Ambition’s Journey // RISE Music Video Parody | League of Legends Worlds 2018


Please report the jungler

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100 thoughts on “Ambition’s Journey // RISE Music Video Parody | League of Legends Worlds 2018”

  1. Oswaldo Cervantes says:

    The Qtpie special baby! Hell yeah

  2. PEPEGA says:


  3. Jhin The Virtuoso says:

    Wow you're fast and insane. Love the content and animation style! Keep fighting the good fight!

  4. jero l says:

    Wtf how you do it that fast xdd

  5. Yi Master says:

    Great animation. . . . . .

  6. CJ Vlogs says:

    sound effects and animation xD looks more fluid than the original in some parts

  7. Jabberwockie :D says:

    Holy shit this is amazing

  8. Harish S says:

    This is highly resembles to the tower of good style… It would be nice if there's an adaptation for it.

  9. Милан Милановић says:


  10. Jeon Ryouta says:

    Imagine if this parody had tyler 1 as draven xd…. Awesome work btw

  11. dankdreamz says:

    That was ridiculously well done!

  12. 착한사람 says:


  13. Solid GG says:

    Who else came from "Fun of Legends"?

  14. Abidus Sadat Ruddro says:

    Our Lord and savior the creator of the big dick club the true rank one na solo queue legend qtpie .

  15. S0ul Zer0 says:


  16. nightcoreizlifexdd says:

    BEtter than the original. AHaaaaha

  17. Christopher :v says:

    Excellent content omfg

  18. Bobby Lin says:

    This is so fucking gr8 lmao.

  19. Animate The Work says:

    damn this is nice.

  20. 냉모밀 says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO FAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. ForeverJack says:

    The Imaqtpie Special Baby

  22. Redback HD says:

    Why does this have no viwes ffs!!???

  23. Manuel Figueiredo says:

    The faker roll xD

  24. Le Flam says:

    Goddamn LIT

  25. IreneVerso says:

    Not a fan of lol but I love this

  26. Reiito says:

    Wait, wait , WAITTTT!!! This version is so well animated, it's fucking impressive !!! All those sakuga moment are beautifull, how long did you guys work on that ?

  27. Kurokishi AMV says:

    this is gold

  28. Donkey Dong says:

    Ambition, do you even pose?

  29. Andrew says:

    did i heard him say nani?

  30. Muzaka says:

    The ending needs the pillar men theme(Awaken)

  31. Lolis Are Mine says:


  32. Gasaï Willy says:

    The qtpie special baby BOOOM

  33. Luke Saturn says:

    A battle of kings unfolds, but what happens when a God descends?

  34. Koarte Plays says:

    3:30 WTF?!!! HAHAHAHAHA

  35. darude- Sandstorm says:

    WTF why only 6k clicks

  36. Ivan Buljan says:

    When is part 2 coming

  37. sim hanssens says:

    I'm sorry to say this but … the fighting scenes even if they are mostly memes are so much better than the original xD it's amazing. Riot should take notes!
    PS: Imaqtpie being in worlds 2018 confirmed! Same as faker! 😛 ( Also I know it's based on last worlds )

  38. Lemonhead says:

    how does this only have 6k views xD

  39. Krit Kawsuvan says:

    i want soundtrack to cry 3:14

  40. Alexander Von Engellicht says:

    That ending. I am SO done. XD

  41. Lyn Scrap says:

    why doesnt this have more views
    it hilariously funny and qtpie is back

  42. Donkey Doge says:

    Can't wait for qt to react to this

  43. Weeb Assasin says:


  44. Chrollo 777 says:

    hope this gets many views and that I can I find a reaction video when qt watches this video

  45. Shiloh Reisz says:

    Awesome! Although hey someone reposted like the last minute of the video. Idk if they had permission, they gave credit buuut yeah.

  46. In a You says:

    3:30 the true rank one reveals himself

  47. GoldenBullet says:

    i love the animation

  48. TALON1 says:

    That animation is so sick. What tools are u using to make it looking so good?

