons. – Henry & Emiel: *wtf* – Henry: *freaking out* – Emiel: *wtf* – Henry: The oversized sweater that you can put up over your chin and also over most of your hands are so cute.
– Fiona: I know right! – Fiona: This is so fall. – Fiona: You know? – Hugo: *swooning* – Hugo, Emiel, and Fiona: *jamming out pt.2* – Yunyi: Good that they don’t actually use the Pachelbel chords.
– Kevin: *agreeing* – Hugo & Jeremy: *swooning* – Naoki: His voice is really good. – Lindsey: They still like, they just have such beautiful voices and they just blend—like their harmonies are so nice together. – Fiona: Where’s my lighter? *makes lighter sound* – Davis: This is exactly what a goodbye would sound like, musically. – Henry: This is the first AKMU song where I’m like, “Meh.” – Lindsey: This sounds like an ending credits song of something. – Lindsey: Like, it totally does. – Fiona: The last one was just so different, it had so much intrigue. – Emiel: It’s definitely a mellow—a mellow song. – Henry: They’re so cUTe – Yunyi: I like the castanets.
– Kevin: They love their minor 4’s so much in this song. – Kevin: They even moved us from the Canon in D just to make it minor 4.
– Yunyi: I know right. [melody changes]
– Shimon: Wheuhhhh
– Naoki: Whoa, that was weird. – Lindsey: Whoa.
– Davis: Yeah. – Lindsey: It’s like, weird, like, warped Pachelbel. – Lindsey: *sings warped Pachelbel* – Lindsey: Like the pitches were just not there, but it was like, *it*. But then it— *lindsey.exe has stopped working* – Fiona: I think the strings in the background are unnecessary. – Yunyi: Yes! Return of the castanets. – Henry: They’re a weird texture.
– Emiel: This is like campfire music. – Jeremy: This is so upbeat for a last goodbye. – Fiona: Did the license plate say Arkansas or Alaska? – Henry & Emiel: *laugh* – Henry: Probably neither. – Naoki: I feel—this could be the closing theme song to like, a movie or something. – Yunyi: I like how the string quartet kinda pokes out every once in a while.
– Kevin: *agreeing* -Naoki: Those strings—high strings—just makes it so sad. – Davis, softly: It just sounds like anguish. – Davis: And just, they sound so sad. – Henry: oH they’re terracing!
– Fiona: They’re—! – Henry: OH melodic terracing! – Henry: whoAAAA – Lindsey: It’s got little like, excerpts of Pachelbel in it! It went – Lindsey: *sings the last part* – Lindsey: But then it stopped. – Yunyi & Kevin: *jamming* – Naoki: See, they said “mitenai” again.
*japanese word* – Shimon: That sounds like Japanese.
– Naoki: Yeah, it does. – Naoki: Is it?
[ no it’s not ] – Yunyi: I dig the castanets so much. You wouldn’t think that castanets would work in this song, but it just works. – Yunyi: I feel like that’s all I’ve been talking about. – Yunyi: The damn castanets. – Henry, Emiel, Fiona: *having a good laugh* – Umu: What happened? – Fiona: I don’t know.
– Henry: Five did NOT cadence to one. – Fiona: It was a shocker. We were all confused. – Emiel: I love how their body movements are just like, very like, stiff – Emiel: As though they’re expressing themselves and it’s the same back and forth bob, back and forth. – Henry: What is happening to the video, it’s like all— – Henry: Is that supposed to be happening?
– Fiona: I think that’s intentional. – Yunyi: Oh, that’s so good! They take the Canon in D’s theme but then they slow it down. – Yunyi: And re-harmonizing. That’s so good. – Naoki: Oh is that a period? *sings the part* or whatever it is. – Davis: See, yeah, it’s like really close. – Lindsey: Yeah like they *almost* do.
– Davis: Yeah but then they add some passing tones like that last time. – Kevin: Terrence Malick! – Kevin: Put that in there.
– Yunyi: Kenny in D? Canon in G? [the meme team strikes again] – Naoki: Aw. – Emiel: *sings* – Hugo: I’m not crying, you’re crying. – Lindsey: Aw. Yeah, I feel like I just like, watched the end of like, a movie musical. – Kevin: That’s wonderful. – Kevin: It makes me feel very good. – Kevin: But like, melancholic good.
