Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours 🙂 Have to go in on the crust first guys, gotta get that crunch 🙂 Thanks for watching!!

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  1. Brandon Leon says:

    Me preocupa seriamente tu salud

  2. Romiblox says:

    i love ASMR

  3. Romiblox says:

    i love pizza

  4. #whatever says:

    Diabetes has entered the chat

  5. Erika Hoffman says:

    it might be bad that i watch these i fall asleep to

  6. Hutson Cole says:

    there is no need for a 3rd bite with no sause it hurts

  7. Zahierul Hasief says:

    Zach:first bite is you me:bites my phone

  8. shrek stir says:

    if i could reach through the screen his pizza would be snatched

  9. Edwardy Vaskz says:

    1:31 i litterly bit my phone

  10. Jiminie got no jams but he got butter- says:

    Hey zach wanna eat something?
    Zach: sure!
    Takes out???? salad
    Zach: Bye im leaving 🙂

  11. Dareen Alshayeb says:

    Zach:first bite is all yours 🙂
    Also zach:*demolishes the food*

  12. Natalia Perdomo says:

    Where are those hashbrowns from? They look thicker than McD

  13. Dee디 says:

    When Zach eats he smiles with his eyes and it’s so cute

  14. Donny Agustiyan says:

    This guys really fall in love with sprite

  15. Bryan Rodriguez says:

    Zach: goes to the store and buys food

    “First bite is all yours”

    Me: remember omg my dad went to the store and never came back

  16. Daisy Chen says:

    I’m drinking lemonade while watching this.

  17. J Min says:

    Who does not like him taking big bites

  18. mohamed khawalid says:

    جوعني الكلب

  19. Chiby says:

    This annoys me his eating the pizza from the side

  20. Twerk FN. says:

    Best Combo?♥️♥️

  21. OhHoney Msp says:

    why do I always watch ASMR eating when am so freaking hungry- ????

  22. Drew Medina says:

    Dead Zach,
    Thanks for making these videos, they're great. I appreciate your personal style in consuming nosh. I appreciate the effort that goes into your videos and I am fan. I know that what I ask is minimal is comparison to the entire scope of what you're doing but, by chance, could you, please just slurp the straw in the sprite? Like really finish it off. I know it is a miniscule action but finishing the soda is my focus at this point. I wanna know if you finish it.


  23. serena villani says:

    East my life???❤Y'm Italian

  24. King Liang's Mum. says:

    Zach when eating: B*TcH gEt In mE StOmaCh.

  25. Depressed_ Error says:

    Me: having headphones on loud and it going through headphones
    My mum: can he close his mouth or smt?

  26. pizza Dude says:

    How the heck it’s heck DOSENT he gain weight?

    I just want to eat

  27. Katy Stojanoska says:

    Bro.. i wanna eat with u sometime????

  28. Defne Duran says:


  29. Annafromspacey says:


  30. Luka Dzagnidze says:


  31. JoeEspoWheelier says:

    Who else only eats hash browns,chips or chicken nuggets at McDonalds while everyone around you eats like burgers and chicken burgers lol

  32. JoeEspoWheelier says:

    His belly when eating that:
    My belly when eating that:
    ( )

  33. Th3potato Gang says:

    I would do a Fast food mukbang that looks so good

  34. Anto1703 says:

    Napoli triggered

  35. Brianna Campas says:

    I want those hash browns ?

  36. Алексей Eagle says:

    Охренеть в гукса влезает фаст фуда

  37. Benjamin Burkowski says:

    Zach you should try Mariana sauce to dip your pizza in

  38. Lloyd Lucero says:

    Why does Zach choi bite into the pizza cringly

  39. Jimena Alarcón Guerrero says:

    Utaa se me antojo ???

  40. Adior Mayen says:

    First of all we don’t even get to have the firs bite and that just make me very hungry ? but I still ❤️ to each this???

  41. Clare Forgie says:

    What does he do to stay this skinny

  42. MageTv123 says:

    This made me hungry af?

  43. Bianca Mei says:

    i hate this

  44. zero wolf and lil frost rip my lil wolf says:

    Im starving…

  45. Status Apaixonado says:

    Alguém de Brasil?
    Como eu vim parar aki

  46. LTK says:

    He must maintain a healthy diet to not be fat because he uploads these videos pretty often

  47. A Johnson says:

    You must be fat from eating a lot of food in videos

  48. Ali McMurph says:

    Is that a Target pizza, my man?

