Chatroulette Love Song


Now the day is almost gone I was close to logging off But then something caught my eye Brown hair not a curl You are my pixelated girl To far away to hear me cry There’s one thing I need to tell you Diana At first I was just happy that you weren’t a naked guy, yeah Diana But now I see, that Diana I had a floppy disk that you turned into a harddrive Diana
I love you so Chatroulette me be your man And I’ll make sure that I can Shower you with affection Although we’re many miles appart I’m sure that this could be the start Of our internet love connection There’s one thing I need to tell you Diana I wrote our love in chili, ’cause I know you’re hot and spicy Diana I love you so If I.. Take you on a date, you will not be cold and icy That was.. An awesome rhyme! Feels like you’ve pulled the trigger You took a screenshot at my heart And now the screen is getting bigger Diana I know that this is sudden but I’ve gotta ask you something Diana I need to know If I.. Got down on one knee and presented you the one ring Would you.. Marry me We know that He really really loves you Really really loves you..

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99 thoughts on “Chatroulette Love Song”

  1. Effie Gabrielle Blakely says:

    I had a floppy disk that you turned into a hard drive HAHAHA XD

  2. Lokesh Thakur says:

    wait, so it was a random girl? or this was pre-planned?

  3. nick google says:

    Here's the catch… it was actually an old man who masturbated the whole time

    Don't you know what Manycam is?

  4. Mehir Rahman says:

    that was brilliant! lads helping their mate out to propose to a girl? through chatroulette??? #legendsofourtime

  5. FinnThe Human says:

    This is so cute :3 U makes world happier 🙂

  6. Harald Huber says:

    I was waiting the whole Video,
    for the moment where they still take out their dicks and scream "IST A PRANK ITS A PRANK!!"

  7. Armen Petrosyan says:

    ah , wanted to subscribe immediately after this video ! but then i saw you have stright 7777 subscribers … i will wait till someone else spoil this Number then i will 😀

  8. Toma Katia says:

    woow very very beautiful ❤❤

  9. Dead Adam says:

    I would have skipped this guy.

  10. Vertual Lord says:

    Allow me to see the follow up??

  11. Andrew Kyler says:

    Legend has it that her panties are still soaked to this day!

  12. 🍒 says:

    i still love this so much

  13. chris brückner says:

    does someone know the chords or strumming pattern : D?

  14. gamingT says:

    Dr. Leonard Leakey Hofstadter!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Mansingh Soren says:

    Even I'd have said yes.

  16. Loba de la Noche says:


  17. sailentxx says:

    this creeps me out after seeing Lights Out

  18. Kotya TV says:

    Nice Gays

  19. Максим Кузьмин says:

    Have they really married?

  20. Benjamin Michael von Lichtenwald says:

    Here it comes: she's deaf.

  21. Fefè Bau says:

    it s very romantic and nice idea to use Chatroulette . I ask you to call me xD

  22. Dominic says:

    who's watching this in 2017?

  23. xXxFKKPARTYxXx says:

    wusste gar nicht das Lenard gitarre spielt und Singen kann !

  24. TheBaconCrusader says:


  25. monkii says:

    "I have a bf"

  26. angry carrot says:

    what song is this?

  27. jbiz1234 says:

    still great 5 years later

  28. Manu Tube says:

    6 years ago today 🙂

  29. Gábor Duzmath says:

    even tho I saw it a lot of times and I know it was just an "experiment" about what would be the girl's reaction, this is still one of the greatest videos in my opinion

  30. Robert Roy says:

    Have you still kept in contact with Diana?

  31. Rui Pinto says:

    In 2017 this still rocks!!

  32. Nic T says:


  33. Benjamin Michael von Lichtenwald says:

    when the bass tuned in l almost cried

  34. daxoze says:

    2011 was a simpler time.

  35. DeltaDog94 says:

    2017 Checking in

  36. cskillers1 says:

    vitalja fits too!

  37. Justin Bohemier says:

    That's one gross looking pizza

  38. jona cds says:

    Who still watching in 2017 :3

  39. Alex Zuzizi says:

    Wonderful! 🙂

  40. Mrakmal 69 says:

    Dude we fuckin need more of thisss godamit

  41. Hullo I have a question says:


  42. name8895 says:

    Lol, she's showing you her ring at the end to tell you that she's married and you take it as though she said yes

  43. Geeky Lion says:

    i hate these sites, i always get skipped because they think im going to show my dick.. thanks alot guys.

