BIRDS OF PREY – Official Trailer 2


– Can I help you? – Why, yes.
Yes, you can. I’m here to report
a terrible crime. – And what terrible crime
is that? – This one. [ bell dings ]
– Aw, shit. I told this all wrong.
Quick history lesson. This all started when
the Joker and I broke up. It was completely mutual. And soon enough,
I was back on my feet, ready to embrace
the fierce goddess within. [ sobs ] – ♪ It’s oh so quiet ♪ – Now that I’ve cut ties
with Mr. J… I’m about to learn that
a lot of people want me dead. – ♪ You’re all alone ♪ – And at the top
of that list… is this guy. – ♪ And so peaceful until ♪ – But it turns out… [ grunting ] Mmm. …I wasn’t the only dame
in Gotham looking for emancipation. – ♪ You fall in love
zing, boom ♪ – He’s after all of us. – ♪ Sky up above ♪
– The kid just robbed him. – ♪ Zing, boom ♪ – You betrayed him.
You killed his BFF. – ♪ Wow, bam! ♪ – [ pants ] What? – You are so cool. And you’re dumb enough to be
building a case against him. So, unless we all want to die
very unpleasant deaths… we’re gonna have to
work together. – Sure.
– Yes! ♪ ♪ ♪ Psychologically speaking, vengeance rarely brings
the catharsis we hope for. – Yeah. – Are we ready? – ♪ You blow a fuse ♪ ♪ Zing, boom ♪ ♪ The devil cuts loose ♪ ♪ Zing, boom ♪ ♪ So what’s the use? ♪ ♪ Wow, bam ♪ – Whoo! Turn it up! – ♪ The sky caves in ♪ ♪ The devil cuts loose ♪ ♪ You blow blow blow blow
your fuse ♪ ♪ [ screams ] ♪ – [ both chuckling ] – ♪ When you fall in love ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ – Oh, shit. Is that
a hyena in a bathtub? – I named him Bruce
after that hunky Wayne guy. [ hyena chuckles ] ♪ Shh ♪

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100 thoughts on “BIRDS OF PREY – Official Trailer 2”

  1. Kingenvyj says:

    Black Canary is Black!!!!!!

  2. Samuel says:

    Please Hollowood. Pleeeease don't make this into faminazy bullshit propaganda.

  3. chipChipperson202 says:

    This gave me Aiiidssssss

  4. Ivan says:

    Дичь какая то безвкусная

  5. Ben Miele says:

    What’s the song that starts at 0:32 ?

  6. Joker The clown prince of crime says:

    Really harley this what you do now

  7. Nayxf 0 says:

    We need a catwoman movie!

  8. Laura Lopez says:

    Please check out my daughters first video and don’t forget to subscribe!

  9. The palpster. says:

    Kenobi… I see you survived… I will have to demote cody for this.

  10. 3r3r_Tube says:

    Isnt the plot just like deadpool 2

  11. FOG 3 says:

    It was like that bjork song was made for this trailer haha

  12. fedor Ivanov says:

    Its more crazy

  13. Evan McC says:

    The biggest person on that list is a jedi master

  14. Patricio Paolo says:

    Charlie's Feminists Angels Part 2. Women vs Men.

  15. CrazyHorse151 says:

    Here is my forecast: Men are going to be upset about an all female lead cast.

  16. Drifty_ 36 says:

    I want watch this

  17. Xion Temoc says:

    SHITTY female casting!!! I'll pass. The writing seems bad too

  18. Nick Peterson says:

    I get the feeling that DC thinks that Jared Leto was the reason suicide squad sucked, when it wasn't at all

  19. Michael Hill says:

    "A Joker movie without the Joker. This is going to be a big hit!" – No One Ever

  20. Jimmy Bulman says:

    Looks fucking horrible

  21. Jimmy Bulman says:

    I hope I’m wrong but this looks so fucking bad

  22. Sand Sack says:

    Yea, go misandry

  23. Cadizzz says:

    0:51 I thought that was flour from a bakery until only now that I realized that Harley lit up because it's loads of cocaine

  24. LPS Milk N Coffee says:

    The hyena's laugh was great

  25. Frank Ventura says:

    Footage is cool music sucks tho

  26. Jeannette Weinbrenner says:

    I freaking love Margo Robbie. Can't wait to see this

  27. thetramp123 says:

    Only one hyena? Do they not care about the source material!!!

