BEHIND THE SCENES OperaFirst | THE MAGIC FLUTE Mozart – Garsington Opera

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The OperaFirst programme is fantastic because it gets children in who might never be exposed to opera. You might find a
budding singer that never knew that they could do something, wants to try it out, wants to be in the youth programme and it just makes the community come together and it means that Garsington is
reaching a broader audience too. Welcome to Garsington Opera. Really enjoy the opportunity tonight
to see this performance. Lots of you have been working on the
story, lots of you will recognise music from within it. Have a great night and
you’re so welcome here at Garsington Opera! I think opera’s pretty cool! I didn’t really know what it was. I thought it was all ladies
in Viking hats singing in Latin. But it turns out it’s not, so… What a great opera to do
to a schools audience! The fact that they’re getting
a whole audience of children all together it means that
they’re all in it together and we’re in it with them as well! I love the singing, it was really good! Papageno, because he had a shotgun! Yeah, he was my favourite,
because he had a lot of emotions, and it was very interesting. I understand how important it is,
at grassroots level, at a young age, just to be
inspired by something different, as long as they go away with something with some kind of new feeling, and I think it’s vital, really. I didn’t know what to expect but, when I got in there and started watching it,
it was really good, I was enjoying it. You could really feel the emotion,
I don’t know how to explain it, when they sang you could
really feel how they were feeling. I think I’d want to go to
another opera. Yeah. I would. It was AMAZING! I thought it was actually pretty good. I thought it was, like, alright.

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