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  1. Doro Dotka says:

    Thank you for showing sheer magic hidden in the nature surrunding us. With your videos you remind people about it and you make our lives better:)

  2. Lina Me says:

    My parents just booked a holiday home in sweden for next summer , and I CANT WAIT to see the magical and amazing nature , to hear the trees and the lake , to sit in the sun and look at the nature or to walk trough it!!!

  3. wert nert says:

    You guys are going to have gorgeous children 🙂

  4. Corey Welch says:

    What a beautiful place to live. I think about where I live and there is so much noise and light pollution.

  5. Freckled Kitten says:

    I love you

  6. Kat Foley says:

    This is so beautiful, and yet a little unsettling as well ?

  7. mikayla jade. says:

    u have an eye. how lovely this video is.

  8. Liisa D. says:

    Wonderful! Thanks Jonna for these sounds. Do you consider to make a second "Sound of the Ice – Ice Music"-Video perhaps. I am sure not only I but many of us would appreciate this so much. I love love love the first Video and often watch or better listen to it.

  9. Tiana Burger says:

    Wow!! I wish I can experience that one day! Thank you for sharing Jonna . ???

  10. aged hippie says:

    Thank you Jonna, what beautiful sounds and scenery!
    You are so lucky to live in such a peaceful place.

  11. Юрген К says:

    Почему нет РУССКИХ титров???? Дизлак – видео говно.

  12. Ivone Palma says:

    So beautiful!

  13. Gemma Gil Lobo says:

    Un poco de miedo si da. Saludos desde Catalunya!!

  14. Tommy712rus says:


    What is the name of song in the ending?

  15. Lucho Portuano says:

    I am so glad to see you enjoying the many magics of Winter, instead of feeling sick. It would seem that the cold baths really helped you this time and made you stronger. What a beautiful sound. This video is a gift, thank you.

  16. J . M says:

    What a beautiful and fascinating short documentary 😉 What kinda mic did you use to record the ice? I've been thinking about getting a recorder that can record delicate sounds for experimentation.

  17. aasenjobrujilla says:

    It's amancing, wonderful and relaxing!
    Thanks for sharing!!! ✨?✨

  18. Leonie vW says:

    It makes me sad that with global warming, this magical sound will dissapear, in time…

  19. forgotten4evaju says:

    This is so amazing ❤️ thank you so much for sharing this magical sound ❄️?

  20. Gabriela García says:

    Tus vídeos alimentan mi corazón ?

  21. GottaChop says:


  22. Shawna Thom says:

    Wow, so stunning and amazing. I never knew. I can only imagine how peaceful and sweet the sounds must be to hear and to feel. Loved this video. Thanks for sharing. PS; I'd love to know the location. Alaska maybe? 🙂

  23. Gane Visal says:

    Beautiful vedio.. I ❤️ nature?

  24. Elena Fernandez says:

    Nature's magic is the best magic of all!!

  25. Isabela Hart says:

    It sounds like the ice could be having a conversation with it’s self 😀 beautiful as always.

  26. Ford Guy says:

    I used to sail iceboats. It can be heard on any frozen lake.the ice is expanding and cracking.

  27. Jorge Resediz says:

    You have a connection, with nature, very beautiful is sound?❄️??

  28. American Dream says:

    How do you know when it’s safe to walk on the ice?

  29. Carl Widell says:

    Your voice is magic.

  30. Marie-Andree Bourgeois says:

    When I lived by a lake in Canada and spent my evenings on it in a little ice cabin, I would lay down and put my ear against the ice and listen to it crack, make loud vibrations and bubbles. Magical

  31. masih masihian says:

    I love your mentality

  32. Susan Jacobson says:

    "In His hand are the depths of the earth, and the moutain peaks belong to Him. The sea is His, for He make it , and his hands formed the dry land " Psalm 95 : 4, 5

  33. Jamie Suzanne says:

    Ahh…To live in your world…!!! Just for one week even! Living in a suburban area, I crave nature sometimes. A person needs to be around nature to thrive, I think. You are living a dream.