– Yunyi: It’s a good um, good closing song. Good farewell song. – Umu: So yeah, how do you feel about the Pachelbel? – Lindsey: It was kind of weird, but I liked it because it wasn’t literally Pachelbel. – Naoki: It seemed like they used that motif, the *sings melody of Canon in D* throughout the song – Naoki: like, even when they had the lyrics as well. *shimon.exe has stopped working* – Shimon: I liked both of those music videos, they were like really… – Shimon: deep. – Shimon: And you could tell they really translated the sadness that they have of – Shimon: her brother leaving. – Naoki: Wait, is Akdong Musician also AKMU?
– Umu: Mmhm.
– Naoki: Oh. – Jeremy: That was so beautiful! – Hugo: It made me so happy and so sad at the same time. – Hugo: Oh my God. That was really good though. – Hugo: The song itself was really good. The song itself was – Hugo: damn fine per usual. – Henry: I was not crazy about the song, which is unfortunate because I love AKMU. – Henry: They had the ability to be very – Henry: serious and like do the whole serious thing, but I – Henry: I just characterize them as the group that is so silly and carefree. – Kevin: The Beatles, “Let It Be.” [kevin how u do dis] – Kevin: That’s seven, that’s one. Then you go flat, and then plagal. Plagal cadence. *claps* – Umu: And so that’s what happens in this song? – Kevin: Yeah, but then they go into five so it’s like: *flawless piano playing* – Kevin: Not with that melody, obviously, but that’s the chords. – Kevin: *claps* That’s what makes the bridge so cool! I’m going to grab napkins. – Umu: Which one did you like better?
– Kevin: Oh boy. – Kevin: I liked the first one more. – Kevin: Mostly because of the Canon in C. – Yunyi: *confused*
– Kevin: It’s in C major, the second song. – Yunyi: You don’t like the Canon?
– Kevin: No, I don’t like how they used the Canon. I liked everything else about the second one though. – Yunyi: I think I like this one better. – Umu: What do you like about it?
– Yunyi: It’s really sentimental. – Hugo: I don’t—I don’t know. I think I think of these two, I liked the first one better? – Hugo: But I liked them both a lot. – Umu: What made Melted stand out to you? – Hugo: I think the harmonies, their voices and the harmonies. – Jeremy: I think I liked… – Jeremy: Last Goodbye better because, I mean, mostly because it was so touching and like the song got to me – Jeremy: but also like, I liked how they they used the— – Jeremy: What’s that from?
– Umu: Pachelbel?
– Jeremy: They used that, like they turned that into their song. Like obviously they elaborated on it a lot but I thought that was really clever and also I just loved how the juxtaposition between like what the song was about and the song itself, because the song was pretty upbeat. Hugo: Yeah. – Jeremy: The lyrics are so sad and like solemn, almost. – Hugo: Their lyrics are on point for their songs.
– Jeremy: Yeah.
– Hugo: Like damn. – Naoki: They’re both good.
– Shimon: They’re both good. – Naoki: I think I preferred Last Goodbye though. – Shimon: All right, why don’t you give both of them a point? – Umu: Half a point or a whole point? – Shimon: Whole point for both, for me. – Henry, Emiel, Fiona: MELTEDDDDD – Henry: This was just lame. The concept of the last one was so cool. – Henry: It was so unlike any other AKMU concept I’ve seen because most of the stuff, that I’ve seen at least, is like -Henry: like carefree, youthful. – Umu: Alright yeah, so which one do you like better, Melted or Last Goodbye? – Davis, whispering: Melted. – Lindsey: I liked Last Goodbye better, I think. I think it was more fun, especially because I was expecting it to be really sad-sounding. – Lindsey: And it wasn’t, it was just like, “Oh, this is the end of a chapter.” – Umu: Life will go on.
– Lindsey: Life will go on.

