Brittle Bones Nicky (Official Music Video)


Wires got crossed when I was about 3 Dad had bloody heavy hands, used them on me My mamma? Bless her heart, cuz she gave me a start She got killed, bad man, dad stiffed in a scam Grew up in the system, bounced, couple homes This woman Mary, gifted me hand-me-down clothes Shy at the start, till this guy named Shifty Who had 100 pounds on me called me “Brittle Bones Nicky” A target aimed straight at my face Big house of kids, cred is cake Rounded up a couple bucks, got it freshly baked Sat down to dinner Put it right in his face Right in his f****** face (in his face) You’re not gonna push me around You can’t get me down, down, down (down!) You’re not gonna push me around (nooo!) You can’t get me down, down, down (down!) Bounce ahead a couple years, king of my peers We biked the block, cheersin’ pretty girls beers Did alright for myself, petty thefts I pulled I dropped outta school, built a circle of bulls Needing more money, covered head to toe Snuck up, sucker, took his stash, and drove The cash stashed, it was pouring in Bulk of it up my nose How dumb I was, twenty-one And way out of control The cops kicked down the door She did a line right off my (wow!) Said “that’s one way to go down” Knew I was hard as rock Knew-I-was-hard-as-rock (hard as rock) You’re not gonna push me around You can’t get me down, down, down (down!) You’re not gonna push me around (no!) You can’t get me down, down, down (down!) Bars, new world, who could I trust? Killers were nice, smugglers were rough Met a man named Ben, quite sharp & witty Gave me books about money & cities Taught me ropes, only years coulda gained Looked out for each other, M.O’s the same That night I heard Ben, turning 50 in May Yellin’ so loud, two decades we aged Found him cornered, pants down, shanked Didn’t even think twice, man I barely blinked (I barely blinked, I barely blinked) If it cost me my life man id save my only friend That’s something I could live with I could take that till the end If it cost me my life man id save my only friend That’s something I could live with I could take that till the end You’re not gonna push me around You can’t get me down, down, down (down!) You’re not gonna push me around (no!) You can’t get me down, down, down (down!) Now every morning, coffee, park Walking around the city, deals light or dark I’m straight edge as a punk, well mannered, and I feel free Tried to do what I thought was best And that’s coming to the grave with me As I lay here in my final nights, I try to have a laugh I didn’t win the game of life But I’d give myself a pass

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100 thoughts on “Brittle Bones Nicky (Official Music Video)”

  1. Im_alexander says:

    But drugs are legal?

  2. Minecraftboi222 says:

    People and blogs category

  3. M S says:

    Everyone else: this is not for kids
    COPPA: this is for kids

  4. Wrathful Cucumber says:

    I absolutely love this art

  5. edna puckett says:

    This song is so fucking amazing also ive got it on spotify

  6. owo says:

    The art and animation is just amazing! Especially with the great song

  7. Jzechariah Smith says:

    Mony is that drugs

  8. Themidnight Leighton 2.0 says:

    Why did Nicky go to prison in the first place?

  9. Themein 26 says:

    nicky: *got bullied*
    skeletal boi: *FUNK OVERLOAD*

  10. British Buffoons says:

    I wonder what happened to Nicky's prison friend.

  11. Riddle Me Fish says:

    I love the story of this song
    And that Bancoy was like the father figure he never had

  12. HAL REVIEW says:

    there is talent just need to support it

  13. SUPERDUPER CAM says:

    My stripper name is Brittle Bones Nicky

  14. The Loneliest Bagel says:

    No one:
    Not a single human being:
    Skeleton Nicky: cha cha real smooth

  15. Xsergo _ says:

    Nicky: Sees his friend being idk close to be killed
    Nicky skeleton: Awww man cha cha real smooth (KILL THEM)