  34. Cindy Alfaro says:

    So beautiful! Thank you for taking us there Jonna ?

  35. MCM says:

    Wow… everything you do is high frequency. You teach well.

  36. Total T says:

    TY for sharing the beauty. ??

  37. Antti Tapio says:

    I love the sounds of spring ice. Ice melts to long rods and these create koshi chime like sounds.

    Even northern lights create sounds. I am glad I leave here up in the north to experience all this.

  38. Theodora Westin says:

    We had our first snow today an stockholm!

  39. Bjourne says:

    If the ice "cracks close to you", you should kinda run

  40. Tyra Ary says:

    who the fuck is filming??? Its awesome!

  41. Giulia Pillon says:

    This sound gives me a strong sense of peace. It’s pure magic!

  42. mohaben82 says:

    I feel like my soul went there… so peaceful and lovely…..

  43. Blase ForestCall says:

    i know the cracks from the screen of my mobile phone, but always to be heard just once as it hits the floor 😀
    Thnx for nice vid

  44. Lili AMBRE says:

    It’s magic ❤️❤️❤️

  45. Taryn Elizabeth says:

    God is an incredible artist ??

  46. Sereon says:

    fajny filmik klimatyczny/mistyczny :)))

  47. Beatriz Moleon Zárate says:

    Eres muy especial…me encanta ???

  48. Michelle Comeau says:

    I live along a tidal river near the East Coast in Canada and love the sounds that come from the river. It's especially peaceful with the moonlight casting a blue glow over the sparkling snow. So peaceful!

  49. EndMite 504 says:

    Ugg! Stuff like this makes me want to subscribe twice!

  50. MotionArtist3D says:

    Utterly and absolutely SUPERB Video! Every single fame is a Masterpiece! You deserve and AWARD for this Jonna! Thank You so very much! <3

  51. VoB says:

    Watch this you will LOVE it:
    Type into youtube: "Amazing Seals calls at the End of the World"

  52. Nick Stewart says:

    Beautiful video. Thank you for posting it ?

  53. anca stancu says:

    Am o the only one a little scared by it?

  54. Farmeeda Bi says:

    Oh Jonna sweet heart….. this sound reminds me of my ultrasound scan…. when I had my first child. I can never forget that. I often used to lay down enough so that my ears are submerged in a warm bath to hear some sounds like this. When you have children and I hope you do….. that sound of a heart beating. …. movement of a baby in liquid during ultrasound scans is so similar. Loved your video bless you love to you and your family from England xxx Farmeeda

  55. caduceus33 says:

    Jonna, that's not ice, its whales.

  56. Nova Mane says:

    So freaking amazing. I was feeling a bit bitter about winter starting again in Canada but this gave me some appreciation for it

  57. suburbanindie says:

    You are a goddess

  58. Chanel Murphy says:

    This is amazing it makes my hairs Stan up when I hear that ?

  59. cooperfreckles says:

    Skimming a small skipping rock over the ice with make even more different magical sounds.

  60. Northern Nightmare says:

    Yes I have heard this in Saimaa! beautiful!

  61. jiiwon says:

    I can't wait for your Ice Sound Video! I love the one from last year! I'm really looking forward to it? You create Masterpieces like the ice itself.

  62. Simon Björkman says:

    One day you will take all of your children there to experience the magic. It will mean a lot to them. Such a land and such is its spirit in the blood that's flowing in the veins of the people you came from and has created a future for. Strength in knowing they once heard the same thing. They toiled and had to be strong in everything in the battle with the forces of nature. You can do the magic of storytelling and bonding people and land. The spirits and elves roaming in the experiences to remind you of life you have and life you can give. That there is strength in you, beauty in the soul and it's worth preserving in existence.

  63. James Shannon says:

    I think I forgot to say thank you. THANK YOU

  64. musicmakerchick19 says:

    I'm so grateful for your channel. Thank you for sharing these moments in nature with us.

  65. Amber Fanton says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing your magical world. You truly inspire me everyday to live an authentic life ???

