Becoming an artist: Trevecca’s music programs

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– To be an artist means to be free, to be able to express yourself, whenever you have that
moment of creativity, of inspiration, to just follow that. – I was actually studying
biology for a few years in Minnesota, and I just did
a random semester down here in Nashville studying music,
at a study abroad program. That semester basically kinda
changed my whole career ideas. I was like, “I’m not gonna
be a surgeon anymore. “I wanna do music.” – I knew that I wanted to do
music when I was around 13. I started writing songs. I felt like God was calling me to write, and I just kept doing it
and ended up at Trevecca. – I was kind of going through a time where I was just really unsure of whether I wanted to go into
the Christian music industry or do secular music. We really took that as the central idea for my time through the Incubator program. – For me, I was coming out of a season where I was making music
that was really different than what I knew I wanted to make. Doing this program
really helped me discover exactly what I wanted
to say with my music. – Artist development, that entire process is something that each individual person that wants to have a career
in the entertainment industry has to own, and what we’re trying to do is provide the right ingredients,
the right atmosphere, the right professionals for
the student to really thrive. – I got the opportunity
to meet with publishers, with artists, with songwriters. And basically, throughout these meetings, we get to connect and we
get to kinda talk about what making a living
looks like in the industry and how I can best do that
with the tools that I have. – You meet with all
different types of people from marketing
representatives, from labels, from producers, to songwriters. I got to do some co-writes
with some CCM artists and meet with some A&R
people, meet with some labels. – We are looking for students
who are hard working, who are creative, who know who they are and what they wanna do
but are still teachable. – [Madyson] While you’re
in the Incubator program, you’re expected to write
as much music as you can, and then at the end of your
time, you’ll do a showcase. So you’re able to kinda
show off what you learned and what you wrote through the process. – [Matthew] So basically just
kinda showcases your growth as an artist. – Take this time to build a fan base and make connections
within the music industry that are not just on campus. – My lessons with my songwriting teachers, with my voice instructors, piano teachers, they’ve all given me a lot of tools that I think I’m definitely
gonna use in my future, and with that, you can do a lot. (uplifting music)

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