  28. fusionaut23 says:

    This looks so much cooler than that family friendly, middle america nonsense from Disney Marvel. Comic book movies aren't suppose to be for middle america anyway, this is the comics where Gods, enhanced Beings and dark and sinister creatures exist. This looks dark, edgy, dangerous and a lot of fun. I love it. I will definitely be going to see this when it comes out.

  29. Momoland says:

    Poison ivy 🙁

  30. Bip Nop says:

    Looks good

  31. Gabriel G says:

    Un grupo de dolidas "locas" perseguidas por "malos" sin puntería

  32. Haneef Terry says:

    Posin Ivy really should be in here

  33. Carolina Antunes says:

    i couldn't even finish the trailer . boring

  34. Christian Borges says:

    This shit looks fucking horrible.

  35. Anônima desprovida de nome says:

    I guess its target audience must be teenagers because my god, what a fucking cringe-fest.

  36. Adrian Garza says:

    Cassandra Cain one of the best fighters in the DCU but does absolutely nothing in this trailer wow

  37. Jade Jenkins says:

    Harley did not need joker at ALL

    Now she is a better in a way

  38. JB IGOR says:

    Damn 11K dislikes from marvel fanboys, chill out nerdys

  39. Richard says:

    Are people actually gonna see this? This looks stupid as shit.

  40. chakrafina casanova says:

    🤣 I’m about to watch it

  41. kasaibouF29 says:

    Looks like Tonya Harding turned into a DC villian since she can't compete in ice skating again. Now she's gonna whack her mother with that mallet.

  42. Winter Oller says:

    Im so glad they add Harleys hyenas since they were in the cartoons

  43. Otter says:

    So the main cast is girls?

  44. TGRgrimreaper209 says:

    Bots r fucking going crazy on this video

  45. wallace torrieri says:

    I just dont get the hair

  46. DisneyFanatic2364 says:

    Finally a movie featuring the Huntress. Very underrated DC character.

  47. MoonsKitchenKL says:

    This after the Black Widow trailer? Nope

  48. dueeh nyyu says:

    Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay was the Suicide Squad we deserved.

  49. Nadya Putri says:

    Why dont use Red Velvet – Psycho for the ost 😭😭

  50. D Mumba says:

    Can't wait to see this one.

  51. P B says:

    That’s upsetting looks like this is going to be another one of these anti male movies. I’m a Harley Quinn fan but I will not support Hollywood’s current BS agenda of making every damn movie anti male or anti white male.

  52. Dylan Wharepapa-Pera says:

    Harley: "I named him Bruce after that hunky Wayne guy"

    Joker 1989: "She's about to trade up!"

  53. Adam Davis says:

    See DC can make good movies if they ain't dark

  54. David Carter says:

    No thanks.

  55. your sleep paralysis Demon says:

    I don't think she killed him I think she just took her anger out on Ace chemicals

  56. svrls7 says:

    As much as I liked her in suicide squad, this just looks bad from the trailer

  57. Bob Doubter says:

    I'll see it for Mary and Margo.

  58. Brian Mesa says:

    2:12 that Kardashian reference tho

  59. Ferdinand Cool says:

    Björk 😍

  60. வீரன் C says:

    Where is Jared Leto ??

  61. JT McGee says:

    Aussy accent comin out. IMHO Gonna be a Dumpster Fire. Wish all the actors well but Damn

  62. Dorothy Marie says:

    Gonna see this on my birthday next month 😍🥰🥰😍🥰😍😍

  63. ThatCryptidBoi says:

    They should have used the original Björk version

    But this is still good

  64. V-MEKKA says:

    Any Björk fans here?