  49. Homecoin says:

    U N I Q U E

  50. mexicansuperman says:

    When I heard Qt's laugh, OH SHIT

  51. Jay Sin says:

    plz finish.

  52. kidoDes says:

    smooth and clean.

  53. christopher conchada says:


  54. Blue Mist says:

    This is gold!

  55. Lord Patel says:

    this is so god damn good keep it up 👍🏽

  56. Weab says:

    Daddy i subsribed

  57. loli god says:

    Imaqtpie is the ultimate lifeform

  58. Merouane BELAROUSSI says:

    beter than the origial XD !!

  59. Алексей Возиян says:

    Это. Просто. Охуенно.

  60. Trying To Be A Challeger says:

    Clean…tooo clean

  61. Daniel Spiegel says:

    This should have many more views

  62. S1RuX says:

    Best anime fights! LoL

  63. Grant Gustin's Hoe says:

    3:00 Jiraiya 😭😭😭😭

  64. Zed Kusho says:

    this is a masta piece it beautiful I love it

  65. French Toast says:

    sound effects were pretty knowing not gonna lie

  66. ROGUEKELSEY says:

    And I thought the original was awesome! Amazing work. <3

  67. Adri / Dlayse says:


  68. Ian Peñaranda says:

    did I just hear "my leg"?

  69. Gebraheel says:

    Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhahahahahaha!!!! Oh man that was great. 😂

  70. Snake Boi. says:

    The ending caught me well. Good work! I did laugh a lot.

  71. Jerry Gu says:

    OMG THSI IS AMAZING! I love the references to league bm and THAT JOJO QTPIE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

  72. Vættr says:

    That fucking ending made it from a 7 to 10. Great stuff

  73. Lucem Ferre says:

    holy shit these sound effects are bomb!

  74. The Better Youtuber Named Logan says:

    Gurren Lagann reference AND a JOJO reference?!

  75. Neruko says:

    again what the FUCK how did you manage to go so far AND MAKE THE DAMN THING BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL????

  76. James Games says:

    Is the hair thing at 3:01 kinda mob psycho reference?

  77. PhaZer Official says:

    You expected imaqtpie, but it was me, DIO!

  78. Crez says:


  79. kindorikun says:

    amazing you guys are so talented, thanks for the effort.

  80. Mamo Altun says:

    3:20 Nani

    Breathing increases

    Video swipes to ImaQTpie

    He does a Jojo Pose


  81. Sir Shark says:

    Damn u killed me at the ending

  82. Quinn Allred says:

    I love the animation, I just wish I knew more of this game.

  83. Somon says:


  84. SA Biokinetix says:

    1:16 xD

  85. Binyameen Mohammady says:

    Y'all are so telented and amazing

  86. Ploopybear says:

    I don't play League, but this is insane.
    When I first saw your ping pong collab, I had to Subscribe because liking it wasn't enough, so when Zucchini Juice told me you were working on a new project, I was mega excited.
    This, however, exceeds wildest expectations.
    Thank you all for this wonderful masterpiece. 👌

  87. MrObvious says:

    The art style changed so many times in this shit, I had whiplash when it was done.

  88. Sn0wM0nkey says:

    why does this deadass only have 20k views? should be 20 million

  89. nothinisworthit says:

    it's really sad how youtube doesn't support channels like these, this is really fking good!

  90. Akyuu says:

    All that hard work…
    Just for a mother fucking JoJo's reference ?

    Good job guys.

  91. Pat M says:

    WHEN IS PART 2!!!!!

  92. R'Sene Loopin says:

    3:35 The It's On Poster may featuring him in Los Angeles

  93. AnimatedTdot says:


  94. Sakuma says:

    Great work Team Zettai.

  95. Marquan James says:

    hey woulf , saw your animation segment in a video and just wanted to compliment your work , wish you the best . any tips are welcomed.

  96. vazak11 says:

    Incredible well made!

  97. vrb32 says:

    Awesome all the way through,but that qtpie ending hahah <3

  98. Wood Mok says:

    This animation is amazing
    Holy shit

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