  16. Dead Advertising says:


  17. Una Letra más says:

    All the song is a great piece of music, every second of this is a good form to think about you future, present and every choice you can do for make "The Game Of Life" better from YOU and maybe from you clossers persons. Well, in first place I wanna congrat all the work how "Rare Americans" do it in this song and, in fact, I found it after listening the song of "SomethingElseYT". Truly, I hope this video and song can be more played in time like…i don't know, schools o Middle Schools where the problems of bullys and the fear from begin no more useful from the selfcaptation to " I'm worthless", "Maybe they not need me more" or other stuff like that. I need excuse myself whit the awfull of my English, but this is my message from suport to this video

  18. Dio the killer says:

    that's one strong punch

  19. TV Gamer says:


  20. Dodo Bird says:


  21. Tenkai_ _Instinct says:

    When the ad popped up, the skeleton is what got my interest peaked. I love how this is a story about how the system we have doesn’t work all the time. It also shows how important the little people’s lives are and what their story means.


    Not a single soul:
    Not even Trump:

    SkeleNicky: “Bruh I be G R O O V I N ‘ .”

  22. UnusualStuff 598161 says:

    Skeleton Nicky straight up vibin doe

  23. Ramen Noodles says:

    Eat me

  24. o Stephens says:

    Was the old man in the prison raped and stabbed?mmm

  25. Austin McCarty says:

    Bone daddy

  26. Atomic Fliqs says:

    Nicky: Being illegal and stuff.
    One skeleton boi: Hes just groovin.

  27. This is Patrick says:

    Is this from a video game or fanmade

  28. kait Tchorek says:

    The skeleton is Just vibing

  29. Rebecca c says:

    now that skeleton is just strait vibin

  30. Dream catcher says:

    So what i get is that ur tall and skiny or fat

  31. Jaysen Tharp says:

    gets tackled

    Nicky: 🖐😄

  32. b o n k says:


    teen nicky: b i c y c l e.

  33. DailyMeme says:


  34. 7R1X says:

    Channel: Rare Americans

    Money on the table: BRITISH

  35. Obi-Wan Kenobi says:


  36. Ultra Sans says:

    Nicky: Has a horrible life

    Skeleboi: So anyway I started boogeying.

  37. The British Maniac says:

    So glad this song was advertised to me on YouTube long ago. This has become one of my favourite songs

  38. average internet person says:

    I absolutely love his music

  39. vaze says:

    Gorillaz vibez anyone

  40. USER_NOT_FOUND_141 says:

    Nicky: his body is small
    Bully:ya small
    Also Nicky: i see you've been chosen death

  41. GachaPaw says:

    I honestly like to think Nicky didnt like how the cop threw his girl into the wall because it reminded him of his dad's treatment towards his mom. Not to mention..the girl kinda looked like his mom a little-

  42. Antonio Navarro says:

    I remember when this was first released and it’s still a banger

  43. Lil Judd says:

    Saw this in an ad

  44. Anthony Depressed says:

    This seems depressed

  45. Random Doggo says:

    No one:

    Not a single soul:

    Dead Nicky: SHAMONE

    Edit: I’m not gonna lie, that skeleton has some 10/10 moves. He passes the vibe check.

  46. Gavin Rivera says:

    Can we just noticed how unpopular this song is it deserves way more attention

  47. WYD 1664 says:

    Nicky: Does bad things in is life

    Skeleton: g e t j i g g y w i t h i t


    99%:"song about horrible life"
    skeleton cha cha real smooth
    1%(me): i mean the song is called brittle "bones nicky"

  49. T0X1C _45 says:

    Nicky:I have fucking bad life

    Skeleton:[grooving intensifies]

  50. the dog of hope says:

    I love the band

  51. the dog of hope says:

    oh hey Ben 😀

  52. CjayDaGr8 says:

    When there’s an music ad I never skip it and I’m glad I’ve been listening to this on and off for 2 months

  53. Homboll ! says:

    1:34 when my crush smiles at my joke

  54. iimasheii says:

    The dad looks like Trevor from GTA V

  55. Random cat says:

    ah yes, medium rare

  56. MaBunz ! says:

    I dont like this

  57. Electric baby Dino says:

    Nicky: Commits arson

    Skeleton Nicky: cha cha dance

  58. DailyMeme says:

    but wait at the scene it canadian money so the heck could he get arrest i mean sure he assaulted an officer but he cant be arrested for doing drug SINce IT CANADA

  59. British Buffoons says:

    Did Shifty get knocked out? I know he didnt die.