  49. Salty SQUID says:

    Y dip pizza into sauce

  50. Huawei Indo says:

    Pizza nya menggoda

  51. Smuzi Game says:

    Типо дибилизм

  52. Mikayla Lillian Kingi says:

    Me watching this at 11pm at night thinking that watching this is gonna cure my hunger?

  53. spaceGUY 750 says:

    Why u do dat
    I know how to spell that i want to do dat

  54. Варя Няшка says:

    Я одна русская

  55. Xalise says:

    I want it….now….

  56. NaTh3Rät says:

    Just looking at that pizza I wonder how can anyone dislike cheese… ?

  57. Taekook Spirit says:

    Subscribed and put on notifications!??
    Hands down the best asmr mukbangerrrr?

  58. Saranchimeg Batbayr says:


  59. Do I care tho?? _army says:

    Lol I wonder how many packets of sauces he has stored in his fridge??

  60. Antonela Tintesan says: hungry like HELLLL

  61. Ты Чмо says:


  62. Dashul'ko says:

    Госпади ну как так можно в рот помещать столько ? Пол куска пиццы , пол нагетца за один раз аж смотреть противно

  63. Ayanna Mae says:

    you make me hungry even if i just ate

  64. Maud van Helvoort says:

    Zach: *eats a pizza slice in 20 seconds.
    Me: *eats a pizza slice in 20 minutes!

  65. Love Yourself says:

    Iralians are shaking when seeing one dip pizza in sauce

  66. Norelys Beitia says:

    Gait or teje life

  67. salty pretzel says:


  68. Ian Chito says:

    Este chico si que come

  69. Nilo Estrada says:

    el es glen se murio en the walking death y ahora ase asmr

  70. Pam M. says:

    yum! ?


  71. bangtan sonyeondan is my lifue says:

    "first bite is all yours"

    bites into air

  72. Joshua Range says:

    Zach Choi= first bite is all yours

    Me= trying to actually take a bite

  73. Mir Big says:


  74. Hân Gia says:

    Ăn trong happy?

  75. Napaporn Puapan says:


  76. Cameron Grady says:

    zach: eats an entire double cheese deep dish pizza and 15 hash brown patties and looses weight

    me: eats a carrot and gains 10lbs

  77. M.P Extra says:

    Son las dos y media de la mañana, y me agarró un hambre bestial por ver ésto.
    Lo peor es que no hay nada para comer, lpm.

  78. Marylena Mukete says:

    Gosh those hash browns look heavenly ?

  79. Damaxy says:

    Me: looks at this
    My Stomach: i want it NOW

  80. просто ФЛЕШКА says:

    Мне кажется или он очень любит сыр?

  81. Salfina Haji Aziz says:

    It’s good

  82. Zi' Priya Lake says:

    Nick Nack, Boom.. Ate that shii

  83. Unipeg Rose Quartz says:

    Have you ever tried Hash brown potato patties ? with Honey ? before ? If not give it a try, I even like Honey ? on my Ribeye Steak ? too and of corse on any kind of Chicken dish I eat ☺️.

  84. Audrey Cochard says:

    Des français qui passe par la ??

  85. Miguel angel Jimenez says:

    Ola si que comes i como comes tanto??????

  86. Seni Chhakchhuak says:

    Hura tuaia

  87. Logan Vlogs says:

    Zach Choi: first bite is all yours me takes a bite at my phone and almost cracked it

  88. Mark Lovell says:

    Every time you have to do ASMR YouTube roots GrubHub door dash and seamless

  89. Адлан Муртазалиев says:

    Кто нибудь есть тут кто знает русский язык ?

  90. Account says:

    Who else is in bed and starving?

  91. yona {nightcore} says:

    Hi gave me like please ????

  92. MMA VIDEOS says:

    Sad kad uzmem graha pojest ću cijelu šerpu.Pozdrav za Balkance

  93. Gadji Channel says:

    Как блять? Как он столько жрёт и не толстеет?

  94. Shadow Mathis-_- says:

    I'm not love asmr mais Zack J Aime bien

  95. jeon miso says:

    ناري كل مرة نتفرج كيجيني جوووووووع وخا كنكون يلاه واكلا???

  96. •Itz jaz uwu• says:

    Pinshe chinito esta presumiendo su comida delate de los pobre we >:"( (osea io ;-;)

  97. Jania Gray says:

    why do you always have gloves ?

  98. tinchoxx13 says:

    Este chino no la pone desde el siglo 3

  99. Danna Savi Sanchez Rivera says:

    No te hace daño tanta comida que tragas

  100. Yamilet Castillo says:

    ??i saw your face it was like oh mah lord

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