Belle Arti Center for the Arts – Music School in Forest Hill Queens NY

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Hello Everyone, My name is Claudette and I am so excited to
be here today to share something I am very passionate about: the power of music, the
benefits of playing an instrument, why music is so important in our lives and why music
class is the first activity you should choose for your child when they are born. First here is a little history: When my husband
Massimiliano and I founded Belle Arti Center for the Arts in 2007, we wanted to build our
school in a community that was varied culturally and professionally, and we decided that Forest
Hills, Queens was the right fit for us. After being here for so many years, we have
served the families in this community with love, passion and integrity. We don’t care what your background is or
what your abilities are. We are here to make music happen, and for us that’s very important, we feel like anyone can make music. And after so many year, we can now say that
we are raising the next generation of young entrepreneurs, professionals and/or musicians. But again, the key question is, why is music
so important? Why learning an instrument early on is so
important. Well, have you ever felt the chills when listening
to a song? Or perhaps happiness, sadness or calmness? Well that is the true power of music. So don’t forget to sign up on our email
list today to learn more about why music is the best gift you can give to your child.

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