A Day in the Life: Principal Flute Robert Langevin


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34 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Principal Flute Robert Langevin”

  1. Thomas Kasl says:

    What an icon

  2. TheLudicrousLime says:

    2:15 I love how the pizzicato of the strings lines up perfectly with the tennis ball bouncing

  3. Owl29 says:

    I thought that you were going to play "A Day in the Life," by The Beatles on flute. (Could you do a second video?)

  4. Richard Williams says:

    Lovely to see a mature aged musician that still has his MOJO! I am 72 and play timpani in my local orchestra and play tennis as well

  5. IVY LEE says:

    this man is like the legendary pokemon card

  6. Ham Dinger says:

    Mr. Langevin is the awesome guy.

  7. Amari Thomas says:

    i thought this was colonel sanders

  8. Juice Quica says:

    The editing on this video is amazing

  9. V B says:

    I thought it is a Beatles cover 😆

  10. Nate Johnson says:

    Good of you to have a yt presence. I think thats the right direction

  11. Rhythmic Elegance says:

    Such a cool profession! 🎶

  12. K Lu says:

    It's so weird the demographic of this orchestra seems to be incredibly old white People and some super young Asians.

  13. Jaden Lewis says:

    more of these types of videos ! this was great

  14. Beatriz Gongora says:

    *Looks at thumbnail*

    My Brain: Is that Colonel Sanders??? The KFC guy??? Playing the flute???

  15. ふははは says:


  16. rampart rod says:

    he looks nothing colonel sanders morons listen to music or read a book if you are capable

  17. Ramon Ggg says:

    Play some Jethro Tull!

  18. Gabriel Ortiz-Larrauri says:

    This video showed Robert Langevin at rehearsal and then playing tennis. I was hoping for a bit more depth…

  19. Mira Does Nothing says:

    Literally just some old guy who hasnt let go of flute just yet

  20. Fok 888 says:


  21. braxen b says:

    This is the sweetest thing ever 🥺

  22. C. L. says:

    why is this video so charming

  23. HUDSON Campos says:


  24. Nathan Aguiar says:

    He looks like one of those guys that come out on that Undercover Boss show.

  25. Adam Schorr says:

    I've been so fascinated with his mustache since I saw the phil play New World Symhphony. Very pleased we got a slice of his life.

  26. Natalie Vuong says:

    Wow, more like these PLEASE! 😍

  27. Splitting Productions says:

    Can't even imagine what a privilege and honor it must be to play in that orchestra. It's so beautiful.
    Thank you for showing us a taste of what it's like.

  28. Dscholz says:

    On question no one has asked what piece are they playing?

  29. Ilkinond says:

    "Tchaikovsky's heart-on-sleeve Symphony No. 4" Wow – super shallow description of it! Why bother performing it if that's all it is?

  30. computerdynamo says:

    Great music, beautiful scenery!

  31. benyamind says:

    You playing the ethical guitar? Lemmie grab my principle flute real quick

  32. ta 506423 says:

    Does anyone know what piece this is?

  33. Michaella O. says:

    This is one of the most wholesome videos I've ever seen in my life. ❤

  34. Aaron R. • 11 years ago says:


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