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    5:26 = me first time listening to akmu

  50. lowrank 156cm says:

    한국어 자막 달아주신 분 감사합니다…

  51. 댓글러파카 says:

    난 자꾸 저분 일본?일본?
    거리는거 너무 꼴뵈기싫음 노래얘기를 하지

  52. 나니 · says:

    안경쓴 동양 남성분
    그냥 샐러드나 드시지 왜 굳이 저기 계시는건지?

  53. Chelsea Torres says:

    It really makes me sad that akmu is somehow underrated

  54. voninctrl says:

    모든 음악이 저렇게 들리면 참 재미 없겠다..
    뭔가 좋은 건축물을 보면서 하중, 재료공학, 창문의 위치등만 이야기 하는것 같아.

  55. uni corn says:


  56. ruby azhar says:

    Pls react i'm different mv by suhyun 'akmu' ft lee hi 😍😍😍

  57. yourlittle _ monica says:

    Hugo really like.. No! Really love AKMU and I too! Hahaha because AKMU is so good!

  58. 범즈 says:

    작별인사가 음악이라면 딱 이 느낌일거야.. 너무 멋지고

  59. Sinu Oh says:

    Ice is pronounced ‘Eorum’
    adult is pronounced ‘Eorun’.
    The sumilarity of those sounds, Akmu wanted adults to be warmer.

  60. Izzatul Mufidah says:

    I miss gwen 😂 hugo and gwen is so cute just like yunyi and kevin omg

  61. Humestgraciela Reyes Serrano says:

    melted makes me cry forever

  62. kinukai says:

    12:20 it's 밉게 날, which (out of context) means "don't think of me badly."

  63. Mae Pacure says:

    wow it has been not so long since i started stanning AKMU but their reaction vids made me even stan harder

  64. Guanlin's gummy smile is so dangerous촉이 와 says:

    Chanyuk is very inteligent building the lyrics,this is much more deeper than anyone could thought

    at the first seconds of the video iguana (i think) was shown,it represents a "Cold blooded",next a man was shown holding a glass of water with ice on it,again this represents his Coldness in this world because of what he experienced,he was mad,and confused

    People find him irretatable and wierd for taking pictures,he was not appreciated nor his talents,then theres this scene where he choose what to buy if 'food' or a battery for his 'camera' ,he was judged by the old woman for giving coins,he was again… Judged

    next theres this scene where he took picture of interesting things for him like a beggar judging someone (maybehe has a bad experienced) whos only intention is just to throw a bottle,then a black and white woman arguing,with their child confused why they can't play with each other (reperesent how some people not accepting diversity),then next was shown people who works double but was not appreciated like him,and then the woman whos crying
    The woman refused to take pictures while crying but soon agreed when she already put on her make up,it shows that people tries to be perfect and not miserable in front of a camera which represent "people",so instead she hide her true emotions with her make up
    The next thing was he was at the bar and the woman he tought was good ditch her without paying her bills so the bar tender made him pay,the bar tender broke his camera which represents how those people around him broke his dream

    The last one was with the dog,yes it means he lost the last braincell of being innocent,he was mad and confused again…then a Native old man appeared holding an iron(?) but instead of pushing him away like he was expecting the Native Old man helped him fixed his dream and made him feel appreciated as well as bringing his innocent dreams back

    The last part of the video was the old version of the kid holding a glass of water which is now…MELTED after he remembered that theres still good people in this earth like the Native old man,his heart lost its coldness and became warm again,because he found appreciation in a place where its more unexpectable to find

  65. komik kpop says:

    I like akmu and I like the reaction and appreciation
    love from indonesia~

  66. Pink Pandafc says:

    K, but that blond guy with the glasses is me.

    Stan AKMU

    Big bro came back from service

    Don't sleep on them

  67. we_stan_loona says:

    right in front of my salad

  68. Yang Li says:


  69. 이찬희 says:

    매우 간단하게 설명. 외국인이면 구글 번역기 써. 처음 파충류의 주름은 어른을 말해. 제목이 얼음들인건 한국발음으로 얼음들과 어른들이 비슷해서야. 어른들도 아이일 때가 있지. 어른이 되면 아이들은 편향적 혹은 왜곡적으로 바라보지. 이 뮤비에서 보이는 거울은 그것을 의미한다고 나는 생각해. 마지막 인디언(북미의 원래 주인=원주민)을 보여주기 전 얼음이 녹는 부분이 보여. 너흰 이 뮤비를 보고 단순한 느낌만 느낀것 같아. 난 내가 적은 것의 5배이상을 느꼈는데 말이야. 영어로 적을수도 있지만 이 뮤비에 대한 너희 리액션이 너무 실망스러웠어. 그래서 난 한글로 이 글을 적어. 아주 적은 힌트만 제공하는거지.