  60. SafeM8 says:

    American dreams, Canadian currency

  61. Jonny Eveans says:

    Saw this on an add. Glad I didn't skip.

  62. Frosted Milk says:

    Sooo are we not gonna talk about how the woman just kicked a cop in the face?

  63. Nothing. says:

    how strong is this damn guy?

  64. WD G says:

    I like this kid

  65. Stop please says:

    The cops legs tho

  66. Jormungandur II says:

    I just love how in the prison fight, the doors kept flying open revealing Nicky kicking some ass😂😂

  67. The clips are 1nsane Dood says:


  68. Erika Funk says:

    Nicky: kills a kid, goes to jail, does cocaine

    Skeleton: G R O O V I N G

  69. kattie martin says:

    Im vibing with that skeleton

  70. Caliber Rivera says:

    Comments section:
    Song: oof

    Skeleton: dance

  71. Josiyah Hatter says:

    One of the best songs on this channel, HANDS DOWN!

  72. David Harambe says:

    Nicky: kills someone

    Skeleton Nicky: CYBERCHASE WE’RE MOVIN’

  73. AQUA Recording says:

    We have all sung along at least once

  74. Alfie Pearce says:

    V I B E. C H E C K

  75. FrIZziE games says:

    Ah yes, I hope I turn into a skeleton I would do Dem funky dinkey

  76. Peppro 004 says:

    My ass hurts

  77. -Miss_Mystical- says:

    I keep coming back to this.

    I'm addicted 🤧

  78. Theboyz Gaming says:

    I bet the skeleton is the kid

  79. Huntin_for_life_12 says:

    I like the whole concept of the whole song but the chorus is kinda cringe and tumbler and “uhh I’m being bullied rn this relates to me rn uhh” are kinda not feeling natural

  80. Qozamak 2 says:

    Welp now we know where milkman came from

    insert unoriginal joke that people give two shits about

  81. Godofchaosandmadness says:

    jazzy bones nicky

  82. Oi! says:

    Brittle bone snicky

  83. Axisted says:

    1:11 Its HinATa

  84. davensky pro says:

    I love this make more

  85. Bendy BSO says:

    If u broke ur replay button dont worry i got u 😁

    Cost: 1 like

  86. Stef says:

    Ma dudes this song is crazy as hell, good job.

  87. The Forever Blazing Bonfire says:

    There needs to be a show of this, this was fucking wicked

  88. alex towns says:

    Nicky: *Kills a dude"

    Skelebro Nicky: CHA CHA REAL SMOOTH!!!

  89. Father Spoon says:

    Nicky you may be a criminal but you still a wholesome weirdo with a good heart, just look at that lil wave.

  90. Lil Judd says:

    In the background of the prison guards, one falls over the janitor bucket.

  91. Campton Nerd says:

    Nicky was pretty strong if he could send a cop that had 200 pounds on him flying

  92. Jingo Ent says:

    All except for the prison part, this is the America i grew up with.

  93. chilly24 says:

    You see this rap is really good but the chorus doesn't match the song.

  94. Michelle McComb says:

    Nickey gets pindup against a wall by cop


  95. ace says:

    YouTube would not stop recommending me this

  96. AQUA Recording says:

    Its only been a week why do i know all the words

  97. yaoxpawys says:

    Очень круто!!!

  98. AQUA Recording says:

    Plot Twist:Ben is his dad

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