  65. Anon Anon says:

    I don't mind a feminist narrative if it is well written . If they're going to shove the fact that they're badass because they're girls every 5 seconds, it's going to be awful. Please don't ruin this, I have such high hope.

  66. Dawn Desu says:

    I was expect poison Ivy so, I'm a bit annoyed. I still want to see, though. It Harley's Quinn, why wouldn't.

  67. Rohan UK says:

    Woah…!! I mean Bruce The Hyena…!!

  68. Jacob Allen says:

    Females ghost busters, Charlie's angels remake now this woah oh I forgot the most important character of all captain marvel the strongest woman to ever live by tha way I'm being sarcastic

  69. M Class2 says:

    Prediction it will be a flop just like Ghostbusters and Charlie angels.

  70. onlyquinn14 • says:

    Sense when is her ponytails so small

  71. Mas says:

    1:39 is that Batman?

  72. Jack Larry Jones says:

    electra heart !!!

  73. Andrew Agbor says:


  74. splits seconds says:

    This looks better than black widow witch looks generic as hell

  75. TinyTimesofLife says:

    Harley Quin VS Black Widow!!!!!! Game on..

  76. James Page says:

    I smell an Oscar nomination for Margot.
    Anyone agree?

  77. ઽઝylα૨ jѳท૯ઽ says:

    I don´t know why but the song "It´s Oh So Quiet" was just perfect for the trailer. 👌

  78. Marchosias Rex says:

    DIVERSE WOMEN POWER! The virtue signaling here is off the charts……I can smell the political liberal bullshit practically……..Definite cringe fest….

  79. Drishti Sharma says:

    Is there any selenator?

  80. Elsworth Baranda says:

    What he kill the joker in the trailer? I like that

  81. boba fm says:

    is there anyone talking about the soundtrack??? it's BJORK!!!!!

  82. Dane Elixson says:

    DC: "Damn! They really loved 'Joker', back to making dumpster fires! but this time- kaleidoscopic cringe."

  83. morsheda alam says:


  84. Nanda tri prasetio says:

    That's my Harley quin

  85. Andrew Life27 says:

    This looks really stupid

  86. Veronica Sawyer Is Mood says:

    Umm so yeah I think we all just witnessed Harley kill Joker right?!

  87. Legacy Fame says:

    Everyone (including me): I CAN’T WAIT!! I LOVE HARLEY!!!

    Everyone after the trailer: BRUCE THE HYENA IS THE REAL STAR OF THE MOVIE!!!

  88. SgtPepper says:

    1:35 love the synchronisation

  89. Pixl Dimentio says:

    Excelente detalle al incluir a BJÖRK en su banda sonora

  90. kat kat says:

    All the best parts in the trailer. I'll pass

  91. Sabrina Nez says:

    Harley crying while spraying whipped cream in her mouth is literally me when I finished watching a sad puppy animation XD 😂😂

  92. Milan sharma says:

    I Miss Poison Ivy 😢

  93. mateo matu says:

    40% of comments: Jared Leto is fired
    60% of comments: ADORABLE HYENA

  94. Paprika Harris says:

    because the joker is a freakin vampire

  95. Paper585 says:

    Called Birds of Prey, but is actually Harley and Friends

  96. Twenty-Four says:

    To anyone wondering if they just killed Jared Leto's Joker: No.
    It says in leaked plot lines 2 months ago, it's actually just her exploding ace chemicals because it's where "it all started".

  97. aklordx says:

    Still looks dead

  98. s-plan none says:

    This looks so awful on so many different levels

  99. ziqo __ says:

    So, no one's gonna talk about that 2:01 powerful canary cry from Black Canary?

  100. Christian Smith says:

    Ewan mcgreggor isn’t not enough to save this movie

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