  70. Ghina Mardhatillah says:

    Bulgeun haega sesuhadeon paran bada
    Geomge oh oh muldeulgo
    Gureum bibaram ogadeon hayan haneul
    Hoesaek bitteulgo
    Mamsoge chajaon eodumeul geudaero dugo
    Bameul deopeun chagaun geurimjamanyang gudeoganda

    Eoreumdeuri nogajimyeon
    Jogeum deo ttatteutan noraega naoltende
    Eoreumdeureun wae geureoke chagaulkka

    Why are they so cold
    Why are they so cold

    Bulgeun haega sesuhadeon paran bada
    Geu gipi muchin yet ongireul barabonda
    Too late get it out
    Eoreundeul sesang chuwido pullyeosseumyeon hae
    Eoreotdeon sarangi ijen juwiro heulleosseumyeon hae

    Mamsoge chajaon eodumeul geudaero dugo
    Bameul deopeun chagaun geurimjamanyang gudeoganda

    Eoreumdeur eoreumdeuri nogajimyeon
    Jogeum deo (jogeum deo) ttatteutan noraega naoltende
    Eoreumdeureun wae geureoke chagaulkka

    Eoreumdeuri nogajimyeon
    Jogeum deo ttatteutan noraega naoltende
    Eoreumdeureun wae geureoke chagaulkka

    Why are they so cold
    Why are they so cold

  71. 김강우 says:

    그것도 설명해줬으면 했는데 "얼음들"을 한국 발음으로 들으면 "어른들"이라는 발음으로 난다는걸 설명 해줬으면 더 소름돋았을텐데

  72. Nanvy Miane says:

    "You find friends in most unusual places" 💞

  73. joan woo says:


  74. lovely yuyu says:

    their voice makes the upbeat music a sad one

  75. IGOT7Starlight16 says:

    y'all i watched the video to see and hear the reactors comments but I ended up bawling my eyes out because of Melted sighs

  76. 녜웡겅듀 says:

    저 동양인(?)같이 생긴 남자 두분은 한국말을 일본말이라고 하는 부분에서 개인적으로 미간을 찌뿌린것같음.. 저쪽입장에서는 그렇게 들릴지라도 한국인입장에서는 더욱 한국어를 잘 들어주면서 한국어는 이러이러한게 좋은것같아라고 해줬으면 좋겠다

  77. Wayne mac says:

    악동뮤지션이 음악 락에 아이들 동을 쓰는 걸 알았으면 좋겠다 ㅋㅋㅋ 그러면 얼음들=어른들에 뭔가 더 몰입됨

  78. นันธิณี ทิศกระโทก says:

    เพลง it's you
    MV It's you

  79. 박창현 says:

    작별인사가 음악이라면 딱 이런 느낌일거야…
    이 말이 진짜 공감간다

  80. 이만수 says:

    미떼나이같은소리하넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋkpop에는 여러나라말로 인사말할때빼고 일본어 가사에 넣은적 1도없어 후져서^^ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  81. 수수 says:

    근데 다들 항상 되게 피곤한 것 같음

  82. KESHI says:

    I've lost count of how many times this music video has made me cry already

  83. kyu Lee says:

    読める? 読んで www

  84. video4newt says:

    You guys are making me a fan of Akadong Musician!

  85. Lesly Indie says:

    pls support akmu!!! theyre coming back on september 25!!!

  86. Kathleen J. L. Delos Santos says:


  87. Shannon Kim says:

    omg please react to akmu’s most recent song! it’s so beautiful and i would love to hear an analysis on it 🙂

  88. Roentgen Abe says:

    I didnt know the brother could sing so well (q Moon)

  89. Khusnul Khotimah says:

    Please react akmu new album!

  90. 삼류 says:

    솔직히 한국인이 들어도 빼박 미떼나이…

  91. 도라방스 says:

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋ일본애들 국뽕 좀 적당히 말아드시지; 미떼나이 ㅇㅈㄹ

  92. 김에녹 says:

    멘트가 썅 외계어야… 뭔소리하는겨….ㄷㄷ
    역시음악인들의 리액션은 달라….

  93. 먹구름 says:

    미떼나이 ㅇㅈㄹ……왠만하면 말 안꺼내려 했는데 무슨 일본어로 들려….짱나네

  94. Tyndall Yoo says:

    리액션이 너무 음악적으로 깊게 들어가서 일반인인 저는 이해하기 힘드네요. 와우.

  95. putaemin says:

    everytime i hear melted i cry ;(

  96. 에이 says:

    휴고 주접을 보면 좀 더 정진해야겠다는 생각이 들어

  97. ᄋᄉᄋ says:

    일본 사람들 중에 단풍이나 한자나 사계절같은 건 일본에만 있는 것처럼 세상 자랑스러워하는 사람들 있던데 약간 그런 느낌인가… 자국의식과잉…

  98. Tom Akeley says:

    Your reactions annoy the hell out of me BUT your appreciation for AKMU is spot on and appreciated.. They are genius..

  99. 하얀코트 says:

    12:19 제발; 지랄노

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