  44. Christian Tillmann says:

    watching this in 2017 and maybe in 2027

  45. Mohtasem 123 says:

    So cute guys

  46. Diseez Layx says:

    Who is still watching in 2k18?

  47. Eric B says:

    2018 anybody?

  48. Кукушка Аб says:

    Она русская. 2:04 – говорит пиздец))Cмешно то что она нихуя не поняла. Печаль блять))))))

  49. ÐAREÐEVIL says:

    Nowadays all you see is guys jerking off

  50. The Horseman says:

    Есть видео где ее берут в жены?

  51. Manu Tube says:

    7 years ago today 🙂

  52. John Östblom says:

    Was epic, Still Epic, forever Epic! 😀

  53. Peter Viking says:

    Speed dating done right

  54. LubiGee says:

    I just like the flow

  55. LubiGee says:

    WHAT if her name wasn’t DIANA

  56. anthony velasco says:

    Still think she's hella cute.

  57. Somesh Ohri says:

    name of the song pls…?

  58. David Luke says:

    YouTube gold!

  59. Najwaa says:

    How nostalgic I remember watching this in 2011 and here I am again after 7 years, I ship them till this day <3

  60. Hugh Walton says:

    2018 and this is still great!!

  61. 888gsc says:

    I love this song. What's the name of the band? They're great!

  62. MiN NETWORK says:

    Awesome.Great. Song never disappoints😍

  63. Amerlad mad says:

    back when the internet was a sweet place, and not… you know. a lair for the most fucked up people on earth.

  64. Jean Carlos says:


  65. special ned says:

    September 2018 that is all

  66. Guilherme Messias says:

    anybody on 2018?

  67. Zeta Man says:

    I still sing this song in the shower. 2018.

  68. eneko liceranzu says:

    watching this in 2018

  69. Isaac Reinaldo says:

    And in the middle the internet drops out

  70. Everardo Lopez says:

    Does anybody know that song this guy used for the lee vs kongou amv

  71. Tristan says:

    This is awsome

  72. Nihlist eScape says:

    I saw this 7 years ago and now I'm seeing it again. Idk why but I really needed to see it too.

  73. Maverick10 says:

    Anyone watching this again in 2018?

  74. ß says:

    That is amazing….cant do tell more….this is ingredible

  75. Alex Alex says:

    Зачётные парни Красивая девушка

  76. Reggaeman YO says:

    Back when Chatroulette wasn't all dicks

  77. Procus kaya says:

    2019 🖤

  78. Dinara Silver says:

    did he really propose her?

  79. Jawn Parker says:

    2019 anyone? This content was so great It belongs to my love song Playlist the moment I saw this in 2014

  80. black potito says:

    2019 anyone?

  81. Drim says:

    2019 i search for see again! Many years! Diana

  82. Da Mischi says:

    2019: Still EPIC!!!

  83. urso viicky Carinhoso says:

    Eu amo esse vídeo💞😊😄

  84. A G says:

    So like…he die?

  85. Ded Vred says:

    Итс вери шикардосно.

  86. Laura Daniela canizales ramirez says:

    Tan gonita la girl esa qwq~~~~

  87. shokked says:

    After 8 years im stumbling upon this in my favorites. Still gives me goosebumps!

  88. The SFNB. says:

    There exists good in the world after all

  89. Chas says:

    2019 Diana 🙂

  90. Artyom3400 says:

    Did u fuck he?

  91. Vash xd says:

    Oh, man..

  92. Kaio Almeida says:

    This video ALWAYS makes me smile. Even with this worst quality, warms my heart.

  93. Alberto Viloria says:

    Good luck to the poor bastard that tries to top that one off

  94. Che lo says:


  95. PathOfPirate says:

    Diana was a nice prop for this music. 🙂

  96. Brett Yarborough says:

    Being a stone cold mack daddy never hurts. Good job dude hope u got her

  97. le cheech says:

    TLDR one of them Murdered their own family

  98. Gator Hogg says:

    Who's still watching this awesome vid proposal in November 2019?🐧🎹🎸♥💗

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