  66. Faith says:

    You know, honestly, for me, nature's beauty overwhelms to the point where I'm scared to be present in it.

  67. Shane Masunu says:

    Show me

  68. sugarcube700 says:

    Can you iceskate on the lake?

  69. Kristine Bernhart says:

    You speak to my heart and soul.

  70. Martin Smyth says:

    God your videos are so interesting

  71. Vitaliy says:

    Your videos are magic

  72. Eden Fern says:

    ♥♥♥♥ Heaven is what i can say and see. Stay blessed.

  73. sylvie subirana says:

    Tellement beau ! Tu nous fait pénétrer dans ce monde de la nature avec des images et des explications tellement belles ! Merci !

  74. Majoofi says:

    You gotta be careful you don't get your ear frozen to the lake.

  75. Bewitching Charm says:

    Nature is haunting & magical. Beautiful.

  76. lovely dreams says:


  77. lovely dreams says:


  78. Elysekiera says:

    This was breathtakingly beautiful. Do you think you would ever put the part of you singing on iTunes? It’s so haunting and magical.

  79. Evgeniy Sv says:

    I can only say: number 1 among my channels…

  80. Gilberto Comirato says:

    I think it’s beautiful how you find this great harmony with nature, with ice, with earth, with these soft sounds. As if, for a moment, the matrix around us disappears and your soul connects with the infinite consciousness

  81. Михаил Полещук says:

    Check this video from National Geografic. It's about the same thing you will like it.

  82. Sectou Dié says:

    Thank you so much beautiful Angel guardian if earth for sharing with humanity this peace of art.
    You are showering humanity with Grace by bringing us back to the true natural beauties. Earth is our Mother that holds such life forces nurturing for us to thrive and be healthy. I always say that when you discover the magical healing and empowering forces of mother earth you are a free human being. You will never need any artificial chemical . She can harmonise and balance you. All my Blessings your way. Love from Africa Mauritania.
    You make me cry with your beautifull videos. Am half Danish half from the desert Sahara and I live them both. Even if they seem so different the are so similar

  83. Sectou Dié says:

    I meant that I LIKE them both(not live them )

  84. jerry delyea says:

    you look cozy lying one the ice. at peace. (:

  85. Regan Hernandez says:

    You should consider doing ASMR

  86. 1HarryH says:

    In the fall, this singing ice is an annual phenomenon, but spring ice does not Sing every year.
    Here is spring time Ice singing 2015 two days long song

  87. nassim scott says:

    J ai trop adoré ça t es tellement magnifique et belle et j aime trop tes videos et ton monde d vie et ton imagination , bravo ! et bn chance pour toi j te souhaite plus de réusite dans ta vie j te ss partout sur les réseau ?( j ss algerien si t connais l algerie ???)

  88. Shima Adil says:

    Your filming skills and effort ??

  89. Sevan Kirder says:

    Heard of it

  90. Viola Rossi says:

    Could you post a video where there is just the sound of the ice? It would be very relaxing? love from Italy

  91. Merche Levas says:

    That’s so amazing!!!! It’s incredible!?❤️❤️

  92. Hanna Mikulska says:

    Är det redan så här mycket vinter där du bor? Jättefin kvalité på videon, jag älskade den❄️????

  93. Abooody Lbaaa says:

    Nature is very beautiful ❤️

  94. thermalrat says:

    My new desktop screen (at 2:53)

  95. Matt Power says:

    I love listening to the sounds of nature!

  96. Matilda Norberg says:

    Ett naturljud som talar till själen, vackert i sig och vackert presenterat. Har suttit och redigerat en film i några dagar och haft riktigt svårt att hitta flödet i den… av någon anledning gav det här inspiration. Tack 🙂

  97. Madzguy007 says:

    Totally loved the sounds.

  98. Serenity says:

    Beautiful winterland, cherish it!

  99. Margaret Sims says:

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful voice of the lake ice and the magnificent view of our universe was just breathtaking.

  100. Love Animals says:

    I ? love ?your videos

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