Chandler Kinney, Pearce Joza, Baby Ariel – We Own the Night (From “ZOMBIES 2”)


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40 thoughts on “Chandler Kinney, Pearce Joza, Baby Ariel – We Own the Night (From “ZOMBIES 2”)”

  1. Abby Matthew says:

    Guys Addison is not human or werewolf or zombie she is ……… Alien

  2. Clevo’s Life From Home says:


  3. Wolfu Weeb says:

    I love this song! Sounds so good.

  4. reuel rules says:

    What songs was better the ones from descendants 3 or zombies 2 🤔🤔 can't decide

  5. Softy editing says:

    what’s next vampires ? 😂


  6. Talyah says:

    Just finished watching Zombies 2 and it was EVERYTHING!!!!! WE NEED ZOMBIES 3 NOW!!!!!

  7. iamodelia says:

    I already want to watch zombies 3 and I don't know if there's going to be a zombies 3

  8. Melany Brondo says:

    The soundtrack to this movie is so soooooo good. PERIOD.

  9. Charlese Phyllis Kay says:

    This song snapping. I can't wait for zombie's 3 and this my favorite zombie song .YES FIRE!!

  10. Mermaidlyx says:

    Wyatt could run me over and I'd thank him 😳

  11. Abegail Quinones says:

    No( i thought addi was gonna be 🧟‍♀️)

  12. Lisa Griffiths says:

    The movie was amazing and I bought the soundtrack I Love Own the Night it’s in my head

  13. Erika L. says:

    I love the movie so much ❤🐺❤🐺❤🐺❤

  14. Ramona plays says:

    I love the werewolves So much just got done watching the movie(I have a diffrent time zone then most people here)

  15. Summer's Dolls says:

    💙💚💖Awesome movie!!!

  16. Ally Swift says:

    My favourite song in Zombies 2.

  17. Random Stuff! says:

    I swear, Pearce Joza (Wyatt) is so hot in this music video!!!😆❤️ Amazing movie, loved it so much!

  18. PinkJG619 says:

    This is my favorite song out of this movie

  19. •Sweetly Wolfy • says:

    I can’t stop listening to the music can’t wait for zombies 3 😀

  20. ITSMEMADDIE says:

    Is aliens gonna be the next thing because at the end something dropped from the sky

  21. Summer's Singing/Vlog says:

    💙 I do not have words for how crazy cool this movie was! (This is my favorite dance/song scene!)

  22. Dayana Cervantes says:

    I like the wolf pack better that the zombies and the human

  23. Catherine Bundy says:

    The wolves came to Z-brook and stole me on their song. I love their song I used to love Zeds and Addison’s but THEY STOLE MEH

  24. Priscila Flores says:

    I love the movie so much 😍

  25. nehir altınn says:

    He's very handsome and I love him so much.

  26. Ignacia Soto says:

    Sincerely the songs of this movie are better than the other

  27. Chelsea Runyan says:

    By far my favorite song in the whole movie.

  28. Tyler Spencer says:

    This song got me hyped

  29. Cryztal says:

    This song has to be my favorite from the movie! ❤ I really hope they do make a Zombies 3..! The ending is definitely hinting its not over yet..

  30. Sweetie _Gacha says:

    Once I heard this song I FELL IN LOVE WITH WILLA 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💖💖

  31. Coral & Alex Gamers says:

    I haven’t seen the movie yet but I’ve heard the songs and they are amazing!!! I love descendants and it’s similar to zombies I’m so excited!

  32. Dawn1872 says:

    This song is good plus this movie was so good and can't wait for zombies 3.

  33. Zai Bailey says:

    I can't get over the songs from z2 I can't stop listening to this wolfs for life🐺🐺🐺🐺

  34. Fabiana Romero says:

    Awooooooooo they got to make a zombie 3

  35. Fabiana Romero says:

    Wyatt is mostly me in real life because he is a werewolf and I act like a werewolf

  36. Ailyn moreno says:


  37. Fabiana Romero says:

    Zombies 2 was ansome i really want them to make a zombies 3

  38. Holy senpai says:

    Glenn then you would get beat up to me I’ll scratch your hair I’ll flappy you up🤕

  39. Pony girl Malaiba says:

    I love zombies 2 I can’t wait for zombies 3

  40. Euphoria Effect says:

    I watched the already

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